Altenew Wide Washi Tape and Cover Dies – Two Card Designs!

Altenew Wide Washi Tape and Cover Dies – Two Card Designs!

hi it’s Therese and I’m here at Altenew
today and I have a really easy technique to use your wide washi tape
I’ve got two of the cover dies and they’re called doodled lace and the
second one is the layered floral cover die A. So this is actually one part of a
two-part set that you can actually layer up which would look great with this
technique as well I’ve chosen a couple of different colors of card stock so a
hot pink cardstock and then some of the altenew jet black and I have run both
these dies through my Big Shot machine they are quite intricate dies so I have
one of the metal shim plates and by adding that metal shim plate it just
meant it does cut on the first pass I didn’t have to worry if you wanted to
you could add at this point before you die cut it and one of the
double-sided sheets of adhesive but I find it’s quite difficult to remove the
pieces of the cardstock if they’re covered in tape but then I also find it
annoying to come in and add lots of dots of matte medium especially when my
bottle was nearly empty I was too lazy to fill it. so what I wanted to do here is
actually pop up these cover dies on the front of my cards and I’ve die cut the same
dies again in some fun foam and then left everything in, I haven’t actually
pulled the fun foam apart I haven’t pulled all the pieces out of the die cut
I’ve actually left it in place while I add the liquid glue and then I can
simply lay the card stock die-cut on top and I find I have less problems with
like the stretching of the foam foam because it does stretch a little bit
when you’re running it through your die cutting machine so I find that I have
unless it’s the shape doesn’t alter quite so much it’s much more
forgiving so I’ve added all the matte medium to the black card stock die cut
and then the pink one here is nearly dry but I am having to be a little bit
careful because there some of these dies cuts are quite intricate like very thin and I
did wait for it to dry but not quite enough I don’t think, but it still seemed
to work just fine I used my pokey tool to help me release
all the bits of fun foam and I did notice that when I took it out from the
border of the fun foam there was a little white border showing around the
edge of the die-cut so I’ve just used a long straight pair of scissors to snip
that away and that’s just because this is going to be the same size as the
front of my card and it’s going to be noticeable if it’s sitting out over the
edge. how pretty is that die! I did the same thing with the black die cut and I’ve
got two card bases these the top fold card bases already made ready to go
they’re the same size as the cover dies and what I want to do is add a little
sentiment on each of them so I’ve white heat embossed the hello gorgeous this is
from the sweet friend stamp set I use this stamp set a lot for the sentiments
and the other ones many thanks stamp set and I just stamped out the word
thank-you with some permanent black ink and I’ve cut both of these sentiments
down ready to go for the front of my card now it’s time to add the washi tape
I thought it would be really fun to use this dotted washi tape it’s probably my
favorite out of all the wide washes that were released and I haven’t used it yet
and I think that’s because I’m ‘hoarding’ it so I decided ‘not to hoard it’ and you
use it and what you tape is very forgiving because you can lift it and
reposition it without harming your cardstock and I love the way that it
tears – so basically I’m just working out where I want these this pattern to
pick through my die cut cover dies my cover die, die cuts the
the die-cuts within my cover die, I know however you want to say it. so I’ve done
this on both of the designs and a lot of the cover dies would be perfect for
this technique and you could even use thinner washi tapes or you could even
stamp a pattern in the background there are so many different options I’d love
to see set of these made or just using different colors using different cover
dies using different sentiments it’d be such a fun idea, maybe not with the
matte medium though. although I did fill my matte medium so this actually went a lot
easier and I used some the really thin be creative tape just around the edges
it’s the 1/8 of an inch and that fit perfectly around the edges of these
cover dyes and it saved my RSI! All that was left to do then was add some
fun foam and adhere both of my sentiments and that’s it for my two
cards today thanks so much for joining me I’m going to link all of the products
that I’ve used below and the link will be to the blog post as well so I look
forward to seeing you there till next time have a great day bye

22 thoughts on “Altenew Wide Washi Tape and Cover Dies – Two Card Designs!

  1. Gorgeous cards, Therese! I love how you added the Dotted Washi to the background…time for me to stop hoarding mine ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. So creative. Time to pull out the washi tape Iโ€™m saving for????
    Love when you laugh on your videos.

  3. These are such beautiful cards, Therese!! Love the washi tape; I'm gonna have to get some!

  4. You have the patience of Job, Therese!ย  These are gorgeous, however, so worth every second of your time!ย  Tearing the washi was a terrific idea!ย  xxย  =]

  5. Have you tried using the negative pieces….just wondered if that would work. As always Therese gorgeous card..xx

  6. Beautiful cards Therese. You never fail to inspire. I would never ever have considered using my Washi tape in this way. Like you, Iโ€™ve been hoarding it and admiring it looking pretty on the shelf. Havenโ€™t used these dies yet either, but I will. Thank you again for all your hints and tips.

  7. You make everything look stunning! These are gorgeous. I need more cover plates in my life – I hold you wholly responsible lol. Thanks for sharing with us, Lisa.

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