All White, Instagram Bedroom Makeover for Meghan Rienks

All White, Instagram Bedroom Makeover for Meghan Rienks

Give me that table. Oh it’s amazing. Is it really that heavy? yeah. Can’t wait to decorate there’s so much we can make how will it turn out? OMG, we’re coming over Open up. We’re here. Okay. You’re yelling like so loud Welcome. Oh my gosh. We’re so excited another episode today We’re at Meghan Rienk’s house Meghan Rienks you guys know her from beauty break You know her from her own channel and also from a new show on Hulu called Freakish which is a hit show She is just a mega amazing human being and we’re gonna do her bedroom Which is always a fun challenge. Before Kate talks anymore I’m gonna interrupt and say subscribe we’re giving that $10,000 room transformation away to one lucky subscriber. Yes, if you’re new from Meghan. Hello We love you, please subscribe, and you are automatically entered to win and for all those people who are already subscribed Thank you so much. We will like fly to your house, and do what we’re about to do So let’s get into it Let’s get into it. Oh, and also guys make sure to check out my collab with Meghan over on her channel. Alright, to the deck hole. Hi, my name is Meghan Rienks. I am a youtuber, someone who is far too invested in their instagram team And I’m also on Hulu’s new show called Freakish (montage of Meghan dancing scarily in her kitchen.) I have to make three fourths I have an apron that tells me all of it. 1/2, 3/4 (monster scoop?) (hot cereal?) How many tablespoons in 3/4 of a cup of butter? Twelve. I love Meghan. I have course seen her on beauty break on her own channel and new show on Hulu. And she’s a hot girl I mean DUH look at her. She’s also really smart and so funny. She has such a self-deprecating sense of humor, which I adore. She’s like I like white, I want it all white. I wanted to be very quiet. I’m obsessed with like white and light colors. Eggshell and ivory and off-white cream I’m just like naming things from like Say Yes to the Dress. Welcome to the all-white episode of OMG were coming over! Today is gonna be fun no matter what. I’m so incredibly excited for them to be here as like a as like a fangirl thing and then b like my room is going to be decorated, which is not something that I know how to do I was a little embarrassed to show some of the technical things that I haven’t fixed. WOWWWWW! (Kate’s laughing) Yay! Ok. I love your weird shower curtain. Thank you! Okay, I was honestly very very proud of that because it was like such a random small window the fact that I found those little um Rods Tension rods. Tension rods are really weird window, but I think its honestly probably about the worst thing I think I’ve done in this room. This is actually a fun space because it is already kind of decorated. We’re really just polishing the place. She already has some beautiful items. I’m sure it is an issue that a lot of you face Where you have a bed you like Maybe you have a dresser you like, but you just don’t know how to tie all of those things together I’m the kind of person where I like things to all be like neat and orderly, but at the same time I also will like start fixing something and then not fix it all the way. I think probably the worst thing I’ve done in this room was that (Kate’s laughing) I love you You’re like pseudo fireplace Instead of using like the cord protector, which I ordered from Amazon I just picked this blanket that I got put it to cover the cords. At least you tried. Yeah you tried. I will give you an A- Thank you. I feel like this whole room is really representative of somebody who has great taste. You know like what you like I just think that you’re in a situation that a lot of people are in which is that you get to that point where you buy buy buy buy buy (Uh-huh) and then you’re like ok doesn’t look cool together yet. Did you hang it burns? You’re talking with the fact that I miss one of the loops Yeah, I missed a loop it was a long day And I saw that and then I was like we’ll deal with that later now. That was six months ago Gotcha. Setting everyone’s expectations really low. This is like a new exercise for us because like you have nice stuff So we’re gonna just give you a couple nice things and pull it together I already have those like big pieces of furniture because I’ve lived here for a while, and I like you know I need to sleep and like sit I’m really excited to see how they take the pieces that I have and how they would like actually decorate them We have a really cool project for your wall. Huh, and you’re gonna help though there, okay? I’m really andy Are you? Yeah, I know how to use a paint roller like I’m here to like show you up. Yes Oh, I love it. An OMG W.A.C.O challenge. Oh yeah. For Meghan. How are you at moving king-size bed? I honestly don’t remember how this even got in here great grab.One..two..three Push Push….Push There’s so much things over here I like that you wear boy socks to bed. That’s what I do you I got really big feet so we got to move this out. Which I’m guessing is Hefty whoa that is heavy. Maybe when we kick you out today You can go do your laundry? Do you help or you good? It’s okay it’s all from forever 21 The first thing we’re gonna do today is we are going to make a very custom fake Wainscoting behind her bed on that giant wall. It’s the longest wall in the room that is unbroken It’s only broken up by that weird little window which we’ll get to later. She’s got glorious high ceilings Which are awesome so I think placing the molding at around five foot up off the floor yes my height we’ll just use me as the Sizing. You ever shot a nail gun? shot a nail gun? Not a real one but I did it to show once. Oh okay I’m