Amazing Blender 2.80 Measure Ruler Protractor Tool Dimensions & Distance

welcome back blender nation blender family
today I’m going to be discussing one of the new I have to clap my hands cuz
blenders now it’s starting to add icons I love blender 2.79
77 and my first 176 I loved him there was good but I have to agree
they was tax heavy they were it was stressful to look at those buttons on a
normal person ah I could do it cuz I loved blender but to the normal human
eye they didn’t want to touch it because it had too many words people like to see
little picture icons which blender i crap again
and started to use no longer do we have those text heavy menu displays for the
most part we have little pictures for the most part we don’t have two columns
anymore three columns blender now I say let’s make it easy on the eyes
let’s put everything in one column so I said the day I’m gonna be focused on
where the icons on the left hand side I’m a hologram uncompact gonna be
focusing on the measure tool let me read the option um as a tool cuz I got
tripped up because I didn’t read it carefully but of course as I’m gonna
discuss later but they should have done to make it stand out more magic tool
measure distance and angles what you’re gonna cover our hope I still have
trouble with the angles part actually the buggy in my mind tweet left anywhere
for a new measurement dragged through the segment to measure an angle drag
ruler outside the view to remove control to snap that’s something important I’m
gonna simply should have done shift to measure surface thickness but since
Bender is free and it’s made from normal founds but a general public the only can
do so so I can’t put a lot on him all right so
let me begin I’m gonna begin by scaling this cube which I flexion t-carr Harold
on the z-axis so I’m hit yeah I’m using like I said before if you watch my
videos I came with blender 2.76 son used to hitting these keyboard shortcuts I’m
not used to these little manipulative they’re the manipulators are full of
neat the new people coming to blender but also was around for several years we
love those hotkeys for the most part so I’m gonna hit shift Z scaling to Z and
here’s another thing I eat I learnt about before but I still vote shake my
eyes segments to the orthographically I was clicking on these little
manipulators on the far right but it’s another way to get to those manipulators
orthographic front top it’s even faster you click on your keyboard whether you
have a laptop or desktop you see that tilde key beside the number 1 I’m sad
two more time till my educator well I’m teaching my class not to say things two
or three times so them students know what I’m talking about there is a
special key to tilde key it’s right near number one they took my last time saying
it I’m gonna hit the tilde key it’s to the left of number one and then they
give me all my views orthographic top bottom fast I don’t have to be no
guessing and clicking damn I’m gonna do orthographic titter right now I’m gonna
see the x-axis I’m going to chill to gain I say uh if it worked for front
before okay there’s my x-axis now as I said the measuring tool I’m gonna click
on it first then I’m gonna see my my numeric values
for this particular shape so I’m a in or if you want to you see this little arrow
they got the little the crosshair with everyone left and right I can open now here am i dimensions X 2 meters Y 2
meters Z 8.82 meters we’re gonna see how well there’s measurement to get us to
these numbers let me tell you why you need the measurement tool so I click on
my measurement tool yeah I want to I want to go buy something for that now
the snap to is very helpful it snaps you to your faces but if I click the snap
key now it does not work I’m touching a snap key it doesn’t work so you have to
approximate your distance just by hitting it the left mouse button and
make a line so I’m a click the left mouse button click the left mouse button
anywhere I want I’ll make my line going from one side to the other then I stop
when I look close now I can’t touch the control key to try to snap it let me see
if it’s neck yes it snapped I’m gonna go to my left side click we’re
not in the line push the left control button let’s see if it’s not it’s not
Wow we see after going in 4 dimensions and my access to meters and then give it
a decimal values right in front of us we see two point zero zero zero thats 3
zero so that mean for all tension purposes my good people it’s 2 meters
that 5 and a 3 I think that 5 is in the 10,000 place and that 3 is in a hundred
thousandths place which we don’t really need in most measurements we usually
have two digits behind that zero we don’t care about all the other ones
we’re not making it we’re not making a space shuttle or space craft to go to
Mars that’s on them additional space decimal values count all we need is like
1 you’re making something blender we
definitely at least one decimal value so it’s technically two meters I can save
my hair for X let’s check this out for a while
I have the eyeball this first I click up here to my top like a come down now I
want to say this ladies and gentlemen I’m sorry but to keep it straight with
the X Y X Y & Z key doesn’t work you cannot make it a perfect line you have
to come down there and try to make it straight yourself you got trying to keep
the line straight yourself because it won’t help you okay I approximated it
now let me go back up here and hit the ctrl key I got the edge I went up its
neck that’s you sorry snack come out a little bit go back up its neck widest
