Amy Berry Designs Two Precious Kids’ Rooms | Building The Dream Nashville | House Beautiful

Amy Berry Designs Two Precious Kids’ Rooms | Building The Dream Nashville | House Beautiful

– [Narrator] We’ve all imagined it. If you could build your dream house, what would that look like? A space that inspires you, calms you, and ultimately helps
you live your best life? We’ve asked today’s hottest designers to make this their mission. – We wanted to create an area of serenity. – [Narrator] Each design
team will take a room from studs to the finishing touches. – And we want to create
a space that’s unique, inviting, and a ton of fun. – [Narrator] Showing you
how to make every corner of your space work harder, better, and more beautifully than
you ever thought it could. – Make a statement. – I’m Carisha Swanson from House Beautiful and we are Building
the Dream in Nashville. (lively music) – [Carisha] Our next
designer is Amy Berry. Amy has been recognized for her fresh and approachable take
on traditional design. She has been published in House Beautiful, Southern Living and more. Berry will be taking on the kids rooms. Her mission is to create
rooms that kids can grow in, and promote imagination and creativity. She flew from Dallas, where she’s based to see the space and start
thinking about her design plan. – So what do you think? this is your first time
being in the space, right now we’re standing
in the boy’s room. It’s an opportunity to do
something that’s unique. And you wanna create a little space that kind of relates to a memory I think. In doing the furniture layouts, and deciding this is girl and this is boy, the architecture of the room really does fit both of those spaces. For the boy’s room I have
kind of more of a day bed since it’s a boy and
boys need space to run, and be crazy. And the girl’s room really is able to set up a little bit more like a bedroom. – [Carisha] I’m heading to Dallas to visit Amy at her shop, Amy Berry Home. This shop represents her design philosophy with a mix of antiques,
custom pieces and accessories. She also has a section of the store fully dedicated to kids furnishings. Hey Amy, it’s so nice to see you again. – Good to see you too. – Here I am in hot Dallas. – Welcome to Texas. – Thank you so much. – I’m looking at boys and girls rooms because I have a boy and a girl. It kind of became a, okay when they grow up kind of thing. So I kept girls room as big sister, and boys room as kind of little brother. And they both have elements that tell kind of an interesting story about how to do a kids room. Cause I think a lot of
times it’s hard to justify putting money in a room that
they’re gonna be a kid in. – Right (rhythmic music) – So for little brother I
wanted to create a space that spoke towards him being
around the age of nine or ten. So what I did for his furniture. We have a twin bed that’s kind
of pushed up against the wall like a day bed. Really cause if he were to grow up and want to have two beds and when he wants to have friends over. That twin bed can then turn and sit with another just like it. But I wanted everything
to kind of feel open. We have a paper that we’re gonna use from Mural Sources, it’s
called Jefferson Country. There’s something kind of imaginative that works for a little boy,
but there’s also something that can kind of grow up with him. Which I love. Then I love
doing something like that on these walls that kind
of like envelope you. For the girls room, in my head, she’s older than her brother. – Right – Like probably around 14 or so, so young teenager. But really in my mind this room is kind of her big girl room. So I fell in love with this fabric. It’s a Fabrica fabric,
it’s called Aviary twelve. But the blue in it is so soft. And I love this fabric, not only because the price point’s awesome but because it’s just sweet and it’s this soft little
blue and white background. We’re gonna totally cover the room in it. We’re gonna upholster the walls, and the curtains are
gonna be the same fabric. The chaise is gonna be the same fabric. And so I think that really with rooms like what they both have. Where they have these
dormers and all the angles, and all of that to kind of
like wrap it in pattern. It really it softens the angles. So for her she gets a queen bed. And we have these little nightstands that are being made for her. We have kind of a private label that’s part of the store here. – Oh nice – And so we’ve kind of just, it’s been awesome to have
the custom capabilities. She gets a secretary, cause
she’s a little bit older, and she’s got stuff to do. And then the bedding. – Oh the bedding. – So big sister is gonna get kind of a little bit of a bedding upgrade. But there is a company
that we’re so excited to have in the store, it’s
a company called Lenore. And they do custom bedding. And so this pillow is
actually one of theirs. – Oh this is, look at this embroidery. – Isn’t it beautiful. – I mean this is gorgeous. – I know, still the like really great, just easy white cotton, another ruffle. – This room has ruffles
