An Art Style Rant: Realistic to Stylistic

An Art Style Rant: Realistic to Stylistic

((rage incoming))
Yo como lápices todos los días ¿*Cuantos* años tienes tú? EsTaDoS UnIdOs Es PrImAvErA Whoa whoa whoa whoa, don-don’t deport me Donald Trump! …or should I say… DONALD DONALD RUMP I’m still getting “it’s just my style” comments, by the way, but I think that’s just inevitable. I get those comments about as often as I beat my little brothers, which is often. *slap* *yelp* *agony* Myself and others have said many times that you should learn the rules before you break them to create stylistic art. But I wanted to demonstrate this. I wanted to show you why this is the case instead of me just complaining about it. Surprisingly, a lot of stylized art and realistic art aren’t too different. Many general visual landmarks and guidelines kind of carry on throughout. They’re simply distortion in the right places. Here’s something pretty simple: The ear is usually located between the bottom of the nose and the top of the eyebrow, give or take a few millimeters. Let’s go through some art with all kinds of different styles and see if this is also true in them. Let’s just start with an anime- oOhhWwh, IT’S WeEIRRRDD Everyone knows off the top of their heads, even if they don’t watch anime. Attack on Titan This is a little bit of a more realistic style of anime, but let’s-let’s see- Oh, oh look. Look. Let’s see. Oh. Wow. Wow, isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that amazing that this is consistent for all, all the characters? Okay, that- that’s, that’s a more realistic one. Let’s… let’s do a far more simplistic one. Okay. So, as we can see, it pretty much… Almost at the bottom of the nose, okay? Of course, it doesn’t do it [with] the eyebrows because the eyes on these characters are very large compared to real life. But even so we still got the bottom of the nose area. If i- if it was down here, or all the way up here it would- it would look a little strange. Even here… …About the same thing. Here’s a popular recent show. My Hero Academia Now anime characters, they kinda have noses, but it’s- it’s this weird bump But even- even then, even then it’s pretty close. Pretty close. And in anime characters have huge eyes compared to compared to most things, so like, Even then. Hell, even this ridiculously stylized character Still has this going on pretty much. Like, like, like come on. Now, of course this does not apply to all styles, obviously. For example, the characters in Fairly OddParents have their ears almost on their necks But Christ, if you want to draw anything more advanced than a super simple heavily distorted cartoon, you might see how this is helpful. Here’s another example: In human faces there’s this arch that starts from the nose and carries over to about the end of the eyebrow. Surely this isn’t carried on in something like anime where all you got to do is put two giant eyes, right? ho ho ho ho ho ho WRONG Now it may not be shown in a black line and it may not be visible from the front but if you have a head that’s turned just so… Ah. There it is. When I say realistically I don’t mean realism where you try and copy every subtle characteristic of reality, even though that’s pretty cool to do. I’m just saying you should probably have a basic understanding of fundamentals and aspects of real-life. Hell, a lot of styles are just simplification[s] of real life. You can even get into Adventure Time territory where things are simplified to the point where faces are two dots and a line, and you can have shows like Steven universe where characters look like they waddled straight out of Chernobyl loud_scream.mp3 and then you have shows like Family Guy where everyone looks like a lump of flesh with a face and stands in the same poses like they’re controlled by a hive-mind. And you have shows like Big Mouth where the characters are the most horrid creatures to ever exist. And then you have the opposite of simplification where major movies try and take 2D characters into photorealistic territory like one of those 3d artists that also tried to do the same thing, except when they do it, the disgusting and uncanny look is on purpose. And then you have this Sonic poster that’s been trending recently where people can already tell something is screwed up and all we’ve gotten is a silhouette. Hey guys, I have a question. Is art direction in movies and TV getting worse? I don’t mean to sound like one of those people who are like “Ooh back in my day things were better” But I’m starting to notice some trends here. Anyway back to the subject. My point is art styles vary in all kinds of ways. If you want to continue to claim”it’s just my style” then fine I’m not stopping you. You have that freedom. You have the freedom to be a dumbass.

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  1. Holy shit!!! That spanish was crigy! XD I didn't understand it, and spanish is my original languige!!! XD (If there are any mistakes on my comment… you already know why)

  2. Yes, it is getting worse since people figure out new ways to create 3-D figured. But I'm not a big fan any more, anime is the only thing that I prefer because of the detail

  3. For anyone that’s curious, here’s what he actually said in Spanish:
    I eat pencils every day
    How old are you?
    The US is spring

  4. 0:18
    This is an example of:

  5. sometimes an artsyle can be executed wrong and can go uncanny valley people need to know the bounders of art

  6. Como lápices todos los días =
    I eat pencils everyday
    ¿Cuántos años tienes? = how old are you?
    En Estados Unidos es primavera = It's spring in US
    (The first sentences on the video)

  7. I said is just my style for two years and i didnt improve bcs i was soo sure abt that and smt happen that put my into perspective and I have Improve alot since then … So friends is not your STYLE You are just afraid to try new things and improve Dabs

  8. "and you can have shows like Steven universe where characters look like they waddled straight out of Chernobyl"
    May i unsubscribe from you and never touch you again? Thanks.

  9. 0:17 people are really telling him,"Like you can do better!" Like you don't have to do something or be good at it to have the right to criticize. That's like saying a music critic has to make award winning banger after banger in order to criticize an artist. It's a tacky and illogical argument. Please stop, people in (the comments of) critique videos.

  10. Actual translation of the intro:
    I eat pencils everyday
    How old are you? (Actually it sounded more like "When anuses do you have?")
    United States is spring

  11. I’m so glad you made this video because you could draw something terrible and say “it’s just my style" and yeah. If being bad is called a style.

  12. Umm…
    What you were saying was completely different to what was in the screen when you tried to speak spanish…

  13. Hi solar I know this is really weird but can you make a guid on how to draw animals, preferably in a realistic style but cartoon can work too

  14. I eat my pencil everyday. How old are you? United states is spring.

    I this what you're trying to say in Spanish? (you did quite well might I add)

  15. Your videos have helped me develop a decent style I’m still improving on. Even if I was slightly (and unreasonably) oFfEndEd at the beginning of watching you since I was and still am a child I grew out of it and it helped me become more mature and less..cringey. Thank you.

  16. Im not sure about the Style thing, but you can change your art style by a favorite thing you like. people who get mad because they say it's there style, then why would you bother with that it's there brain and they most do what the brain say, that's why people do not Force artist because they won't draw are animate good. Because you Force them form there free well to think. Although that you say they a dumbass make me feel more to think that you hate the fact you can't draw like others, but the word style is not use for I can not make this beautiful are ugly, it was used to say ,"I like the way I draw this and made how it looks" and move on

  17. Exactly no one is stopping you from being a dumbass only you stop yourself from being the dumbass you’ve always been destined to be

  18. I have a folder that me and the boys filled with drawings its about 1inch thick I'm going to post all of them on deviant art my username will be hailzopp11.

  19. I got bullied for not drawing realistic
    Lasted for 6 months constantly and made me quit art for a while
    It made me start drawing realistically to stop them from bullying me
    They would always say your art sucks, quit drawing, if you draw again then I will hurt you (no joke, someone said that to me)
    I can now draw realistically

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