Anthony Anderson: Welcome to Pensole – Lace Up (Ep 1)

Anthony Anderson: Welcome to Pensole – Lace Up (Ep 1)

you [Music] this season on lace-up the ultimate sneaker challenge they bowed to me and I thought talk more about the balls deep tell me why things are showing me that can be done in five days what I see it’s there’s a whole new love okay there’s a big-ass clock right there late that’s unacceptable hey I’m having trouble trusting my teammates if you can’t take this you ain’t cut out to be in this industry nothing this week no Whitney this competition would just be unbelievable because it would prove to my kids that you can achieve your dream yeah inspiration I don’t know you got to stop drawing pictures solve problems sneakers aren’t just shoes they’ve gone from the court to the street to the feet of hip-hop’s best now their social phenomenon sneakers are just like sexiest girl you’ve ever seen button resold by rabid sneaker heads and part of a celebrity fashion culture sneakers represent an industry worth over fifty five billion dollars worldwide here’s my baby right here inserts Duane Edwards the former design director at Air Jordan has created kicks for Carmelo Anthony Derek Jeter and even Michael Jordan my shoes have graced every NBA floor every baseball field six different Olympics and now Dwayne mentors the next generation of great sneaker designers at pencil the world’s top Footwear design Academy he’s bringing together 12 aspiring shoe designers from all over the globe to compete for the opportunity of a lifetime to create shoes for Adidas each week four teams of three will compete to come up with one-of-a-kind kicks inspired by a celebrity guest mister Fetty WAP McLemore Anthony Anderson Damian Lillard the teams have only 5 days to design and build their shoes before showing them off to a panel of judges I’m really impressed started strong didn’t finish very strong no eliminations but no one is safe oh that’s a bad idea don’t start melting down we have to send you home after eight weeks the team with the best body of work wins the competition and the freshest kicks of the competition belong to the winning shoe is being designed for James Harden and Adidas my name is swoozie youtube creator and sneaker head I’ll be your guide on this crazy ride to the ultimate prize the ultimate opportunity you have this is Lisa the ultimate sneaker shower [Music] welcome guys hey this is pencil Footwear design Academy become your workplace for the next eight weeks at the end of the eight weeks the team that has put together the best body of work will walk away with jobs at adidas okay so this is it I’m 20 years old but I’m like the youngest person here I am feeling like definitely anxious this is my dream and you don’t get this chance again so it’s just a lot on the line anybody who’s not ready to bust their butt for the next two months now’s your chance to bail anybody ever since I was in high school I wanted to come to tinsel hi I’m exactly where I want to be I mean I have to win this all right let’s go time to get to work look crazy this is the Wayne’s Wall of Fame some of you might remember the Jordan 20 ones and the twenty-twos Carmelo Anthony’s sneakers on the show amazing my dream is live in my fingertips call me over here to em lab color material designers we’ve got everything you will ever need at your disposal these leathers are from college we’ve got pogs for each team how many you guys mess with the tablets before trust me then things are bomb some of you guys might have noticed we have the eye in the sky that is to Wayne’s office up on the second floor where the shoes are constructed here you’ll have all the materials and support you’ll need to make the best sneakers in the business everything I know so far has been self-taught all I’ve had at my disposal markers and some paper almost overwhelming to see like so many awesome tools that I don’t know how to use like pencil Academy to a shoe designer is like walking into a Willy Wonka’s candy factory there’s no place on earth like it and I’m just happy to be here for the ride about eight months ago I was struck by a drunk driver head-on and so I was in my bed for two months and it all kind of came to a halt now I’m here with this this is easily the greatest opportunity I’ve ever had in my life and I’m ready to go let’s get this party started have a seat quaint Edwards is basically known as the Godfather or senior designer let me let me share a little bit about how you know ultimately all of us kind of ended up here my journey starts with this little thing right here that’s why it’s called pencil I started just fall in love with just drawing sneakers for me though it was kind of a bit of my escape because I grew up in the city of Englewood which is not the safest place in the world I remember going to my guidance counselor figured out what I went through it the rest of my life and she ultimately told me you know black kids from Englewood don’t become Footwear designers it became motivation and the motivation that I needed to keep pushing I was blessed with the opportunity and to get a job at a footwear company called la gear as a file clerk every day I would put sketches in a suggestion box hoping someone was to get and luckily a man by name of Robert greenberg actually saw it Annie offered me a job at the age of 19 and that moment changed the entire course of my history I was the second person of color in this industry for me was like out the door open and I kicked the damn door down that’s the situation you guys are in now like the door is open for you guys it’s up to you to completely destroy it be wearing he’s the legendary have to expect that guy Asian waves like you must become a lawyer or a dentist to make my family proud I’m not like that you can become anything be strong and follow the passion