thing see oh I mean I know it didn’t snap now its net look you see the
measurement – they give us approximate mentions and this is it a transform box
yeah the trick is called the transforming you that x value match up
roughly and the Z matching value match up eight point eight two two three eight
I match so this is when the measurement tool will help you immensely I’m gonna
give an example of this so I well I’ll leave this here it don’t matter
I’ll shift over somewhere I’m at I’m gonna tell you when you’re going to need
the measurement to let me add a mesh I’ll add the monkey
our beloved Susanna I’m a grandpa grab on a wire and just go out
ship the screen over whereby I just stretch out now I’m gonna add me another
object and or shift eight whatever you prefer mesh I’m gonna try our tours grab
it oops grant I’m sorry grab it Wow stretch
it out shit bring it over then that’s when I
hit grab I’m gonna raise it on the z-axis right there this is where the
measurement tool will help you out and mention many times in the future you
become adept at using blender you will be creating wonderful pleasant looking
incredible scenery right now I have no idea the distance between my objects
eventually when you had the sophisticated mess you’re gonna want
your object especially if you’re making something in the real world like a
bedroom or house or your house you gonna want everything to be near the exact
same spot where it’s in your house or the exact same height that’s in your
house like your bed if your bed is 0.7 meters high tall you’re gonna want
whatever shape you’re using to be point seven meters tall
alright so here’s my example remember I can’t hit the ctrl key I have to try to
approximate it I’m a click up here I’m making my line – Susan – Susannah I
really don’t know if my line is there it looks like it is but hey you know it’s
just a 3d space so I’m hitting ctrl key I’ve come to the right tip read my line
of grab let’s see if it snap now snap when it snapped
I know it’s touching that uh torus I’m gonna come down here – Suzanne –
– XANA the monkey grab my line zip it uh eyelid touch them it’s
connected to her I can zoom in this if it is we mean yes yeah um did it look
like it’s connected to her I assumed in it like it’s connected to that tors
not the senator Taurus but that’s up to you how you want to do your measurements
I’m just giving me a little demonstration of how this thing works these lines okay so here we go
so we see if this is the real world Susana and the tourists are
approximately you can say four minutes apart technically three point nine seven
nine eight nine we would really say Bluebird say three point nine rounding
off to four so they’re approximately four minutes apart that’s huge you know
and normal life four meters I think it’s a little bit over eight feet I’m sorry I
live in the United States in the United States we still leave using the old
fashioned imperial system I believe the rest of the world they using a metric
system so I’m not completely a debt but meters centimeters stuff like that but
I’m just approximating I think it’s like a little bit a feat now one more thing I
want to do I hope I can do this I want to see yes my angle what’s the angle
measurement between them so let me come here
so roughly from Susannah’s head to the Taurus with my acute angle is 42 degree
measurement if you want to find a tus measurement you can subtract 42 from 180
but you got the idea I’m doing it so I hope this brief video
on how to use the measurement tool was a big help to you know I’m a to y’all here
was the killing part for me that had me trying to figure this thing out for
almost an hour how do I get rid of these lines on here
how I hit the X key nothing I hit delete but I just delete my Taurus
as you saw I read something to say a skate key I hit the Escape key but it
didn’t give it to me that answer after I’ve collected myself and went back to
read it it’s right over here the measurement tool it says drag ruler
outside the view to remove that’s how you get rid of it here’s my example let
me get i’ma go to this edge I got the crosshair oopsie and made another one
but I think I better zoom in to see this lower thing oh yeah I’m a ticking on
fall up and now it’s gone i’ma come on pace today the ones that made it airhorn
I click on at our endpoint I’ve got my full crosshair wrapped it up it’s gone
that is how you get rid of those measurement lines I click up here grab that now you can go
up down left the right whatever I’m going down it’s gone see that’s how you
get rid of him I did not know it took me forever and
I’m gonna take the fart over here of this blender I wish I know they probably
had trouble doing I wish I had to highlight it highlight the word was
called a highlight the word remove make a different color so it stick out a lot
of P now I have I’m nearsighted I can see close-up some people make have
trouble seeing these little smog text on here I wish they were I guess I could
get them to highlight the important terms so we have pay attention tour and
not go trying to look on the internet scram and the final answer how do we
move something because there’s no videos that deal in detail about how to measure
distance between objects and blender I ain’t see nothing if they were it was
very poor and pathetic I hope ladies and gentlemen my video was a help
to you about why to use the measurement tool to measure distance between your
objects and your creations I hope you learn too that my demonstration of the
measurement tool is basically right on line with the measurement you’re given
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