All My Spectrum Marker Coloring tips including Monochromatic Coloring! – INKTOBERFEST Day 27

All My Spectrum Marker Coloring tips including Monochromatic Coloring! – INKTOBERFEST Day 27

hi everyone welcome back to day 27 we
really are on that home straight now today we’re about the crafters companion of
spectrum noir and I want to show you some a tips on monochromatic coloring
because that seemed like a really popular subject when I cooked about it
last week so I’m going to be using this Hedgehog holo stamp it was designed by
Alex Siberia we actually use it in our alcohol marker coloring challenge so
it’s 14 days we teach you all about alcohol markers coloring all of my top
tricks and tips if you are interested you can check it out below
or you can go to the craft challenge calm I’m looking for my heat tool okay
so I’m just gonna dry this off I don’t wanna make sure it’s recently dry
because I don’t want any smearing smudging you know any of those bad
things as we’re coloring and monochromatic coloring is an interesting
one it’s something I really enjoy I love doing sepia tone blacks whites and all
sorts different things but it takes a good bit of a different approach because
you have to remember where those white spaces are so essentially white is your
base color normally we you know use a base color and then we’ve been in
between but when we do monochromatic the white or the paper is our base color so
I’m gonna pick out there’s a couple of shades of gray in here these put ice
Gray’s it’s great ice cream and these are the ones that we’re going to use so
that’s ten seven three two okay so I’m gonna go over here and as I say you can
either use the white of your paper or if you feel more comfortable with the idea
of having a base color choose something super super light I’m not entirely sure
how light this one is maybe the mint blue might be better I’m just gonna try
it no we’re definitely gonna stick with this okay so I’m gonna use just for this
one I’m going to show you a couple of options but so for this one I’m going to
lay down my base color here it was my lightest and I’m gonna do a
few petals I’m leavin the gaps in between because they would naturally be
lighter and I would deal with those later and some of these shadowy some are
just turnover petals lots of different things to consider in that and we
consider one of those things in the challenge so if you want to learn all
about coloring then you can join that and you get the box with the stamps in
and absolutely everything in it as well so it all comes included ok so that’s my
base color and then I’m gonna go to ice cream 3 which would next be my you know
my next shade and so I’m adding in the dark and then I’m going to go to my 7 which
is super dark wrong nib so you see how I’m just flicking and I taught you about
these flicking exercises before and there’s lots more of them that we
discuss if your part the challenge but flicking is just a really important
skill in marker coloring you might even want to add some things up here adding
some detail in okay and I’m going to go back to my lightest and do some more
blending because I want to stuff on that I don’t want it too harsh and there are
you know filters you can get to help you there’s all sorts of different just like
this and then finally oops I’m going to add very little detail you know short
flicks as you can see with my darkest then I still go back through with my
mid-tone it seems to again I’m just softening out I’m adding some of that
detail and I’m really kind of doing a sketchy
style here so I’m not adding tons of detail which I might do every ideally
would have wanted a slightly lighter base color but you can still see how
it’s coming together or I could just use the petal itself and a bit of a blender
pen choose routes to pre saturate my cardstock rather so maybe you know you
want to pre saturate but look how that comes together isn’t that beautiful so
you can see there how that’s going to be a gorgeous monochromatic flower you can
color all of those different things in a few different shades of gray or laying
down a coat of blender first saturate your cardstock and then you can just
really add your extras in that way too so I hope you enjoyed today’s
monochromatic coloring it’s one of my favorite techniques I love doing CPAs
and grays and it back with he was an altar or moment elephant stamp set a
while back and the alternate markets definitely and it just came out
beautifully I colored it three different ways I colored it with color you do
monochromatic and I did sepia and all of them just look beautiful it’s just a
different skill to learn so if you enjoyed this don’t forget to hit
subscribe ring the bell and I need back tomorrow with an out the box idea using
string art on our cars but with a different medium to probably one you’ve
seen before so come back join me then join the community check out the links
in the description below all of those fun things and I will see you then happy
crafting everyone bye

12 thoughts on “All My Spectrum Marker Coloring tips including Monochromatic Coloring! – INKTOBERFEST Day 27

  1. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to participate in this and I’m wondering if I am still able to purchase the the colouring class? Love watching u!

  2. WOW, I never thought about pre-saturating with the blender pen – light bulb moment lol. I love the Alex Syberia stamp set, it is perfect for all medium types. I'm having a blast practicing the Inktoberfest techniques with it this month.

  3. I guess my eyes are not very good. The camera is do far away from your project, I couldn't see what you were doing. . Maybe not for beginners? Love your hair!!!!

  4. Thank you for the tutorial on monochromatic coloring with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers. I have some Spectrum Noir markers and look forward to learning more in using them.

  5. Please someone HELP…
    I would like to join this challenge she is talking about. Does it start the day you pay? Or is there a start date? And I can never find these codes she is talking about. What am I doing wrong to find them???

  6. Hi Alexandra. I have thought about purchasing the Spectrum Noir pens, but decided on the Arteza. Thank you for the tutorial on monochromatic coloring! The flower turned out amazing. I never thought of using greys for a flower Beautiful. Will you be doing a video on pre saturating an image with a blender pen? Thank you ~ Katz

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