for the sound all right okay so how it’s gonna work is each week you guys gonna be designing a custom shoe for celebrity after five days you will be presenting it for panel it’s extremely hard to design a shoe in five days I mean five days is close to insanity you guys are gonna have some wild challenges over the next eight weeks but you’ve got to start with the basics your challenge for this week is to take the classic adidas superstar gladness and elevate it up even higher than what it currently is right now taste the color the material and take it up a few more notches it is probably one of the most legendary pieces of footwear ever created it was actually originally a basketball sneaker and involved from athletics to hip hop to street wear culture that’s the timeless nature of it it cannot lose its integrity you cannot lose its classic aesthetic all right and you guys are ready to meet this week’s star right okay he’s an emmy-nominated actor he is a huge sneaker head please welcome Andy Anderson be a part of this inside me to see what these young men and women are gonna do for us I really was not expecting Anthony Anderson to pop up I personally have never designed a shoe for someone of this caliber how many shoes in the closet okay so what can you sell as far as your style what are you looking for this week I want to shoot a classic classy and stylish that I can wear out in the street and then I can still wear with my tuxedo in the White House which I’ve been known to do I don’t like to wear socks so something that’s gonna keep my foot dry and free song three where are you from born and raised in Compton you know always wait what’s the few songs I can put on my playlist that you’re listening to anything by baby anything about you or your some of your favorite artists okay thank you for your time my man and we’ll see you here in Portland for the presentation Anthony Anderson I didn’t even know he was like now the sneaker collected like that you know I’m just ready to see you know we could cook up for him how cool was that guys the shoe has taken on a life of its own and it evolved b-boys happens rocking the superstar since the 80s made popular by Kareem abdul-jabbar in the 70s the b-boys found the shell toes and rubber soles to be perfectly constructed for their style of high-impact dancing a design a shoe this week but someone needs to weird right so we’re gonna give you dance choreographer and a dancer for each team to dance in your sneaker growing up I did ballet jazz hip-hop and don’t judge me but I do pull dancing because I’m a white girl they can dance you ready you’ve been divided up into four teams of three huddle up as a team and you get to work we started pencil we wanted to look at education in a completely different way I want to make it career focused so pencils curriculum is based on the three main jobs you could get when you get into the floor industry brand design they are the one that sets the tone for the marketing direction and develop the story for what they’re about to create Footwear designers they start to execute imagery then obviously designed the physical shoe colored materials decided what research colors and inspiration because it doesn’t have a personality until it becomes a color so our focus is to teach the importance of working together as a team his favorite color is white so listen how we can incorporate whitening since day one my expectation is for them to brainstorm what they feel a good theme would be and by the end of the day it’s me ideas that they feel represents that theme the best hip-hop’s showcasing the relationship of his favorite artists Tupac and Biggie I’m very passionate about hip-hop I’ve listened to Tupac and Biggie since I was a kid I know a lot of their history it’s pop culture it’s in your face he’s a Leo which are lines there’s more talking a lot talk for all Colombian people but me I don’t know very well Tupac or biggie they both like leather I don’t know if I’ll make a note of that this is kind of words coming at me and none of them actually going inside my brain is that too cheesy the other day I’m doing this competition to provide a better life for my daughter I working as a grill cook out of college I do not want me to cook all of my life I’m an artist I love when people love my style my own creativity my ideas what do you think we should do I think we should look at the bizarre food mm-hmm so maybe like a maze Anthony Anderson you mentioned to an interviewer that he would like a specific death-row meal we took that approach versus the usual you know he’s funny he’s the comedian let’s try to play off that we just need to think about like done a material the texture on the material the first competition out the gate is dependent on colors and materials don’t tell them that it’s classic don’t say class I’m struggling with trying not to be too overbearing i’m annaliese and I work at Sephora as the color artist working the sneaker industry is the reason I moved to Portland or use the guys so it’s now or never I am new to colors and materials that I think my natural ability is going to help propel me to the front of the class either me gonna be wrong it would be right [Music] our design is sort of based on Basquiat Keith Haring and Picasso I would describe my personality as a little overbearing I think to some people but I am a good leader I’m just a graffiti artist who’s not a real artist right okay so look at some Elena back to show it’s a sitcom but it’s not really gonna say something right my name is Megan and I’m from Toronto Ontario Canada I tend to be a little bit of a snobby sneakerhead I designed a shoe and I showed it to an NBA athlete he liked my shoes so much that he hired me I really would love to be a brand designer but I haven’t really felt like I have a good enough education to do it