ANCIENT BURIAL GROUND Make Contact with Spirits!

ANCIENT BURIAL GROUND Make Contact with Spirits!

hi everyone this is Diana Palm from and today I’m going to take you on a little spiritual journey
to the ancient Calusa Indian mounds which are burial grounds from the Calusa
Indians I’m gonna show you a little bit about
the burial mounds and tell you about some of the spiritual experiences that
we’ve actually had while being here in the ancient mounds so come on with us to
learn a little bit more about the Calusa Indians the Calusa people actually ate
so much from the sea from the ocean that they actually built many mounds on just
the remnants of what they ate but some of the mounts here are actual burial
mounds I first learned about the Colusa Indians back in 2007 the first time that
I lived in Florida and I met with a group of healers to come out and give
the Calusa Indians and offering so that we could meet them and learn from them
so we came to the Calusa Heritage Center which is a gorgeous area that’s now in
the National Register of Historic Places it’s got a beautiful Heritage Trail with
very descriptive signage to teach you everything you want to know about the
Calusa people the way that they lived what they ate what their beliefs were so
this area is a hotspot we’re gonna head over to Brown’s Mound which they believe
is a ceremonial mound and I’ll tell you about a little experience that I had
there with my daughter as you’re coming close to Brown’s Mound you’re gonna
notice that off to the left here is a smaller mound and off to the right a
very tall mound with a structure built on the top this small mound over here to
my left they actually at one point found a 700 year old house on this property
they found remnants of certain types of ink and paint which they believed that
they were doing for ritual spiritual work as you can see in the mound itself
so much of the remnants are actually old shells from the ocean so this again was
their primary diet and these two mounds on Brown Mound
are mostly made of shells so I’m at Browns Mound in the Calusa Heritage
Center right now and I am standing on the smaller mound when I came here in
2007 there was actually a large tree here and just grass covering up the
shells so we couldn’t even see that it was built a mound built on shells but
my daughter is also a medium and she and I came here with a special offering for
the Calusa so that we could connect with their spirits and learn more about their
culture when we were standing here on the small mound we connected with spirit
and immediately the first impression that I had was a Calusa Indian coming up
close to me in my face and kind of like screaming at me we were there with open
hearts we were there with offerings and we were there to connect but what he was
saying was this is sacred you’re not supposed to be here you’re not supposed
to be walking on this mound or doing tours here it is actually part of what
has been incorporated into this beautiful Heritage Center and so this is
part of the tour people do walk around this this Mound here and the larger
mound but from what I have learned from the Calusa spirits is that this is
definitely sacred land to them and this is where they did prepare for the
rituals by face painting perhaps painting the rest of their bodies I
thought that was really cool because we discovered it spiritually through the
Native American that was basically telling us get off this Mound this is
sacred so I’m gonna go ahead and get off right now I’m going to show a lot of
respect for the Native Americans here and for the Calusa tribe and their
people I’m also bringing an offering and I think it’s important to educate people
about this because a lot of times when we’re in sacred land or ancient burial
grounds of any kind we don’t know that there may still be spirits behind and
they still want their land respected especially when it comes to Native
American spirits they didn’t always cross over that wasn’t a part of a lot of
their belief system many times they actually did leave some very important
members behind to protect their sacred land and as long as there aren’t any
houses being built on it I respect the wishes of their tribe and
I leave their spirits there their ghosts there because they have a very important
mission if I found out someone was developing the land and building houses
then definitely I’d want to cross over those ghosts and make sure that that
land was transitioned and that the new owner could live there in peace but as
long as the property remains in its beautiful original state like this like
a historical trail that people could walk on and enjoy and learn about the
culture I say it’s fine to leave them here and continue to do their duty in
the spirit world and to continue to teach us about what their life was like
and about their people so come on with me over to the large mound at Browns
Mound it’s September in Florida which means
it’s in the 90s it’s extremely extremely hot today as we are entering the larger
of the two mounds at Brown’s Mound there’s a staircase that goes up to the top now
it is believed that the chief of the Calusa Indians would have resided at the
top of this hill so that he could oversee his people their tribe their
village continue to be able to have a high site and be able to protect and see
what’s coming at them at one point this was all surrounded by water so the
island itself was built out by the Calusa and every which way you looked
until the ocean this is a view from the top of Brown’s Mound which stands about
30 feet high they do believe that at one point it was much
higher than the current height this is where the chief would have lived it’s
very important when visiting an ancient burial site that you do not disturb it
in any way that you do not take anything that you find whether it’s an artifact a
seashell a human bone or anything else it’s very very important to leave
everything intact and I’m going to ask all of you right now that if you’re
watching this video to always respect ancient historical sites and burial
sites I never have made any exception under any circumstances this is always
my way of respecting the spirit world because of my respect for them they have
continued to respect and work with me so keep that in mind when you’re visiting