on ruffles on ruffles. – We love a good ruffle. – This is the monogram I
fell in love with for her. Smaller scale size. – So this company does custom bedding from literally the top sheet on up. – It’s amazing. (jazzy music) – [Carisha] We’re heading over to Wells Abbot show room to select fabrics for custom lamp shades. So Femoria has a program
where they make lamp shades. I love them it’s like a really quick way to just dress up the light. So many of the fabrics they carry aren’t the ones you see all the time. Which is part of the reason I love them. They represent a lot of smaller lines, which I love. But they represent just
a really good range. We kind of thought that it would be good to come in and look at the lamp shades and see all the fabric. So we have one piece here, this is one of the fabrics that is going to be
used on the desk chair. So this is gonna be the bed
fabric in big sisters room. So this is the fabric for the day bed, in the boy’s room. This is our lamp shade. – Yeah – Here it is on a lamp shade. – It feels so different when it’s wrapped around a lamp shade. I think the pleating really does something interesting with this fabric. – I love this. (upbeat music) – [Carisha] One of Amy’s best kept secrets is her workshop, where
she designs and produces furniture for her store and clientele. – This is where all of our
custom upholstery happens. So we have always done
a lot of custom things for projects and clients
and that sort of thing. And I love this part of my business. We made this chair for the store. And it’s one of my favorites, and so we have it there in a
couple of different fabrics. We’re actually gonna have a version of it just the shape of it in the boy’s room. This chair I love cause
the seat of it’s not, it doesn’t take up so much room, but everyone’s kind of
happy sitting in it. The seat of it’s so good. I always come here cause I
like to put my hands on it, and lay the fabric out and walk through how it rolls around the arm and how it rolls across the day bed. You can kind of see the roll of this arm. And it’ll roll around this way. This is kind of a modification
of a table we made. I designed this one for
a nursery originally because I kind of felt like
when you’re sitting there all the side table
options that I would have, you have so many books with a child. So to have a table that
can hold the books. We did these little rails around it. So it’s part bookshelf, part side table. But not too big. – I love that it has like a little. – A little tray. – Exactly. – And then it’ll get a
little sea grass on top. And then we modified this
one to give it a drawer, so then it can be a night stand. – That’s perfect. – But I kind of think that a side table would be good with the floor too. (upbeat music) – [Carisha] Now it’s time
to head back to Nashville and bring it all together. – We were supposed to go
first, and we went last. Lucky for me I had sent
Brit, who is my assistant, who has been with me for six years, to kind of get it all
started before I got here. If you have a room like this
that is not a perfect square, any painter or wall paper person is going to look at you when the get here and say like “Do you want
me to stop right there.” And I think like, no, with rooms like this that angle. I think more is more. I think that kind of wrapping it just makes that big of a difference. This room is supposed to grow with her, it’s supposed to be able to grow with her. Because little girls have a tendency to change their minds on
what their favorite color is. I feel like with what we picked it’s blue, but it’s a soft enough blue that you can kind of layer things in. So if she wants it to
go a little more neutral which is the way we kind
of set it up now it can. It’s all just very sweet. – I feel like there’s
something lurking in here and hiding that I cannot, it’s gonna jump out at me I know it. What went wrong? We rushed things. Like curtains. Sometimes the seamstresses
forget to put hooks in. And it’s kind of hard for
anything to hang without a hook. So we’re gonna find some more. If we were in Dallas
they would be in my car. But we’re not. When we were putting, when I was stuffing the
cushion in that room, it wasn’t a cushion cover, it was an upholstered cushion. So we cut the cover off so
I could make the new cover very quickly. Which I did, but then when I came here to stuff the cushion it exploded. Oh my God. (laughs) We are going to vacuum
the rest of that up, let me see if I can cram the rest in here. This is so absurd. Feathers everywhere. So this is what a down cushion looks like when it explodes. Like this. It is very important when you install to wear clothes that have pockets. It is not unusual for the day to end and my pockets to be filled with trash. And tags, and fuzz. – This is the girl’s room. – Oh this is beautiful. (light rock music) – [Amy] I’m so happy with it. – [Carisha] So this is
