Affinity Designer Pattern – Packing Paper

Affinity Designer Pattern – Packing Paper

Here you will find an introduction and the AD Pattern Template itself. Open the template with short cut key ⌘ + O. Save the AD Pattern Template with ⌘ + S with a name of you choice. Select the layer title. Select the Text Tool with short cut key T and change the title. Expand the layer Drawing area. Disable the text element. Select the color palett AD Pattern. Change the global color with a dopple click on the color icon to the HEX value #F1AB61. Select the rectangle inside the Drawing area. Select Inside selection from the Insert Targets aus. Select the Pen Tool with the short cut key P or from the tool bar. Draw a straight curve slightly starting above the top left corner. While holding down the ⇧-key until the bottom left corner. Change the stroke color to the HEX value to #BA7638. Open the effects panel. Create a Gausian blur with a radius of 0.5 px for the line. Create a duplicate of the line with ⌘ + J. Select the Move Tool with the short cut key V. Change the x-coordinate of the duplicated line from 380 to 388 px. Repeat the duplication process with ⌘ + J until the Drawing Area is filled with lines. Zoom into the whole document with ⌘ + 0. Deselect the selection while pressing the escape key ⎋. Turn off the side- and toobar with the tab key ⇥ and zoom into the document with ⌘ + 0 again. Save your work with ⌘ + S. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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  1. Hallo Norbert, hatte viel zu tun und keine Zeit für deine Videos. Hole das jetzt nach. Wie immer sind deine Videos klasse! Vielen Dank dafür und einen schönen Sonntag!

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