these sites and learning and growing with your development with the spiritual
world whether it’s mediumship you’re interest in the paranormal the
afterlife spirits and ghosts whatever it is just make sure that what whenever
you’re doing this work that you do it with respect and you’ll find that your
abilities and experiences are actually enhanced because of that respect so
there’s just one more mound that I would like to share with you today and this is
a mound that I’ve actually taken many of my own students to I bring them here so
that they can have firsthand experiences with the spirit world
my students have done healing work here but primarily they’re here to learn from
the Calusa Indians and to learn about their ways and connect with them in
spirit and just have an authentic spiritual experience so when I do bring
my students here they’re already very gifted healers they’ve got their
mediumship skills developed and it’s just a great way that I can bring them
somewhere with that I know is active with spirits and I wouldn’t necessarily
say haunted because all ancient burial sites are pretty much active with
spirits but haunting implies sometimes negative spirits or troubled it’s a
very respected roll to be able to stay behind and
protect your sacred land for your people and so that’s often the type of spirits
that we find at places like this we run into a lot of shaman medicine men
sometimes Chiefs and warriors many different types of Native American
spirits so again this is one of those things where I’ll ask you to use your
best discernment and if you do decide to come to the Calusa Heritage Trail and
walk the trails I just ask that you do it with the utmost respect keep an open
mind and heart and be very receptive to anything that happens to you along these
trails as you’re walking being very aware of your surroundings any strange
encounters with animals insects smells even being touched we’ve had all of that
happen here so the last mound that I’m going to show you is the actual burial
mound and that’s at the very far back of the Heritage Trail there is such a presence here of the
Colusa Indian that even just walking on their land walking their trail and and
observing their beauty and how they lived and gosh even in this heat I mean
these people did not have air-conditioning so I mean it’s just it
really gets you in touch with like how these people must have lived and how
they spent their day and how they made their meals and collaborated as a tribe
of people now we’re approaching the Smith Mound which is the one known to be
their burial site I’m reading this from the actual board that they have here to
mark this mound where the Calusa Indians are buried this is called the Smith
Mound at the end of the path in front of you is a mound that the Calusa used
to bury their dead made entirely of sand it rises about 20 feet high and was once
more than twice the size it is today a canal branched off the main canal and
completely encircled the burial mound a spiritual path led to the top
the Calusa had great respect for their dead they made offerings at the graves
of their ancestors and asked them for advice I like to always teach my students how
to observe the sacredness here and to keep their voices quiet and to sometimes
absolute silence actually so that everybody here can meditate tune in and
really get a great connection with spirit there’s actually a nice bench
here if you travel here and you want to sit here in person there’s nice places
to sit along the way or that are shaded that won’t be so hot for you but this is
just a really beautiful area that you can actually feel the spiritual energy
the energy here is so palatable and strong and quite beautiful so if you’re
not able to travel here to connect in person please use this video just rewind
it and do this walk with me again and as you’re doing that walk down the
boardwalk imagine all of your intentions desires and questions that you have and
that they will be answered for you when you reach the mound area before I go my
way of saying thank you is to thank the Great Spirit thank you Mother Earth
thank you Father Sky Thank You Creator for all these beautiful spirits and for
this spiritual experience I always say thank you for allowing me to teach my
students and to teach people about respect for the spirit world so that we
may all better understand the afterlife and how important and valid our life is
here now and so I’d like to just send all the spirits here a tremendous amount
of unconditional love gratitude and respect before we walk out I’d like to say that it’s really common when
you’re leaving a sacred area a spiritual and ancient burial ground that
oftentimes spirits will accompany you it’s really common to have spiritual
feelings and to maybe hear whispers or have some sort of physical spiritual
experience just trust and know that that’s a natural phenomena that happens
when you’ve made contact with the spirit world it’s just as a good houseguest
would walk you to the door after a dinner party so don’t feel like you’re
haunted nothing is attached to you you’re not bringing anything home if you
have shown trust and respect with them and shown them gratitude and thanked them
then any activity that you have on your way as you’re leaving is simply a return
of the favor and their walking you to the door I hope you enjoyed this video
everyone this is a really special place to me and I’ve shared it with lots and
lots of students and friends and I want to continue to share places like this
with you guys that you could get out to and explore so thanks again everyone
have a great day

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  1. I would love to know if you were able to get spiritual advice from the meditation walk toward the burial mound in this video. Please share your experiences or type SPIRIT if you enjoyed this video!

  2. SPIRIT!! Fantastic video! Respect is such a very very important part of working with Spirit and I love how clear you made that in this video! Beautiful location which is now on my lists of places to get to! The second the music started and the walk began, i instantly felt Spirit at my back. Beautiful experience! Thank you you for another wonderful video! ❤❤xxx

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