what you were talking about layers and layers and layers of kind of the same fabric? – Yeah, so we really did, we wrapped the whole room in it. It’s the Aviary twelve from Fabrica. I love it cause it’s kind
of that perfect soft blue. – Right. – So it works for a little girl it’s not too little girl, but it works with pink too. – So in terms of layering you have it on your curtains, you have it on the chaise here, you have it wrapped around the wall. This is kind of your
moment of quiet right? – Uh huh so this is kind of what I was talking about too is, creating a space where the walls feel finished, and the curtains feel finished. And then the bed can be simple. And I think with kids
having a bed that is white, it’s almost easier to take care of. It’s this wonderful company called Lenore. So they do all these hem
stitches in different colors. I also love the fermore lamp shades. It’s kind of an, it’s an easy way to dress up a lamp that could have otherwise been not as interesting maybe. – So are there any ideas here that you think can be
translated into people’s homes. – [Amy] Well whether it’s
fabric or wall paper, I think there’s something about putting pattern on the walls, that makes a wall feel finished. You don’t have to dress it so much with art. Like what we put on the walls isn’t so in your face because
the walls feel finished. I grew up with my nose in books, like I read everything and I think that having a spot like this to be able to read and then a place to write and all of that, you kind of are creating a space for them to do things like that. – I love that. So you have another room. And I’m guessing it has nothing to do with this face. – It’s completely different than this where as this one is sweet and precious and timeless. (Celtic music) – [Carisha] It looks like you’ve done a thing where you have
combined new and old. – A little bit. I think with any room there’s
kind of something nice about something old, something… Anyways it just makes it more interesting and it kind of gives it a little sense of history of sorts. – So are these antiquities
that you added in? – So the little bedside tables are we refinished those in Dallas
when you came to see us. There’s a couple things between
both rooms that are similar. So both bedside tables have
the sea grass on the tops. – One of the other things
that I know you mentioned was having a rug that you didn’t
have to really worry about. – This one’s Dash and Albert they’re made so well, it’s 100% wool. And they’re made for high traffic. Which here we are in high traffic. Soft edges are good, which is why the daybed
has it’s rolled arms. It’s just keeping things soft and low and nothing too tall that
they can jump off of. – Do you always look for
something to ground a space before you kind of do the other thing. Or did it start with the mural
and you pulled in from there? – This one started with the mural. I fell in love with the mural. And I think that as you look at it, like you see the horses
running around the room. And the dogs and the house, and it starts to tell this little story. But it’s the kind of paper that it really it can grow up with him. – It feels like you can be
imaginative and playful. – Experiments with the
walls and the curtains and same with hers. They can kind of grow up into it and they can add things into it cause they will, they’ll want to. You’ll want them to. (upbeat music) – When I asked Amy Berry
to do the kids rooms. I knew she’d be the perfect choice because she has two little ones. And even in her own shop she has a section dedicated to children. What I didn’t know is
where she would take these. She kind of created these two children a boy and a girl. And wrapped both of their rooms in distinctly different papers. – If someone was designing
a room for my children. I would care about the
imagination aspect of it. I think that there’s something about kids that you kind of have an
opportunity with their room, to do something that it’s their room. Cause they get that like they, no matter what age they
are like our two year old is like “it’s my room, it’s my room.” – I think what’s really cool
about both of these spaces is that it gives you room to grow up. Rather than going for some modern space that they would out grow in a year or two. She wanted to create a room
that you can grow into. And that you’ll look back
fondly on when you’re older. – We have two kids. We have a little girl whose
older and a little boy. I think in my mind as I was doing this. Like you kind of watch
their little personalities and it’s like how they grow up. And she I could trust her in a room that has fabric on the walls. I could not trust him in a room like this. And I think that, kind of
their little personalities kind of dictated a little bit. – And I think that kind of nostalgia is key to what she does and
has really created a room that can grow with them and they’ll look fondly back on forever. (rhythmic music)