I don’t know if I’m just a mad scientist but sometimes I get my languages this stuff I start writing pretty Megan does not make sense like what are we doing it’s just a lot of playing off with original concept of rollerskates bring bonus to a classic design yeah skate land is our theme of we kind of looked at Anthony Anderson’s past he’s from Compton California and we found the skate rink that was popular in the 80s and 90s both skate land we know that he was there on some weekends and he was a teenager doing his thing what if is like Matt but then it has like some type of like reflective material mm-hmm exactly my team is vibing very well we’ll just look at each other and be like yes get ready to pitch whether it’s pitching to an executive pitching to an athlete give it to me exactly what I need as quick as possible and make an impactful we’re the new black we kind of wanted to use elements of roller skating it’s inspired by Anthony Anderson’s hometown of Compton and one of the biggest attractions there which is skate land all right skate land I concept is presidential Brian a breakfast and dessert derive superstar for the fat boy and all of us a comfy shoes led by comfort foods with that one so our theme is the hype we have the hip hop’s Tupac and Biggie we’re friends so we wanted to showcase that to pattern and color to pockets from content biggie from the earth so we thought about catering like two different cities I know your history man Tupac was born in New York oh and here we have to be exact I’m frustrated because we need Desmond to add value to the group and he’s not doing it right now we’re trifecta our concept is the masterpiece something that’s a lot more abstract pulling from a few of his favorite artists both Keith Haring and Basquiat it statement-making both in color materials but also in political messaging we think we can really do that with some really cool exploration into materials and colors and different techniques so I think that one could be interesting but I just couldn’t see it so you got more research to do it makes this to me so yeah not even gonna lie we have some things that we need to work on all right we’re gonna stop cuz you guys go check in to your hotel I will see you guys tomorrow morning if you let you do push-ups [Music] see these oh I’m expecting some mansion or something bucks and I’m like why oh my god there’s no closet so females is gonna be on the left that was on the right there genderless why are we gendering them yeah dude also females go pee way more often say that I really don’t want to go into a bathroom at that even though I think we should just keep it gender I just think both you know females like they had a makeup and perfume and all that weird stuff I don’t care to see that too much and in the free vent free bathroom in the middle that kind of makes sense yeah I’m 32 years old I never did the whole college dorm thing my name is Ben still on from Melbourne Australia I launched my own brand called rolling but I just want to be at the next level my kids to be able to say my dad’s do what he loves and he’s always being happy that’s why I’m here sheepskin mother and this is the microfiber suede for breathability on the stripes day 2 you start to see more direction around what the color choices are material choices are breathability innovation that Dori today we should have a better idea of where they are because by the end of they three they have to turn over the designs to their shoe maker okay where are you guys at so we basically kept in a relationship up to pop versus biggie Tupac’s gonna be on the outside though yeah because he was the more flamboyant like more outspoken one Biggie’s gonna be on the inside and then on the other shoe we’re bringing in how they were like the bond of friendship though both of our leggings were almost the same and they both were our comic and listeners don’t like it I think you just have to play up the fact that they were separate because they’re lasting memory of each other is not good has a fantastic imagination there’s a disconnect on being able to piece a story together so it’s hard for me to know how to design the shoe brand managers your main job is to tell the story of your shoe and present it to the world we mentioned before that you have to create a dance for your sneaker so it’s time to meet your dancer you’re gonna be heading over to groove nation you’re each gonna get an hour so can your dance routine let’s roll out see you later over the years b-boys has toured the Puma suede the adidas gazelle and of course the superstar as you’re about to see they need durability and protection because they got a slide glide and spin all over the dance floor guys meet Hawk konishi and the legendary Portland Trail breakers I mean Huck work with LMFAO usher Chris Brown and dog my specialty is mixing different styles together and package it in a way that’s the best for that situation we’re gonna give you two brand managers one of the Portland Trail breakers to work with come with your 30-second dance routine your dance has to represent your sneakers cool name of our shoe is February it’s inspired by Anthony Anderson’s inner fat boy and his last meal if he was on death row Michael with the Fat Boy brunch came in with a crazy outside the boss kind of concept I feel I love food but we kind of merged that with dance I’ve never done it yeah nice oh I like that like that I mean I think we can go a bit experimental what’s our shoe it’s really based on Anthony’s style his overall personality which is loud and brash his favorite artisans like Keith Haring Basquiat so if we can relate that in the dance I think to make sense right right right we’re the only team that is taking a real emotional approach within our shoe and I think it can be a big risk because it is something that’s a lot