excited, and I think we know we’re doing Let’s go, shoot some nail guns I’ve never used any sort of like power tools. I only have a hammer and it’s like small I think it’s like a children’s like kid one. So okay there. We go. Did it You look pretty comfortable with the nail gun. I feel really comfortable a lot heavier than the fake one. Yeah Yeah We actually don’t need it. The clean beautiful Elegant way to add texture to a wall is with molding normally it would be a whole background of wood in this case We’re actually just gonna do the trim and then paint the wall a different color in the rest of the wall which is going to Give that illusion that we have a full locks wainscoting. but really. It’s just a really cool DIY hack I’ve become aware to think of textures and things like that So if you want to do like a lot of colors, no colors is your color Science all right, so I love the whole look of molding you can do up to like a chair rail height But I think we go like a 5-footer And what’s cool about it is we painted a different color like an Eggshell white which is like a glassier finish and the other big thing is this is a rental and we don’t want to like do anything permanent So the good thing about this is we’re just gonna use the nail gun you could just take the pieces out and they’ll just be Little nail holes dap dap dap with some patch when you’re ready to move out you’re good So the look we’re going for in this room is a really simple shaker style Wear molding we’re going to make it so that there’s a small square on top and a larger rectangle on the bottom and to do We’re just going to make three Rows So you got your top your middle and your bottom and then we’re gonna do the verticals between first things first you just need to measure And cut Meghan is already coming in very handy. I can see she’s gonna be a great handyman assistant today, oh thank you. You just like Someone actually told me that that’s probably why you would never work out, Meghan I thought you said you were gonna like do everything What Joey did you just forget 30 seconds ago when I helped you measure Kate stop distracting . Okay Well what am I doing? Um we’re gonna measure and then we’re going to tape We’re gonna cut once you have your line Marked where to cut wrap it in a piece of painters tape, and it kind of keeps everything sandwiched together as you’re cutting one with Um uh you know So I’m wearing these very Trendy glasses, and I’m using a power tool And I have a lot of control and a lot of power and they seem to trust me. Which is good one two three Good job! Meghan is Hilarious she wants to just get all wrapped up in these Projects with us which I love she is game and she’s wearing a flower crown princess in bell-bottoms with a nail gun I don’t know. How you could get more goals than that guys make it did a great job She’s hired see how she doesn’t that nail gun next so to get the molding on the wall We’re gonna use the awesome laser level to make sure that everything is nice and straight. That’s your music video. Oh my God Yeah, no, it’s not. It’s her spy movie, okay Grab the nail gun Megan, so there’s a safety on the handle. So you’re gonna kinda shoot it down now pull the trigger Can I please get the validation from you that I’ve done the best out of anybody who’s ever been on this? I mean, I don’t play favorites, but you did a really good job. I did so much. He’s so diplomatic So she’s killing it at the saw at the nail gun like this is amazing We could totally just have her do this by herself I’m fully confident in you, so I’m happy to just leave you to do this project, but no but Joey I want to do some with her outside I want to do something in the inside I want to take her out into her beautiful little backyard she has and do another fun project because Joey’s got this and he’s really fast with all the sawing and stuff and We don’t got a lot of time today Joey take your power tools I’m taking the child, you lost this custody battle I don’t even get to argue my case You don’t have one. Alright. I spoke too soon, the girls are leaving I guess my dreams of Meghan finishing this wall by herself are Not gonna happen today, but it’s okay. This is a fun project I’ll tackle this I made sure and measured all the molding I knew that the window installment is gonna be three inches around So now it’s all on the wall and all the cracks. I’m going to fill in with a simple caulk C A U L K so we have that weird little window in your in your room? And I always feel like when there’s something weird about a room there’s two ways to go back so you can either let them fall away forget about you’re problem, or probably exactly or You can celebrate it and think of it Transform it and change it to something different. Honestly, they were like so upset about the tiny window I didn’t even know there was a tiny window It’s just a tiny window like why are we all freaking out? This is a challenge, I’m like is it? Okay It’s weird because it’s a little rectangle. So what if we created kind of an arch Around it. oh my God. That’s so cute Whatever We do the window is gonna be great because I didn’t ven really notice it before when I was looking up Inspiration images for this room I wanted to bring in a lot of different texture and mosaic tile is one of those amazing beautiful old-school ways of bringing in texture Right you have the grout you have the beautiful stone Arc ceramic or porcelain of the tile So this is going to be such a cool project so all you have to do is measure the shape of your window Make sure you have those specs correct. We are using a compass attachment for the Jigsaw. Which is just the little handsaw It’s really easy to use it has like the tiniest cutest little