Agateware, Puzzles, and Funfetti Pottery | Kiln Unloading #4

Agateware, Puzzles, and Funfetti Pottery | Kiln Unloading #4

welcome back to the studio you are here
for kiln unloading number four it’s been a while since I’m loading kill number
three so welcome back and get ready and to all the new subscribers who are here
because John the Potter sent you the other day for the marble clay video
welcome to the channel we’re happy to have you put this down here you know
what gotta change this shirt real quick hold on one shirt and four hours later ready to
go there’s some good stuff in here see some things I make a long time ago I
never get to fire them or forget to or they’re kind of like tucked away like
small experiments check out this one I know what you call this a tiny shot
glass maybe check it out this was a slab that I you know turned and then attached
into a cylinder added a bottom for it I love that cosmic marbling right there
anyway anyway there’s more stuff show you that the glaze was not friendly in this one I love that one
oh this one look at this Brit whoo nice ring to it yeah whoo new
color new color how’s that purple treating you who out there loves purple
well Jeff this one I’m okay this one’s okay I’m not really sure I dig this one
marbling is a little too simple for me it’s also kind of a weird shape small
tests see every now and then I just have been crazy
I tried try making a perfect sphere out of a solid piece of clay it was okay
more of like a billiard ball there’s something very pleasing about
going taking the ball clay and just kind of like I promise that wasn’t planned I
saw some cracks but okay yeah maybe they’ll come apart should we try
she’s cracks here it was the old me or call me black that I never used then it
got too dry so I thought I would just you know trim it into a sphere it comes
apart maybe only on camera maybe only by mistake it comes out done easiest puzzle
ever this one all right I’m feeling very patriotic all of a sudden this little
colored blood you got experiment you can’t give up come back you ever seen these before I
have one of these it came with the kiln that I that I got from somebody it’s
like a half shelf so you can have work on certain parts it but also have an
area for taller work in the center it’s kind of cool I’m sorry I’m sorry this is
just this ridiculous test that I did it’s like if if funfetti made pottery or
if they wanted a funfetti look at this why the question is why not look at this
it’s like sprinkles it’s like a doughnut to be honest I kind of love this I might
kind of really love this although if I touch these I would bet you they’ll all
fall off I mean look at this for example here well it’s surprisingly not all of it hmm
most of these pieces you just saw are from the agate where pottery video I
posted recently about how to wedge it up differently so nothing really new here a
couple things but everything below on the bottom shelf here is newer work
quick story I also coach girls tennis and our banquet is tomorrow and so I
made pottery I always do for all the seniors I made a piece of pottery for
each senior some agate wear to teach them about clay but also kind of as a
metaphor for memories last lifetime I know it’s really cheesy but these are
some new pieces you’re going to see some are more simple I still like it though you know I can’t get enough that jf
stamp honestly anybody anybody out there who’s getting serious about their
pottery I used to sign it myself with like a needle tool or an exacto knife it
looked like this this is how it looked like it’s fine I guess you know it’s an
exacto I even filled it with underglaze I used a mishima to get this to work but
I mean if you compare this to this I mean come on if the work is the same but
you’re looking at the quality of the stamp for professionalism how could you
not choose this one really this is an old video by the way this is the
houndstooth pattern I made big fan couple more here they might all
look the same but they’re a little bit different
cut the blues and reds on their move love that you know some of these are more like
they look like a globe or like some kind of Doppler radar effect now that look this one specifically you see it you see
I see maybe I’m crazy and this one that’s a bummer I can only think that
this is what’s called done ting although I don’t know I once fired this load
I’ve only once fired powder maybe like a handful of time gonna be like seven or
eight times I’ve never had this before anybody know the answer to this it’s not
overly thick it’s yeah I mean it’s about maybe 3/8 inch stick at the bottom
can anyone describe why that would happen who knows the answer out there I
know a lot of you are Potter’s besides besides me what causes that never seen
that before they can pop it off screwdriver hold on you saw it here
first here we go to be honest that I don’t know I mean I
hate saying it but that might actually have been an air bubble I don’t know
maybe maybe I don’t know I don’t want to cut my hand doing this that’ll do it
yep Wow so don’t do that now is really dumb all right honestly
might be the first time I’ve had something like that happen like it was
still attached but when I have seen things like this and you’ve all seen
this before haven’t you but I’ve seen things like this it’s usually an air
bubble or at least it’s fired too quickly hmm that’s bummer you know you haven’t seen actually it
wasn’t in the last calm line but I’m quitting this coming loading if you want
this guy here so awesome it’s actually t in here right now so I can’t show you
the whole thing for this I threw this with the 5000 sub video this has yellow
and red and roof anybody else do that when you drink thank you up I know why I
do it but I’ve always done it I don’t know why my wife makes me you know you
can really see a difference with how some of these are wedged and prepped
check it out those four are a little bit different these six then we have these
three do you prefer this style with more of these stripes do you prefer more of
this random marbled paper marbled clay look or do you prefer this more crazy
sedimentary rock look also I like the red I tried that for the first time oh
and of course there’s the purple I’m actually a very fond of this color you
probably see some more of it in the future why haven’t you subscribed yet
that’s the question I wanted to ask yourself you know of all the things that
have come back to from this color loading I think this is what I come back
to the most is this guy I don’t know why I like that spot right there more than a
lot of the work I mean I like it but this isn’t something new this is a nice
little surprise anyway I hope you liked the video to the new subscribers out
there thank you so much it’s nice to meet you all say hi drop a comment below
if you feel like it you guys are great thanks for watching I’ll see you in the
next one

10 thoughts on “Agateware, Puzzles, and Funfetti Pottery | Kiln Unloading #4

  1. I mean yeah, that could be dunting, but that is generally caused by too rapid of cooling, or a difference of COE between the interior and exterior glazes. Since nothing else had that issue, it's probably not that.
    Moisture does seem to be more likely, especially since it happened in the bottom, which tends to be the issue with many wares.

    Regardless, still a good load.

  2. I'm no expert by any means, but I too was thinking an air bubble. Love the videos, sharing each one. Sorry about the fail, but remember failure is part of being successful.

  3. I really love your work! Im excited to get some stains and put colored clay im my work πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing!

  4. Like the colors and patterns! I guess you got enamored with twisting the perfectly round cups and it's not so great… Keep up the good work!

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