Agateware and Nerikomi Clay Designs | Ceramics

Agateware and Nerikomi Clay Designs | Ceramics

Welcome back to the studio everybody. My
name is Jim and what you’re about to see is the first of hopefully many videos in
a series of layering colored clays. So if you’re curious get ready. It’s like an
Infinity Gauntlet isn’t it? Power stone, Space stone, Reality stone,
Time stone. Alrighty, I want to try an experiment with this clay. I don’t want
to marble them together because I want to control the design a little bit so
I’m going do some very controlled layering of the clay. Let’s see what
happens. Here are some of the results. Despite
using post-it notes there’s still some distortion in all my designs. Ideally
you’d want to have your cuts from the big block the same thickness without any
kind of rolling needed. Still, I’m pretty happy with these. I’m going to save them for later.
Probably use these as a test for something. Now this piece here wasn’t
made with Mason stains but it was made by using two different colored clays
with a similar process of what you just saw with the black and white clay. If you
look closely you can see there’s different sections of pieces I scored
together and then kind of compressed it into this block. I want to do more of
this kind of process using colored clays so if you’ve liked what I’ve shown
you so far look forward to some updates. Now remember you can make almost any
color using Mason stains. Let me know what you want to see in the comments and
I may just take your suggestion. Don’t forget that thumbs up and to subscribe
and these videos here. I’m Jim and don’t forget to make do and learn!

5 thoughts on “Agateware and Nerikomi Clay Designs | Ceramics

  1. Crazy idea, could make for an amazing video, create an infinity gauntlet out of clay? Just an idea though…

  2. Love your work! I just discovered you can use guitar wire instead of the regular wire and you get the absolute cleanest cut….no blurry lines at all. Just thought you might be interested. Thanks for all your insight and videos!

  3. No I haven’t tried fish line. I will try it though. The wire is great but you can lose it quickly only because it is so thin. I have made special ends on them so easier to grip and see. I would love to send you a couple just to “see”….lol. I know this is a public sight but am wondering if there Is there a PO box or address of your work you can get mail. Thanks again for all you videos.. can’t wait for new ones☺️

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