54 thoughts on “Antique Home Decor | Innovative Craft | Wall Decor | Office Architect Idea | By Punekar Sneha

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  2. Very interesting, but it’s confusing in the end of the video, you didn’t explain how will it stand on thin cardboard?

  3. Sneha mam m a big fan of ur carfts.. i have one request please post watch making craft..i want to decorate watch using hardboard and clay..if posible plz plz plz post..

  4. Your all video very good different. Different ideas and good video so creative and you make super blockbuster ideas so thank you so much for making all videos helpful us

  5. πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ
    But i have a question? ….its legs look so weak ,is it weak or not ,can i use metal wire to make legs of this decor ,and cover it with the clay…
    Plz reply soon
    Thanks a lot

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