more abstract it’s if it’s an art gallery it’s an opening really kind of multifaceted really so all over the place me and gay like baking take the lead and tries like how our design flow is going if you can’t connect materials and colors to a story the shoe design is just gonna be the rollerskating one like that everything out of her business is clean yeah new black is a team there they’re pretty sound they’re pretty solid this is a satin Holub lining yeah I like it I am trying to get a job I I do want to make dope so hopefully we pulled it together our shoes called glide the skate kind of vibe so everything that says roller skater to me is just smooth fluid motions of the skaters in the rink storytelling for this project is of the utmost importance as a brand designer that’s pretty much my job how we want to portray this sneaker and how we’re gonna bring it to life that’s the ender right there I like that I want to capture like that hip hop New York is at Leah’s feel as soon as the Beast are you walking you had a split second good to go here BAM well you had enough time my job is brand manager so telling the story of this shoe is my responsibility make sure you make eye contact if I don’t get it right it will not make sense [Music] I think it’d be too much if there was another color okay okay six we cannot accept the fact that there’s one couldn’t help oh so we decided to move forward that’s better okay so now the render fits so much better knowing the history of Tupac and Biggie we change the design to really bring in their personalities through two different shoes yeah they can it will be like a bluff doc it would look beautiful get your notepad come around last check-in for the day the point of doing the pitch is twice so if they do have to pivot and then change directions the pivot is coming as soon as possible blueprint let’s get to the food so on the top side of the tongue we are going into the lobster colorway this seven painted lines represent our seven part of the lobster the new black how do we revamp the classic how do we push the envelope shoelaces we decide to use like a TPU construction cage never actually wrap over on the top of the shoe trifecta our real inspiration point actually came from Anthony we wanted to make a masterpiece based on him so our color palette take cues from expression holistic art pieces so red yellow and blue I’m sorry I tell you guys still doesn’t seem like you’re on the same page visually you’re wasting time at this point I literally just shut down I need to be strong and sure and what I’m presenting to somebody I am NOT just gonna sit up there and pull something out of my ass lack of communication is gonna destroy the whole thing I’m sorry yeah I’m sorry the height we make some changes and now we have to pursue we wanted to make that feeling of the green policy star and as for Biggie’s we wanted to use like more extravagant materials in like more low materials material on the outside it doesn’t have the inlay on the inside when you step into the shoe you feel the authenticity of it Rebecca and Catalina change brush new design and it comes across as hate good that’s good I do feel like the rug has been removed well do you thing though must bear how much was this accomplished without doesn’t all of it so like we really need to get something together because we cannot be this bad the best stories that come back day three the students you have to turn over the necessary designs to their shoemaker design choices color choices material choices graphic choices needs to be done I don’t think we should be aggressive well yeah what is the purpose of a graphic does it still tie back to this my name is Suzette Henry I am the color material director for pencil okay so everything in the kitchen sink is and always the best idea designer can have the best sketch but if you haven’t applied color and materials to it it’s like being a relationship and not having sex I don’t know why you would do that you could actually come in and kind of do so it’s like that something in the back that way it’s subtle I love this is it she’s reassured me that I am knowledgeable I can do this just take a deep breath and be myself pretty much this is a leather substrate this is a textile substrate with substrate whatever the base or the material is that’s the substrate at the end of day three the students pass off their designs to their pattern maker that pattern maker is responsible for taking their vision and translating that into a physical prototype that looks like it a lot the shoe that I am designing it locks in place with TPU coverage it’s basically a slip-on shoe but you still had that lockdown security that laces will provide we pushed the envelope so I feel excited and confident [Music] designing shoes for Anthony Anderson it still doesn’t feel real I need to remember my speech I needed tweak other people’s speeches and just want it to be good I feel like we have the qualities to win this competition our story is very strong I feel like we’re really going to connect with him we just gotta like come current with the drive and the execution to think about what we created in a few bits ridiculous the family doesn’t like the shirt it’s gonna be devastating [Music] I think the stakes for this presentation are really high whatever teammate freezes what if our shoe falls apart might happen but you have to keep it moving because you want to start off that first week with a win welcome to your first presentation let me introduce you to the judges real quick you guys all know dewayne top Salter the adidas senior team lead four colors of material and you guys kind of know this to be is emmy-nominated he’s a huge sneaker head welcome Anthony Anderson all right so each team had to reinvent the adidas superstar using new colors new materials and top to bottom