Animation Meme Review: Baldi’s Basics, Head Bobbing and More

Animation Meme Review: Baldi’s Basics, Head Bobbing and More

Wow anima nation Mimi’s Probably one of the most bestest things in the universe, but what makes them so bestest furries? edginess? music? No, it is quantity because with quantity comes endless amounts of content to review now I may be stealing PK Russell’s idea, but it’s okay because I got permission and stuff I’m going to keep things simple with a score from zero to ten for each animation meme. So let’s just see what happens So here we have probably one of the most common tropes and animation memes Head-bobbing where your characters neck acts like a telescoping rod for their head We’re probably going to see a lot of this but wait, there’s more. Oh okay, there’s a Oh Another person Yeah, oh There’s a shoe Alright then this is just a great start, isn’t it? Well there wasn’t too much to it There were some filters and a background that wasn’t just a solid color. So it has that going for it I give this meme 3 out of 10 head bobs; to be fair their later animation Memes are fairly more complicated like this one about a recent indie game phenomenon known as baldies basics There isn’t too much in the way of movement the characters are relatively still but at least it looks nice You’ve got plenty of chromatic aberration and some dirty shading but in this context I think it works for the most part to make the characters look kind of weathered on top of that This meme has more than 10 different drawings Which is really above average when it comes to animation memes I give this 4 out of 10 head bobs Wow Oh, yes, Daddy So this animation meme has more head-bobbing but this time the ears and face also seemed to be separate floating entities I get there attempting to make it look more natural I suppose But it pretty much does the exact opposite listen folks if you want to animate someone’s head bobbing to the music You gotta draw more than one frame the head tilts up and down slightly. It does not slide I mean That’s the major problem with head bobbing and animation memes sure it might be overused but it’s also completely unnatural Find some references of heads or something So this continues for a little while and then he coats his eyes and mouth with black paint the only positive I guess Is that it’s short and it changes things up a bit at the end at least so it’s not too repetitive I bestow upon this meme a two point five out of ten head bobs luckily for us We have some more animation that kind of looks like animation. I mean it has in-betweens in everything. What more could you possibly want? I kind of wish there was color for the character and the concept itself isn’t anything special like for some reason? Characters wearing some smiley face mask and then taking it off to reveal They are actually sad and stuff is kind of an overused trend, but hey There was movement of the entire character different facial expressions and it only had to loop two times We’re getting closer. We’re we’re getting closer. I grant thee a 3.5 out of 10 head bobs. Let’s look at another one I guess Why did I think this was a good idea for video? So yeah This one movement keeps going for an entire minute with no change whatsoever For what? It’s worth the drawing is okay I don’t get why this has to go on for this long if they cut it off after 20 seconds It wouldn’t change much except maybe waste less of my time to be fair The original this was based off of was also a looping dance for like a minute the man when you guys send me your stuff To review you gotta give me something to work with. You know, I give this 2 out of 10 head bobs. Here We have a meme by lethal Aurora mage Well, I have no idea what’s going on so like the parents lean into this kid until She cracks her own skull and then the parents are scared or something. The symbolism is a little hard to understand here That feeling when someone squeezes your heart to make a smoothie, I mean I understand vaguely what’s happening here She clearly has her heart broken or she is abused in some way. I get that the symbolism is pretty obvious There’s much more information on this character provided by lethal mage if you want to figure out what is happening here But I feel like if you’re going to make a 55 second animation You shouldn’t have to read several pages of text to vaguely understand what’s happening This meme in particular seems to have a story So I think a lot of focus should be put into communicating that story effectively The rest of the meme has some somewhat fluid movement, so that’s good But there’s also this wavy filter that randomly appears and some strange twitchy Movements that don’t really add much I get it supposed to be some extra visuals, but it’s just jarring This is probably the most diverse animation meme we’ve reviewed yet But it’s bogged down by some strange decisions. I give this six out of 10 head bobs This was a sample of what I might be doing more of soon. I’ve been pretty busy lately So we’ll just see what happens for the future of this channel. Anyway, my name is solar sands and Goodbye

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  1. How to make a animation meme:
    Make a oc that is a furry
    Throw edgyness into the mix
    Toss music in
    Bake your animation cake
    Fresh out of the youtube oven

  2. 2:48 I'm pretty sure someone already said this but this one kinda looks likes a furry virsion of the blues course guy

  3. ”A M I N E M A T I O N M I – M I ‘ S”

    ik he’s probably just joking around and not how he actually pronounces it-

  4. I swear your one of the worst youtubers🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆

  5. Hot Milk is a very good song, but then the edgy animators came over and tarnished it… Only a few people took the name literally and did the meme with a hot drink (the drops being them scalding themselves).

  6. No one:
    Youtube when im looking for memes for my playlist: HEY PAL, WANNA SEE SANS AND FURRYS EATING FROZEN CYANIDE?!111!

  7. Me Every time he show us a meme : Nuuuuu this is the bad onnnnnnnne plz get something guuud Not all of anmitors are like thaaaaaaaaat Get something like wolfychooooooooo Ó^Ò

  8. The “dab chick meme” dab chick is the name of a puppet made by someone called Barnaby Dixon and that’s were the music comes from

  9. Lol why are they called memes what retard thinks that these are entertaining? Or memes at all? They are so poorly made and no care is put into most of them

  10. Ik that hot milk meme is edgy but I enjoyed the song before the meme and I despise the meme. There is no story or suggesting movement like specific actions. Not even nice animation… don’t be offended it just makes a song seem only defined by what others make of it and even ruin… It just stinks

  11. I recommend some of koruma’s animation memes, they are actually animated, have cool art, and actually get a story across

  12. STOP, you are one of my favorite youtubers but you make me mad, there are things around memes that have to be done, the sunset lovers meme has to be done with a mask- like thing, please, understand that some memes do that

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