Amazing Sand Art: Incredibly Detailed Sand Sculptures Created By Hand

Amazing Sand Art: Incredibly Detailed Sand Sculptures Created By Hand

– START — COMM: Most people head to the beach to relax in the sun, but for professional sand sculptor
Matt Long, it’s just another day at the office. The talented craftsman delights audiences world over with his incredible designs, using
just water and sand. Woman: I think it’s beautifully constructed. I would love to live in a castle that looked
like that. Matt: I’m fond of saying these days that I don’t really create sand castles, what I do
is a make people smile. COMM: The 58-year-old has been sculpting for special events around the world for twelve
years, after he started building sand castles for his kids. Matt: We were down at the beach on vacation and I saw someone create a little something
in the sand and I thought, “Gee, I can do this”. I started making things that were incredibly
embarrassing, but I still really believed I invented sand sculpting until several years
later when I met a professional and it changed my life. COMM: Now the Staten Island native takes part in three to four competitions a year, and
even placed second in the world championships sand sculpting competition. Matt: I have created sculptures for various prince ranges. Tabletops for fourteen, fifteen
hundred dollars, up to monumental sand sculptures worth tens of thousands of dollars. COMM: And while he has an expensive repertoire of sculptures to choose from, Matt returns
to the old favourite time and time again. Matt: As a sculptor, you might be called to carve just about anything. Castles and sea
creatures seem to be the most iconic, with castles definitely taking a first place seat
in that category. COMM: But no matter the design, Matt’s work usually elicits the same response wherever
he is. Matt: People walk up to a sculpture, just look at it, you know, an involuntary smile
comes to their face. Woman: I think it’s awesome. I’m actually an interior designer, so I think it’s architecturally
beautiful. He’s done an excellent job and it takes a lot of patience. COMM: And while his art has a very short shelf life, Matt remains philosophical about his
work. Matt: It’s a completely natural element. If it’s done at the beach and no-one destroys
it, the only thing that takes it away is the tide or erosion back into the sand on the
ground. I guess you just get used to it. The temporal nature of sand sculptures is reflective of life. — END —

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  1. Amazing Sand Art: Incredibly Detailed Sand Sculptures Created By Hand

    A mini fairytale castle emerges from a pile of sand at the expert hands of master sand sculptor Matt Long. The detailed creation a features staircase wrapping around a high tower supported by intricate arches – made of just sand and water. The 58-year-old makes sand art for private parties, events and corporations all around the world.

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  2. For every time barcroft play an ad before a video I dislike the video…….this is probably why I have disliked all of them.

  3. Matt is an incredible artist.  I just started making sand castles with my kids last summer and have been a fan of Matt's work since then.  It gives me hope to hear that Matt began at 46 yrs old which is what I was last year when I started. I doubt I will ever be half as skilled as he, but it sure is a lot of fun on the beach.

  4. Xd how would someone be looking at him just getting buckets of water and building a SAND CASTLE on the beach xd! (IT'S REALLY COOL THO)

  5. Liked your Sand Sculptures vid😊maybe you like our new Sand Sculptures vid 2

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