blade you ever seen yeah Kate Kate, What?! You guys missing something? Can you not saw with goggles Oh my god don’t throw the safety googles Joey! This defeats the purpose of being safe! You broke the safety goggles. They snap back on you’re not gonna get any cookies with attitude I’m sorry. I want cookies. Oh he just turned so nice oh Okay great. So the caulk is dry. I’m just gonna sand it down a little bit. I’m painting all the edges I’m going to do the roller in the middle and a paint brush on the actual wood pieces and it is coming together if you go slow you’ll be fine When you hand me a power tool. You have to assume your responsibility I’m a loose cannon. We don’t know what I’m gonna do Yeah, so now let’s do a quick coat of white paint yes girl So this round is perfect now. We are going to set our mosaic tile I did a mosaic class for like years in Elementary school So we’ve got marble squares porcelain little disks these look like they’re what the size of a penny like a penny yeah, they’re like penny tiles this is mosaic tile which usually comes on the netting but we’re just pulling it off the netting so That we can create our own pattern we are just using a tile adhesive It’s an acrylic adhesive And we’re just applying it with a spatula Making some little hash marks on it to create a little bit more texture for the tile to wrap onto and obviously mosaic What’s so great about it? It’s forgiving. Yeah, it’s random. It’s Organic yeah, I love it. I’m so excited. So now we’re just letting the tile setting dry and Um you know Meghan baked some cookies. She’s like a fabulous baker Oh my God. Oh my God yeah, make it like your smile. Oh, that’s so cute Are you guys serious right now? I go outside and the girls are literally having a photo shoot you don’t eat your food have to take pictures of it first What well the adhesives drying, you guys are taking so long, Kate and I have been incredibly productive and really great time management So now we’re just waiting for the mosaic to dry, and I have previously made cookies because I’m like a suck up And I just like want people to like me, so I like force food on them. Oh my gosh. These cookies are amazing I want a cookie come get cookies. come get one. Throw me one. I can’t throw it. Throw it. Kate will you throw me one? No, they will fall apart and you know what they’re too good one – two three oh Wait check if there’s an ant on it. Did it survive the flight? Kate, what you’re forgiven Meghan you’re forgiven. I don’t need your forgiveness for myself Thank you now that the adhesive is dry. I am just adding some grout. It’s white unsanded grout Over the tile now of course I forgot my big sponge and like grout Spatula but it’s okay. I’m improvising with a putty spatula and some paper towels I’m so thrilled with how that project turned out I love it now is the time of the show where then you’re like, okay, Meghan. We’re kicking you out I don’t really have anything to do so I’m just gonna go hide in another room literally just sitting there banished the princess to her courtyard while we finish decorating her room you finished it How good does it look? Oh my gosh, the molding looks amazing Joey did such a good job. So Good! And like the little window piece will fill right The wall looks Incredible it definitely looks like two different surfaces Total optical illusion the only thing that would make it feel more awesome If it had a sweet light fixture right above it, so that’s exactly what we’re gonna. Oh you got the rug in here, too So we rolled out the rug. It’s amazing. It’s so soft. I need a little break. I want to cuddle with my lady Kate Kate, turn, this way. Oh it’s like a little sweater Hang on Joey you’re taking this cuddle a little bit too far. How do we get out, but we gotta unroll it That’s the only way Ow, Ow my hair The first thing we’re going to do is install that amazing custom window piece that’s going to fit right into the molding hopefully So we’re just going to screw it in the wall cover the screw holes with a little more grout. Oh No, no, no, no your budging my tile work now that window is like the glory moment of that corner Which is so great so Meghan built herself this weird cable fireplace So the goal here is to hide all the cables get rid of the mess get rid of the clutter I’m gonna take this little shelf. She has up right now We’re going to replace it with a more luxe more sturdy piece, and that’s gonna perfectly complement this giant TV that she has on her wall So hanging a shelf under your TV is actually really easy because you have your TV mount which is all the in studs you can kind of look at that to your studs are I got the Trusty dusty laser level so I can just laser right at the stud I’m gonna know exactly where to drill these in cuz this is a heavy shelf This is some hefty wood to run the cables I just got my two inch drill bit, drill a hole behind the TV drill the hole behind where the cable boxes are Cables be gone. Meghan had the dresser by her bedroom doors when you walked in it was just right there We’re moving her old dresser into the other corner of the room because we’re gonna make a seating area on that other side We’re gonna upgrade the dresser a little bit change out The knobs it’s the master suite after all and a suite is not complete without a seat. Oh, man. These are so cool. Hey Wow Give me that table That’s amazing. Yes. What is it really that heavy, Yeah, so I brought in this little coffee table She can sit in there in the morning She can read with her socks on her shoes on her tie up heels whatever she’s wearing that day Wow, I think we should do a diamond no, no, no, what do you want to do next? I will find you a job to anchor the wall above those two