Andres Amador – The Artist Who Crafts the Beaches with his Art – Turkish Airlines

Andres Amador – The Artist Who Crafts the Beaches with his Art – Turkish Airlines

Strange! Life, flows like a stream, carrying you wherever it goes. If you believe it has taken control you won’t be able to
notice the beautiful things along the way. Or perhaps even if you see them,
you may not find the courage to appreciate them. Until 30, I was one of those who let themselves go downstream.
Just like that leaf… My life changed in a place where I wouldn’t have ever imagined myself… …it changed at the Burning Man festival. There I saw how diversely people express their inner selves and
how much joy that can bring… …and saw how dissatisfied I was about… …my job and my life. I was not expressing what I had inside me. The people that I encountered at Burning Man inspired me… And gave me the courage to pull myself out of the stream. I saw that I can put myself out there… …that I could share my inner being with the world. After the festival, with the spark of courage, I left my job and the stream. There is this a Scandinavian saying:
“Only a dead fish follows the stream.” I have been revived. But what was I supposed to do in life?
How was I going to express what I had in me? When I was younger, I love to draw. One day while I was on the beach,
I suddenly realize that my drawings could go beyond the paper. My mind and world had widened. So could my drawings. The beach expands, lets me draw what is in my mind. And with the returning tide the art disappears,
encouraging me to create something new. And also enabling me to share my inner world with other people… Every tide offers me a new opportunity to create… Life is too precious to let it pass by… And too short to postpone the inspiration. I’m enjoying the life that I have been living since
I have the courage to follow my own path. Now I am travelling and creating my art on huge canvases… …sharing with people all around the world. I consider all the beaches around the world as canvases to be explored. If you leave yourself to the stream, you will go where it wants to take you. But if you live your passion the stream becomes a playground. It all depends on what you prefer to be… …a dead fish or a live one?

100 thoughts on “Andres Amador – The Artist Who Crafts the Beaches with his Art – Turkish Airlines

  1. Amazing!
    Beautiful video and beautiful opportunity to travel in every part of the world to realize every dream that we have. I like so much the part of tides that give a new palette everyday. I want to do the same in my life: new palette for my new dreams!

  2. Siempre hay cosas en la vida que no nos deberíamos perder. Las cosas que nos inspiran se nos presentan en mayúsculas cuando tenemos el coraje de tomar nuestro propio rumbo, de revelarnos a los destinos prefijados y volar. Un pez vivo o uno muerto, esa es la cuestión.

  3. This is inspiring indeed. To like our life to a stream is really interesting. So we should swim and head for our own destiny. 🙂

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