25 thoughts on “Amy Berry Designs Two Precious Kids’ Rooms | Building The Dream Nashville | House Beautiful

  1. Spectacular. The outcome is what the child in me always wanted. The day-bed especially is so child-like yet sophisticated. Just perfect for a growing kid.

  2. Her assignment was to do 2 KIDS' rooms. Although both are beautiful, neither one reads as kids' rooms. The "little boy's" room looks like a study. She rips a DOWN FILLED (EXPENSIVE!) cushion of a chair and doesn't sew it back up. She just stuffed it into the cover and left it as is, so the feathers will go wild over time and will become a disaster. She also said that she couldn't trust a little boy in a room like that? Did I misunderstand her? I listened to it twice. The "14 year old girl's" room looks like a granny suite. It's nothing what a 14 year old girl would EVER want. And then she added a little's girl's rocking chair only fit for a very young girl, maybe up to 8 years old in that 14 year old girl's room! I apologize for such criticism, but I challenge anyone to walk into those rooms and feel like those are "kids'" rooms. To me, this has been an epic fail on the themes, but still 2 very beautifully decorated rooms, even though neither are my taste. Just NOT for kids.

  3. With all due respect to the designer who seems very knowledgeable and skilled—-I just didn't care for these rooms. I don't think either space will grow with the children, and there is no room to express personality/personal style of their own. The old-fashioned style is overwhelmingly dictated with the choice of fabrics and wallpapers. A family would have to start from scratch to allow for any new favorite colors, styles or themes as the children grow. All of the other rooms/spaces in the house flow really well together, these just don't seem to. Kids don't "grow into" rooms. Rooms change and evolve with kids.

  4. Even if the approach for the entire house it’s unique… I never saw such amount of wallpapers…
    I suppose that the personality of the kids did count in this project… yet… psychological criteria didn’t mattered at all… in my opinion…
    So those rooms are just a beautiful display with bold approach,..
    In the end… an overwhelming house… with so many details.. and so many designers involved,.. will overwhelm the beneficiaries really fast

  5. I have two children, they are adults now but growing up their rooms looked like children’s rooms. Neither of these rooms is suited for a child! What’s up with all of the birds on the wallpaper in this house???

  6. I liked both rooms. I only wish some details could be removed from the wallpaper in the boys room because it looks like Monticello which was a plantation.

  7. Both of these rooms are absolutely stunning! The designer is extremely talented! I have seen allot of beautiful rooms, but these two rooms are the most beautiful! 😊

  8. I think that this house was being designed for an Afro-American Family, correct? Even though the Boy's room is a beautifully appointed room perhaps for a guestroom, it seems a bit inappropriate to be featuring a plantation scene wallpaper panel featuring a bunch of white folk gallivanting around in their hunting attire. How would a young black child relate himself to this room and what it represents in our American history and to his heritage?? Thumbs down on this choice of design for the boy's room in this Family's home – simply clueless. The girl's room is very sweet, I like it that it echoes the big bold bird wallpaper in the mother's room, but in a calm delicate pattern – however the large grandmotherly china vases have no place in this young teenage room, and they certainly occupy way too much space on top of the bedside tables – form is not following function here at all. I'm an architect. And in my humble opinion, although very physically comfortable and well executed, both rooms are emotionally quite off the mark from the client's briefing. Probably these rooms would work perfectly fine in this designer's Texas neighborhood though, or even in mine. But that's not the point in this Dream House in Nashville project, is it?

  9. Both rooms are stunning. I agree with creating rooms for kids to grow into. When they're young they don't really notice their surroundings as much as their toys. As they grow they start to appreciate the age factor of design and no big kid wants to be in a baby's room;) I'd happily live in either room myself.

  10. Really like the boy room, surprised looks bigger whit the wall cover and it's full of color and calm due the green at the some time active for the story.
    The girl toom no my style I think has too much some pattern, and looks old to me, but that's to me tho.


  12. Wow! The comment section is littered with Liberal snowflakes complaining about plantation style wall paper, the N word and Afro Americans? It's wall paper assholes. Amy, Darlin you did a beautiful job.

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