superstar has roots in basketball hip-hop and b-boy dancing and Anthony because you have a love for hip-hop and dancing we tapped the teams to come up with a dance routine to represent each of their shoes you ready to see what these guys are created for you that’s why I got on the plane and came to Portland baby I want to see what they got blueprint you’re up first I’m really nervous right now to present because working the secret industry is the reason I moved to Portland not going home I’m missing my nieces and nephews grow up it’s all got to be worth it what’s going on everybody we’re team blueprint our concept that would brunch oh wait a minute wait a minute I lost the weight we were inspired by an interview you did you mentioned your death-row meal oh okay you wanted to create a comfortable shoe inspired by comfort foods something breathable something stylish let’s talk about today’s special going into the upper we’ve used the knit we know you don’t like wearing socks so it’s anti stinky feet we go into the sole a tinted rubber for the red kool-aid from the top down view the lobster have toe show the head body and last the tail of the lobster and please enjoy your music this is your invitation to fat boy branch alright can we change the name to husky boy brunch this is the lobster up top and then gave the top of you I thought that was pretty ingenious I like the color scheme great job keeping the delay psa’s inside of the outer portion of the shoe that way you have that clean line the color palette that you guys have come up with is really strong in terms of what’s actually out on the market right now it’s very relevant there is something a little bit missing it could have kind of pushed it a little bit further blueprint you can take your seats trifecta you’re up next I am feeling anxious about going into this presentation there’s a lot at stake changing my major and leaving law school I’m willing to work and do anything possible to make my dreams a reality we are trifecta we want to give you something that is so amazing that you want to put on display so we are inspired to make a masterpiece that is all about you and your life as an artist in the back of the heel we wanted to expose that stitching to really create that contrast between one side and the other to represent your transition into who you are today and where you came from as a young artist our color palette was inspired by Basquiat when you look at his paintings primary colors we thought that these primary colors represented qualities that we saw in you as a comedian a writer a philanthropist something like a masterpiece three stripes we paint it on by hand to represent that raw talent that just ties back to a classic classic element in a classic element and uh like [Music] like a an old – you’re near fashion-forward since I get what you maybe you get what I mean you really see this as a shoe that kind of takes you forward and really represents who you are as an artist and we hope you enjoy our masterpiece judges thoughts threw me for a loop when this was the first side of the shoe that I saw two different shoes I’d Rock them both I just can’t rock them both at the same time but it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind and an original trifecta you may have your scene you know in the real world if you can’t make that great first impression you’re not gonna get rehired and there goes some work next up we have new black my end goal is to win with my team all of us get a job at adidas I think we’re just gonna kill it on the presentation we’re the new black you don’t want to call your team black here she just won’t call it here we are Compton California year 1984 we imagine a teenaged Anthony Anderson Friday night jheri curl dripping where else would you be headed other than the legendary Compton Skateland did your history dog because that’s exactly what I did so drawn inspiration from the bold the vivid lights of the venue we kind of wanted to reinvent this classic shoe to a modern classic that you could truly wear it from the suburbs to the streets everywhere in between as you can see we wanted to take the straight route to the modern day so we used an engineered melange knit throughout the whole upper if you remember the uniforms that they used to wear they used to have these satin white jackets so we added sin to this mix for the lining on the lateral side three stripes and on the middle side there’s three different colored stripes which is reminiscent of the glossy floors from the scattering you also know that you don’t wear socks so to make it even more breathable incorporated the toe cast I mean you will still be sockless but you still be funky fresh without you so how can we revamp this a little bit more while keeping the classic look we had the TPU case seamless from the side but wraps over one piece versus having two laces making it a slip one versus your traditional lace up if you like skating with us today Anthony you got homework I really like the presentation the shoe and all the little touches that you have pretty cool I think you would for we’re trying to change the lacing system on the shoe I dig it the most polarizing part of this shoe is this yeah but I commend you for trying it because I haven’t seen it before last but not least the hype come into pencil being far away from my daughter was a tough decision so losing is not an option and I know that it was gonna be hard but I felt like we will get it together let’s take a trip back in the Tong 1995 a young Anthony Anderson is on his way to the mixtape comedy club to perform stand-up comedy on his Walkman he’s bumping biggie one more chance drink pop keep your head up for inspiration two of your most influential hip-hop artists wear vivid storytellers therefore we chose to make two individuals represent each artist