Amazing Wood Cutting Skills & Techniques | The Ritual of Cutting Down a 1000-Year-Old Sacred Tree.

Amazing Wood Cutting Skills & Techniques | The Ritual of Cutting Down a 1000-Year-Old Sacred Tree.

After six years of consultation, we were forced to cut down the 1000-year-old cedar tree that was miserably broken by the typhoon in 2004. A sacred tree that has been loved and revered for over a thousand years Exorcism carefully with rice, Sake rice wine, salt and water. Back to the ascension ceremony for the god who dwells in the tree Finally, the ritual to place the axe. After the ritual is done, last rites to be performed to end the ceremony It’s time to start working We’ll start with pruning Ryuji also looked up at the sacred tree with a worried expression. Fixed the upper part of the sacred tree by wire and lifted it by crane. This work requires caution because of the risk of movement as a pendulum after cutting with a slight balance difference. After the storm passed, our opinions were heard. I felt the fatigue of loneliness being over. I come and look at it every day, but today I’m very touched. Actually for everyone, this is a tree that has broken the tops. Ultimately there are too many comments for such a thing. I will be able to live up to 100 years old, but this is only a fraction of the 1000. After all, that’s great! It’s time to start putting the saw blade into the sacred tree. Lubricate while the saw is running Chainsaws get stuck have to adjust the crane a bit and then insert the wedge into. After all, it seems the crane adjustment has worked. Finally, a giant tree of 1000 years has been cut off. Apparently it had been cut off was lifted then and moving very heavy Everything happens according to plan. As you can see, this is essential for the shrine. I’m so honored that witness this memorable day. What’s going on at the end? Imagine when you fall asleep, and then wake up 1200 years later That makes life meaningful This incident ended as a great salvation And even more amazing is that the descendant of this 1000-year-old cedar tree is growing up along with our young generation. The millennial cedar was cut down during the ceremony, so it will no longer be possible to chop anything at Kumohachimangu shrine. Ending 1000 years is a sad thing, but its life and soul will be passed down to the next generation. The millennial cedar tree seems to tell us such a thing.

17 thoughts on “Amazing Wood Cutting Skills & Techniques | The Ritual of Cutting Down a 1000-Year-Old Sacred Tree.

  1. Awesome channel, so relaxing to watch people work, work together as team and reverence for natural beauty and natural resources.

  2. 切った後の大木も加工されて、人が生きるための道具の一部になったりすると考えたら回ってるなーって思う

  3. The Japanese culture is an inspiration to the world, we can feel the down to earth and humble attitude. Respect for nature…
    Hope this keep on going through the new generations.

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