amazing chairs. I am placing this Beautiful pair of wings that I found on their handmade by an artist at the flea market Here in LA I found the local right around the corner. So there’s a local artist represented in her room guys I don’t have to hang curtains today. Meghan thank you for having a very nice curtain Rod I’m just gonna fix one thing and that is the weird loop that you left off for some reason This mirror that we are putting over the dresser is so cool It has a natural age to it almost like a mercury glass thing going on and then on top of the dresser I’m styling elements that she’ll need and also some decorative elements She had all of her makeup brushes and just different little like Mason jars and canisters and placing a couple of her perfume bottles in there But obviously she can put her eyeliners in and all that stuff. I’ll leave it up to her So we got to bring in a plant and this one is a snake plant It’s easy to take care of don’t worry Meghan and Joey’s potting it perfectly in the corner. I mean we could have done this outside Yeah we should have Concrete with a little bit of wood So we have the wood going on in that corner, and then the wood of the chairs going on in the other corner And we are repeating some things styling the bed We are adding some beautiful sumptuous bedding Some beautiful linen pillowcases to go on the European squares some king-size pillows that you sleep on we also have to add some throw pillows to the bed I found this really awesome vanity that has a flip up mirror, and you can store all of your makeup inside There’s also drawers It’s like a lot of storage in this little thing and it’s perfect for her so she can flip up the mirror when she needs to use it and flip it down and keep it nice and clean what’s so cool about the sanity is it also came with a Stool, but I don’t love the fabric that’s covering the stool cover. I think we can do better I got a throw pillow around the same size as the top of the seat when I ordered it. I just noted the size I’m just taking the pillow out sticking the seat cover in before. I attach it to the base I’m just stapling it down onto the underside and then just Reattaching it to the base using the screws that it came with and ta-da this shelf under the TV is great I’m just styling it with some items her side tables are really pretty let’s just keep them We’re just going to clean them up throw some of those books in the shelf under the TV I’m also placing a magazine rack that instead of putting the magazine I’m putting a throw blanket in there But that’s also a really great place for her to keep some of her books and other things that accumulate on the side table So it’s a nice place to tuck those away. I think we’re ready Meghan it is the reveal right now, and I’m like so excited But I don’t want to look this anticipation is killing me, and I feel like I’m gonna cry is the door open? Yeah Just walk forward walk forward wait. I feel like I’m gonna cry. I’m so excited Okay, and! One two three. I don’t want to open my eyes I want the anticipation forever, I’m so excited Okay okay okay, One Two Three Oh it’s so cute! OMG we did that! How good does that look now? Oh my gosh it’s so cute There’s a plant It’s a really easy to take care of one Oh I love that Oh my god Whoa Isn’t it so pretty the bed. That is like a big-girl bed It’s It’s.. I look like a grown-up. It’s a gorgeous grown-up room. Oh my God I’m not gonna sleep tonight. I’m just gonna leave my eyes wide open I live here and the rugs. I know and it feels so good on your feet. I live here Oh my God, Where did you find all this room? Whoa I am so like excited and confused about how these like things Started and then we’re like finished now. I understand well like hang up on the tiny window I’m like transforms like Santorini, and I feel like I’m a sister to the traveling pants and I love it, and there’s so much more room in my room. How do you hang that? Oh my god! This is so cool! And that mirror we got at the flea market. Oh, oh vintage moment the vanity mirror flips up I’m so confused on how this is my room and then we change out the knobs on the dresser Oh my God, this is So I’m obsessed with it I literally can instagram everything I know, isn’t that pretty with the marble You are awesome. Yeah Guys Thank you I love it! I’m like super tired. Enjoy your bed We’re leaving Love you. Bye We have a new bedroom. Let’s take a nap I would live inside a rug with you the rest of my life. But I’m not a bed bum. How amazing was that wall? Oh my gosh the molding you guys that was like game changer for us that was like an installation on the wall and painting it looks so cool, and then if you want to get crazy do a mosaic magical window wire and turn your rectangular window into an Archway um Meghan you were a treat. She’s so fun Make sure and go subscribe to her channel and check out all of her awesome stuff and check out our collab that we did on Her channel as well Please guys subscribe to our channel we’re giving one lucky subscriber a ten thousand dollar room transformation when we hit a million subscribers Yes, so maybe we will come get in a rug burrito at your place. Oh Thumbs up for more rug burritos. Yeah Oh my God, you’re making me dizzy So this is cookies made out of cake mix which is genius And you probably already have cake mix lying around so it’s ridiculously easy. All you do is add Whatever cake mix you want to eggs And then you either can add butter or oil whatever fat of your choice half a cup Mix it all together, and then add your topping you can do any sort of toppings you like they’re ridiculously simple. They’re easy and Everyone’s going to be impressed

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