looking at Tupac’s lyrics they’re raw and we really wanted to communicate this through the leather choice so we stripped away the complexity of it and went with the burn line our next artist is biggie we really wanted to show his loud personality we puffed up the insides we puffed up the tongue of it we used that Lisa to show his thick voice for the big issue we create this beautiful biggie gold in two different textures then we also choose beautiful marble finishing the salt so we can see like she’s royalty lifestyle so we now present you with the superstar and then piggies that was a really bold risk that you guys took I’m trying to create a left and a right shoe that’s pretty rare cuz usually as one or the other right Tasha what are your thoughts it’s a really good execution but I feel like the stud at the moment it’s just a little bit too much or all of this the concrete the rolls that’s coming from it you know the decadence nice work awesome hi are we ready to see these shoes in action the teams were tasked to come up with a dance to represent their shoe with that in mind please welcome to the stage hot Kenichi and the Portland Trail breakers [Applause] so the new black we have been do not shoot up there it was kind of anxious cuz you just didn’t want to break while he’s dancing in it for the blueprints it’s moot I pick up dance they kind of went with you know food like in the kitchen slide across the floor you’re cooking brunch [Music] repping trifecta table is that the dancer would show gets to shoot through the dance because it’s simple but it’s still complex much like our shoe and for the height its Oscar we came up with a dance routine to match the Tupac and Biggie story it goes from smooth to like SuperDuper height [Music] [Applause] [Music] teens now what it’s time for the judges to deliberate I’m gonna have to ask you to leave the room while the judges make their decision people judging your work is nerve-racking just because obviously the stakes are so high everyone puts so much effort into what they do but it’s all subjective that’s what design is Anthony let’s talk about the blueprint and they’re fat boy AKA chubby boy brunch husky boy chubby is just the baddest fat big boned brunch yeah big bone bridge I like the lacing system on this how we just keeping them clean on the outside whole lobster take in the toe I like that I would get that I think there were just some construction things that they could have worked on a little bit more I really think they have the strongest color blocking of the whole group but creating a color-block off of food isn’t a new idea how do you feel about trifectas shoe the masterpiece there’s two very different shoes on the table instead of just kind of gone one way or the other way then it would have resonated more there’s so much going on right now you can’t be committed to one thing right that’s not gonna move units moving on to the new black and the glide I love their presentation they sold it to me and I fought it this could be a piece of but the way they sold that piece of to me and I bought it goes back down to detail you know we spoke about just having maybe one too many things like you could have just had nothing else yes just this detail last but not least the hype with the superstars I think they captured the duality of both worlds you only see one shoe on a wall and somebody brings out a different shoe and it doesn’t look like the one that was on the wall people won’t buy it where’d you guys think about the dances and how they each represented their ceiling really didn’t connect the two until the lobster shoes like oh oh connective tissue between this dance and this shoe I did excellent okay so you guys have had time to look over each shoe you guys have a decision you got one all right let’s bring them back out [Music] I felt very good after that presentation it was just a good follow through on a really fun concept so I want this so bad I do not want to be the worst team right off the back week one I’m very competitive because I like winning to be honest I hate losing I always come prepared to win teams welcome back the judges have decided on a winner of this week’s challenge will teams blueprints and the new black we step forward Oh standing right next to one another how serendipitous Dwayne take it away the blueprint we really like was just how thorough the presentation was if I had the strongest color-block the thing that we kind of were questioning is using food as a color point of inspiration is not the most original idea for the new black I think you had Anthony with jheri curl juice what we talked about was just the level of detail almost on every part of the shoe at the same time you might have went a little too far both teams hats eyelet theme solid all the way through but ultimately only one actually win this wheel inside this box is the winner of this week’s challenge Anthony and the freshest kicks this week belong to [Applause] with the line state line inspired shoe the glide Anthony Anderson literally just shows our sneaker of full groups I felt like a little kid that’s like the best feeling the first challenge to get that over with you know you take congratulations you guys have won an advantage of next week’s challenge we’ll see you next week well Catalina and Rebecca the trust has been broken I want to win and I know we here for eight weeks so we better get our together next time on lace-up the ultimate sneaker challenge this week celebrities are McLemore and supermodel Ashley Graham is way more difficult than last week Wow guys already cut that off that’s a bad idea you’re sweating a thoroughly doubt let’s talk the runway show hard to walk it was my favorite part when I have a conversation with you it doesn’t feel good ultimately we do have to send you home you [Music] you [Music]

