Agateware/Nerikomi Patterns with Colored Porcelain #2

Agateware/Nerikomi Patterns with Colored Porcelain #2

Welcome back to the studio everybody! My name is Jim and this is layered clay video number two. In this video, you’ll
see black, red, and pink Mason stained porcelain. I’ll be making some nerikomi agatewear layered clay designs. Anyway let’s jump into the video! Check this out! I made this cube from the
scraps you just saw me wedge up. If you can use them in some way,
rocks, marbles, or in this case cubes, it’s definitely worth it. One day in a bag is what I usually do
for these blocks just to get all the clay to the same consistency. Let’s give
this a cut and see what we. That looks awesome!
Super excited to make something with this block of clay right here. So that
looks like white but that’s actually going be a pink. The pink is going to be
a red and that gray will be a dark gray almost black.
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comments because every artist needs feedback. Until next time, I’m Jim and
whenever possible be sure to make do and learn. We should get some slo-mo action on

4 thoughts on “Agateware/Nerikomi Patterns with Colored Porcelain #2

  1. I'm pretty happy with how the spirals turned out but what do you think? Any ideas for patterns for future videos? LMK!

  2. Hey Jim, Just stumbled across your series, really enjoying watching and learning, can't wait to try it. Thought at first it must be easier to get a consistent blend by mixing dry materials first, but by your example I see how much faster it is just adding stains to (wet) clay. I love purple, and found one mason stain that was REALLY expensive, tried (just once) adding it to clay but it barely showed… maybe didn't do percentages right … but it seems like weighing the (wet) clay or weighing dried material would make a vastly different ratio between clay and stain, right? Anyway I'll have to do some experimenting with your help – thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge. Don't hesitate to make your videos longer ~ I'm always wishing they were! (used to watching Hsin Chuen Lin who does half an hour or more… love watching him). Thanks again, great inspiration!!

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