Alcohol Ink Transfer Technique

Alcohol Ink Transfer Technique

Hey everybody! In today’s tutorial I am
going to do a technique I learned from my friend Karen Dunbrook who is amazing.
I’m starting with a little bit of Yupo and this awesome stencil that I love. And
you do want to work on Yupo or Duralar – I love them both. They both come in
translucent and white and they are great for alcohol inks which I have here. I
have Adirondack alcohol inks and also the blending solution. You don’t
want to leave the caps off for too long because alcohol is a solvent so it does
evaporate, and then I have this little brayer
that I’m going to roll out some of the color on and you’ll see how it turns it
sort of pastel which is really fun, and kind of mixes on the page. You’ll
want to roll your brayer off on a piece of paper so I’m just using some of my
Misti grid paper to do that with but now I have an overall design that I can
start adding a little bit of texture to. So I’m going to take that out of that
puddle just a little bit and put my stencil on top of it and then I will use
cotton balls with the blending solution. You can also do this with rubbing
alcohol. I will just lift some of the color
out of this little textured background just for a little more interest. You
don’t have to do this to do this technique but I like the way it looks I
think it looks kind of cellular and fun sort of like when you get an acrylic
pour that works. So this is just the beginning. This is
something that you’re basically going to use as an ink pad for this technique
today. The first thing you’ll want to do is set
this up in your incredibly dirty MISTI – my apologies!
You’ll also notice that my alcohol ink isn’t quite dry because waiting isn’t
really my thing. I would encourage you to let yours dry before doing this I think
you will get crisper results. But as Thomas Edison said sometimes you just
gotta find out the ways that things don’t work so I’m just being Edison!
Now I have this beautiful Altenew flower. This is a layering image but I am
just using the middle image and I will position that on the print. The great thing about clear stamps is you can Center them over what you want to
pick up on the image, and then I’m going to take some alcohol
lift ink and ink this stamp up. Now you saw me get another piece of cardstock
you’ll want to have that nearby since alcohol ink dries so fast you will want
to work fairly quickly. No need to freak out but I just put the cardstock down on
top of the alcohol ink print and then transfer what I picked up with the
alcohol ink onto the cardstock. Now this one was a little bit too pale so I
didn’t work fast enough and also maybe I didn’t have dark enough colors so we can
try that again. So I’m just going to go back to this print. This is one of the great
things about working with the alcohol ink and these non-porous surfaces is I
can just go right on top of that print and I can add some more ink and then I
can lift that up and transfer it. So we’ve learned that pastel colors don’t
work all that great. Let’s be bright like I like to be anyway!
Now I will let this dry just a little bit and then we will come back to it and
we’ll lift it. Now my print is dry so I have it set up
in my Misti and I am ready to lift some of that beautiful color off of there. And I have a cat coming in to try to
participate in this recording – please stand by for any impending disaster or
crashing of things falling onto the floor –
carry on! Now I will make sure I press it down
really well just to make sure that that alcohol lift Ink makes good contact with
all of those beautiful colors and then I will insert the card stock and transfer
that alcohol onto my card stock. Now that is what I was looking for
that’s exactly the look that I wanted! That’s what Karen taught me how to do so
you have a couple of other options after you transfer your main image, since as I
said this is an all new layering image you can actually take those layering
stamps using different colors of alcohol inks to transfer the additional layers
onto your flower, but I have more that I can work with here I can lift more out
of this print which is what I intend to do, or I can do different colored prints
to fill in areas like the center of the flower which I will also do. So now I
will do yellow again really I don’t do much without yellow if I’m being honest –
and then a little bit of a nice springy green
because this set does have leaves and I do want to be able to make the leaves a
different color, and because leaves aren’t just one color of green! I’m
adding two colors of green here in the green and the yellow will play really
nicely together to let me pick up a print and just because I can why not add
a little bit of stream because leaves also have a little bit of blue in them,
and I’m a free American! I can do whatever I want! There’s thunder and a cat now – in case
you ever wondered how exciting it was to be a card maker I’ve got all sorts of
variables! I’m covered with ink – standby for ink drying! Now that it’s dry and I’ve resisted the
urge to stick gilding flakes all over the wet part which is,
really hard for me to resist doing I will put this in my Misti. I already
have the leaf setup and again I’ve just chosen one of the layering images you
can do whatever you want with the layering images,
but I like this one. I like these silhouette images because they let me
capture these little pieces like I love that little bit of teal there then I can
get in that leaf and you can see through it so you can put it wherever you want
so if you just wanted to spend a day doing you know tons of alcohol ink
prints you’d have a ton to choose from. Again with the alcohol lifting – I will grab a
piece of paper so that I’m ready to pick this sup well. I did buy a reinker with
my alcohol lift ink pad. I got mine at Simon Says Stamp so I just threw a
reinker in the cart at the same time and I’m glad I did just because again this
is a medium that dries really fast and I wanted to make sure that I could play
with it for a long time. So here’s what these two look like together and they’re
very harmonious – you know I’ve used some of the same colors and I can die cut
these and put them together on a background but one thing I did want to
do was give a little center to that flower.
So this is what I’m going to do after thinking it out poorly the first time
when I figured out I needed to do was put the flower with the open center back
into my Misti set the flower center or stamp from the same set up on top of the
image. It’s very small and see see me thinking it through badly
here? I’m like oh I’ll just pick that up well that doesn’t make any darn sense!
How does that make sense? That is a stupid idea but I’m going to go ahead and
let it play out for you because I have a lot of stupid ideas! We all do!
What matters is that we recover from them and we do things that make sense.
See? Now I’m all like “hey I’ll put this in here” and then like “wait a minute that
doesn’t make any sense! I can’t die cut that little thing that’s
stupid! That’s dumb! I’m just I’m just going to put it in the middle of the flower like I
should have in the beginning!” I’m here for you people I make mistakes
so that you don’t have to! So here comes the smarter part of me (and
by the way I’m using a blue shop towel I love these I go to Home Depot and I get
the big boxes of them thanks to my friend Yoo-rah who taught me that those
were a thing they’re great paper towels) – right oh
here’s where my brain comes back! See this!
Now I understand! So I set the stamp up first and then I can move the alcohol
print to get exactly the color that I want.
Hey that only took me like 15 minutes to figure out – my hair is super pretty today…
So just flop your magnet on there get it where you want it and you can use this
print over and over and over again. I mean you can see there’s still a ton of
ink left on there but now that my wits are about me I’ll go ahead and stick the
flower back in there and then transfer this fun grungy textured interesting
Center into the center of the flower. So that’s my video. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!
Thanks so much for watching!

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  1. I tried to also leave a comment on your blog post but I don't think it worked (it reloaded the page like it was submitting but I didn't see it and there was no message ?). Anyway, love the pastel flower! Fun! I bought an Alcohol Lift ink pad (and reinker) but haven't used it yet… one of these days!

  2. Love these techniques! I believe I haven’t been using enough alcohol ink for my transfers; this helps a lot, thanks!

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