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  1. Finally people speaking sence. I know all this without without any studys im 36 and often get down loads at 3.33am. Always look at what you cant see, not at what you see. Fact.

  2. Biters still trying to catch up with asia never mind they slow …..thunder birds are go…….respect for our old,…. humans are still trying to get ahead which is good but don't play with the carer of your time zones …it may have a impact on live stock…any questions please feel free to ask.

  3. I feel as though the earth is not a globe nor a flat one…

    But they've tryed to cover up something that I think I've cracked.

    They didnt want to stick with the flat earth along time ago because people would expect an edge.

    They wanted to say it was a globe but dont let us go by Antarctica..

    The earth is both a globe and has an edge that they thought was an edge but in fact they were not high enough to see that edge was a circle. A hole…

    Once they saw it was just a hole ofcourse it's a globe but could not tell you how they found out what the edge was… a hole.

    That's what the famous pilot had seen.. because in that point in time we had planes that can go high enough to see and not just ships.

    Now that the globe concept is a cover up they made to make us walk and fly around it..

    The surrounding of the hole is ice..Antarctica made by the hole created by the people within it… the massivness of the hole made it so that the edge of the hole freezes even if the sun hits it because the cold winds blowing through in and out the hole makes the water around freeze making more water freeze creating Antarctica. But ice being ice expanded and froze more and more water.. Enough to where we cant travel to it because if we do we will be turned away by the government.

    The Bermuda Triangle is an entrance and the place where many disappeared to.. the water is cycled in the inner earth and has a few more opening so water can go through they're inner ocean and give water . The lochness, big foot, chupacabra, mermaids, these could possibly be animals from the inner earth..the ancient birds and sea creature that have been recently discovered alive came from the inner earth.

    No aliens inside the earth, just humans. Egyptians to be exact. The real ones.

    The pyramids, the tech they had to build the pyramids is equal to our tech from 1960's. But now are more advanced. Almost like us living 300 more years from now like them.. I mean these past 20 years tech has skyrocketed. Imagine the tech they have now in the inner earth, might look advanced but no, they just grew from the last 300 years.

    Atlantis, where they lived after Egypt. When it got sucked in the inner earth it took them, out of hundreds of thousands only a few thousand survived and started populating our inner earth.

    The end.

  4. There are more things we cannot even fathom or understand than the ones we see with our eyes .It is okay for everyone to say "I don't know" because we don't know. Might be a possibility if some fairly well known scientists/mathematicians thought this possible but the couch potato scientists know better. LMAO

  5. yo, what if we’re in a inner earth…… imagine this, we don’t have the exact technology to know if space really goes on forever. What if the asteroids we see that land on our earth, are just pieces of another earths piece of land?? We can’t know for sure. We aren’t that advanced to go that far put into space. I’m confused.

  6. if they are very advanced? why they cant communicate with us or show to us that they are real if there's a life civilization inside?

  7. Hmmm… it would explain UFOs. Because UFOs are definitively not from far out in space. That just seems nearly impossible to travel and for such long time. UFOs using the magnetic poles to travel more efficiently than our machines makes sense.

  8. ADMIRAL BYRD!!!!! Read His Diary!!!!
    Watch the video of rabbi Abe Finklestein
    Watch the Phil Schneider videos!!!!!

  9. This is a good show and I enjoy watching it but WHY say Ancient Astronaut Theorist? Why not say super weird virgins? Drives me crazy

  10. I have a theory!

    WHAT IF when the alien dudes came down to earth they probably just mixed animals and aliens example they mixed some animal with alien witch made humans and since they have this type of tegnoligy that we have now what if they have been having it for a while and now they are doing stuff like light sabers and we are a project like how we want to go down to mars and stuff!

  11. "According to some ancient astronaut theorists…"
    I call mumbojumbo.
    How would an entire civilization get food and energy in complete darkness hundreds of miles under the surface? Oh wait there's a tiny sun hanging out in the middle, lol.

  12. The hollow earth theory is an example of pseudoarcheology. It ignores the rules of science that scientists use to explain things. The video states scientist are only able to dig down eight miles into the earth. No scientific evidence of anyone going lower than that. The video assumes that there is an advanced civilization living inside the earth. The video then turns to Buddhism, stating that they believe that there is a civilization called “Agartha” inside the earth. Religion and science should not be discussed together because they will contradict one another. In the video clip, it states that a pilot from the ’40s named Richard Bird flew into the entrance of “Agartha” in the poles. They know this because it was in his personal journal. Personal Diaries can’t be used for scientific evidence because there is no way it can be distinguished as credible. There is no way to test this theory and no concrete evidence explaining this

  13. Omg , What if that’s why we get buried underground so that we eventually get sucked into the ‘inner earth’ and that’s heaven O:

  14. I'd rather go through a time rip. So I can find out what really happened to all but ten of the passengers of American Pride Flight 29.

  15. Lol you people would rather deceive everyone rather than simply telling the truth. They will say its a Spinning Ball. And A Hollow Earth . But they will not even discuss the Flat Earth. I wonder why that is. Maybe they would loose control over the massas and they don't want that. If your a truther look into the Flat Earth and the Bible they both are very true

  16. If u wanna hear real stories go to Africa ! We aren’t that corrupted yet. Aliens visited here there was médias and after it was like nothing happened. It was around 50-40 or more years ago ! There was stories of intraterrestres too. I believe them.

  17. I thought Philippines are the only one believing of enchanted places/ Kingdom where fairies are living.. but i must wrong.. 🤣🤣

  18. How hard is it to dig a hole you had almost 100 years to do it i can dig a hole deep enough to see who is there and take some pictures come back tell some people about it take em there and there you go mistry solved

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