Amazing ANAGRAMS — BOAT #4

Anagrams [are] words made out of the letters of another word for instance Britney Spears can be rearranged to spell Presbyterians Michael David Stevens can Spell I’m the cave devil sand and as the title tells you mel Gibson has big melons But are these the best celebrity [wordplay] anagrams of all time to find out more all aboard the boat? Justin Timberlake says I’m a jerk but listen and Tom cruise says I’m so cuter Rob Pattinson is not top brains but clint Eastwood can deliver old West action and Richard Nixon’s vice President Spiro agnew grow up Moving on to women heidi Montag Imagined hot Jennifer Aniston is fine in torn jeans and your mother-in-law She’s a woman hitler snooze alarms yell out alas No more z’s slot machines get cash lost in them and the most common thing in a dormitory is the dirty room Some special anagrams don’t even require rearrangement just spaces for instance psychotherapists can Become psycho the rapist and When the irs looks at your income they’re going to say that some of it is Theirs but here’s a doozy the alphabet itself can be rearranged to spell a sentence It’s not easy but here you go umph your bank lifts vexed quiz a [combe] is a [bowl-shaped] region made by a glacier [a] ford is a narrow inlet with steep sides and a quiz is a test But it’s also a name you could give someone who’s eccentric So the sentence means that glyphs on the bank of a hollow near an inlet irritated a weird person Nice, and now that we’re this deep into it Why not talk about palindromes these are words or sentences that are the same forwards and backwards race car? Kayak [D]. Leveled Lonely Tylenol rise to vote sir meat animals Laminate them and of course. Go hang a salami. I’m a lasagna hog, or This from Comedian Demetri Martin damn it. I’m mad It’s an entire poem that reads the same forwards and backwards [I] Made all the animations in this video using the internet and a graham server It’s a cool place where [you] can type in words and the computer will find out what’s hidden in them another good one is Anagram genius it’s by far my favorite go check that out using a link in the description And figure out what’s hidden inside your name? Or other people’s names and come back here and leave in the comments below the funniest things you find Oh, and flash Swanky, Satanic [warthog]. [I] mean as always. Thanks for watching

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