Amazing! Easy Bonsai DIY Paper Tree Tutorial | Best Out of Waste Craft

How to Make an Amazing Paper Bonsai Tree This is a nice DIY Home Decoration craft that you can make at home Things You Need… Plaster of Paris, Thermocol/Styrofoam Sheet, Cardboard, Plier, Scissors, Aluminium Wire, Aluminium Foil Paper, Old Newspaper Felt paper, Acrylic Colors, Brushes, Shells, Artificial Grass Divider & Pencil, Cutter, Adhesive, Glue Gun Take a piece of cardboard, draw and cut out the circle from it as shown here. Now take the styrofoam sheet and cut out a similar circle on it. Paste the circular cardboard on the cut out styrofoam sheet. Take the aluminium wire and use a plier to cut it into small pieces as shown here. Now fix the cut out wires on the styrofoam base as shown here. Repeat the same process with the other wires as well to form the trunk and branches of the tree as shown. Take aluminium foils and fix it in between and wrap the arrangement like this. Make a mixture of plaster of paris with water. Take a newspaper and cut it into small pieces. Make a smooth paste of plaster of paris as shown here. Dip the paper pieces in the plaster of paris mixture and paste them on the arrangement. Similarly, repeat the same process with the branches as well. Let it dry completely. now fix some more small aluminium wires to make more branches as shown here. Make a glue solution by mixing adhesive and water. Apply the glue solution on the tree arrangement. Take the different color sheets and cut out leaf shape designs from it as shown. Make multiple such leaves from different colored papers. Take white acrylic color and paint the bonsai tree with it. Let it dry completely. Now paint the bonsai tree and base with different acrylic paints as shown here. Stick the colored leaves on this tree like this. Decorate the branches with these beautiful colored leaves as shown. Now color the sides of the base with a darker acrylic shade as shown here. Paste the artificial grass and shells on the base of the bonsai tree. Wow!! Your beautiful paper bonsai tree is now ready. It will be a perfect home decor. Hope you enjoyed watching our video. Thanks and Happy Crafting!

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