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  3. At the end of the day you gotta ask yourself "would i buy this?" .. and my personal answer, to every shoe put out on this show, is a confident "Fuck, no."

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  5. NuBlack actually had the best shoe. But what is it, with all the groups not having a presentable shoe. They all look they have not been done properly. Maybe they were done the same day so the adhesives or whatever, they used does not look it has even set. They look a bit worn out or they look completely detached. There are a lot of factors we do not know about considering it is a show and there is a lot of editing going on. But to make a sneaker in 5 days out of “brand new materials” sounds incredibly difficult.

  6. You have to be a reincarnate of peter Moore or tinker Hatfield to design something extraordinary, nobody can top their design, nobody, we’re closing in on 2020 and sneaker collectors still go for their designs in different and crazy colorways, but then again it’s Adidas for j harden and I’m not a fan of it.

  7. Funny, no other race on Earth cared about sneakers until black people made them popular for fashion, especially in hiphop!!!

    Black people ARE the salt of the earth, we give the earth and it's inhabitants flava!!!

    Nuff said

  8. I TV show about coloring in some fucking shoes. What an adroitness lacking generation this is. The bar is set so fucking low for this generation that this is considered a admirable skill.

  9. The footwear they make, Is just like the cars and trucks people make, there is no way the money they sell them for not even half or a courter of the cast will go into them, That they charge us for them, that's just sad, we are getting riped.

  10. A miss men in shoes nice shoes like Fluevog nice shoes I will not entertain a man in runners I am 60 miss real leather shoes a man who can wear them…

  11. Where did this guy ever hear that Tupac was from Compton? Not only was Tupac born in Harlem in 1971, but his family also moved to Baltimore after N.Y and didn't move to Cali until '88. When they moved to Cali they moved to Oakland, almost 7 hours from Compton…" Once again it's your friend out of Oakland/ Hopin, I can rock that shit ta git ya open" – Tupac –

  12. the fact that MGK isnt the host is stupid, politics bullshit. we all know they started that shit to start his new emo rap career.

  13. Reality shows are so full of shit, so fake and stupid. All the "awwww nice" "yea I like this" man please folks just saying that for a check. Also, these fucking kids are too damn young to even know about Biggie and Pac lol they was still suckin on baby bottles lol

  14. I clicked on this because of Anthony Anderson. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the show more than I thought I would. New fan! Let's get it! Personally I liked The Hype's shoes the best.

  15. FAT BOY!!!, for blueprint that the shoe was overall crazy, imaginative, and overall the best built but nu blacks presentation like he said it was sold like it was the shiz!!!

  16. what a bad show
    the problem with a brand like Addidas is. they are addidas they always will have the 3 stripes and they will never look different.
    this is their blessing and their curse.
    and All I wear is Addidas cause they fit me properly

    37:50 is that a wife beater under a white tshirt …
    and why are they dancing to compliment the show. its just getting cornier and cringe yer by the second I watch it

  17. Congratulations to all the people who tried their best. Beautiful work ,beautiful models; damn fain job. Keep it up, excellent show!

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