Adults React To and Try Troom Troom Hacks and 5-Minute Crafts To See If They Actually Work

– Oh no, pulling it apart! Damn! – Oh!
That’s so cool! – Don’t look at me like that,
it’s gonna pop! – Christmas!
Damn it! ♪ (rock intro) ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Paper bags, seven. That’s a lot of paper bags, homie. – Ooh, what are we making? – Stick ’em together. – Okay, this is literally the level
of crafting I can handle, not kidding. – Oh, they’re making a snowflake. – Oh, they’re gonna make like
those paper snowflakes? – Makes you think of like
elementary school, when you get to make crafts. – Oh no, they’re pulling it apart.
Damn! – I love that! – Oh, that’s brilliant! I’m so making that. – I could never make something
that pretty with these hands. – I love watching these,
but I know I will never put this much effort in anything
I’m posting this year. – (FBE) So what we just showed you was a video from
the 5-Minute Crafts YouTube channel, and we’re going to have you
make holiday crafts. – Alright!
I like it! I like crafts,
I just don’t have the time to do it. – (FBE) So let’s have you create
this paper snowflake. – Oh my God, really? I’m gonna do really very well for
a very beginner DIY crafty person. – Alright, so right down the middle. I haven’t used
a glue stick in a decade. – I’m gonna make a stripe
right up the middle. – You put another one on top. And you’ve made a sandwich. – Put that sucker right on top. Okay, this is going
really well so far. – Is this what it feels like
to be an artist? Ah, my parents don’t understand me. I just wanna make crafts! – Now we’re just gonna cut
the top off like this, and like so, okay,
it’s a lot easier on that show than it is here in real life. (laughs) – (grunts) Okay. – Flip it over, other side,
hold please, enjoy the hold music
while you’re holding. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ (laughs) – Theirs already looks
so much straighter than mine! How did I do it uneven?
I don’t care, I’m not gonna fix it. – I’m gonna put it on this side. – Alright! This means now’s the moment of truth! – (gasps) Oh my God! It’s real! (laughs)
Okay, it’s totally real-ish. – I didn’t glue it enough. Okay, hold on, hold on. Christmas!
Damn it! – I feel like all crafts
are better with wine, so I’m, you know,
this is something that’s missing from this crafting fiesta. Yeah no, this is a frickin’ mess.
(laughs) ♪ (“Deck the Halls”) ♪ – I always have
my glycerine lying around. – Is that just styrofoam?
What is happening? – Alright, that’s cute. – Alright stir it up,
a snowglobe! Oh, that’s so cool! – Aw, so cute! – This is easier just to buy!
I’m just gonna go to Michaels. – It’s kinda cool
to make something yourself, and then you see that, it kinda takes on a character
of its own at that point, ’cause it’s your hands that made it. – (FBE) Are you ready
to try making this snowglobe? – Ooh, okay!
I wanna do it! – So here we have this
dumb craft. No, I’m not gonna say dumb. I’m gonna say this worthless craft. – That’s the glycerine, and this stuff
is what’s gonna be floating. – Alright, open the lid.
Water. Okay! – Glue gun, my mom,
this is my mom’s favorite thing right here. – Okay, and then
some glue on here. There we go! Wow, I love glue guns. I feel like I’m [bleep] up this tree. Okay, I think it’s fine! – Next!
Let’s go! What is that, what is that?
Salt? Okay, we’re gonna put that in there. – I want it to be extra glittery. They don’t say how much to put in,
so I’m doing as much as I want. And then stir it.
(laughs) There we go! – ♪ La la la la, la la tah tah ♪
♪ La dah dah dah dah ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ – This is a hot mess.
Okay. – And then tree. Go!
– Aw man. Come on man, come on. Yeah, I think we got a win now! (snowglobe squeaks) – The reason why this is not working is because the foam
on the top of it is too thick. This is called making
a dollar out of 15 cent craft. – Okay!
I think I did it! – It’s a snowy night baby!
Merry Christmas! (laughs) – The first snow of the season! – I’m not into crafts, man.
You know? But, if I watched that, I’d be more apt to try
some of that [bleep]. ♪ (upbeat piano music) ♪ – Aw, it’s so cute. – Alright, candy cane, snowflake,
heart thingy. – Some damn candy canes. And some glue gun. – This totally makes me think
of my daughter though, ’cause she’s always watching
these craft videos. – Aw, it’s already so cute! Aunts are gonna love it! – Glue ’em together, oh,
you put the hearts together! – Feels a little labor intensive,
from my perspective. – All that glue.
And are you gonna eat ’em still? – Okay, that’s kinda cool. – (FBE) Here we have
the candy cane wreath from the channel
happilyeverafter99, for you to recreate.
– Ooh! – Alright, bring out the super glue.
I’m not usually allowed to use this. – It’s Crafts with Chelsea. So first we’re gonna
put these in a shape. The preferred shape is circle,
but you know, to each their own. – First, I must organize
candy canes into circle. Alright, we have our base outline now. Now it’s time.
(blows air) – Okay, Chelsea, don’t screw this up. – Okay, so you glue these,
this side, and then you glue the bottom,
and then now kiss. – Alright, you guys are
gonna be friends. It’s like, I feel like
I’m pairing candy canes. I’m a candy cane matchmaker, guys.
Look at that! They’re so cute together! – Aw.
(candy cane snaps) (laughs) I broke the candy cane
immediately! Candy canes are meant for eating,
not stupid crafts! – Honestly, I’m feeling a bit stressed
that it’s not gonna come out okay, and the holidays are gonna be ruined. – I feel like this would be
like a fun family craft. You know, if you can’t connect
with your parents just by talking. – So I guess we’re gonna put
glue all the way around. Some into the candy canes. – The star, bam!
Merry holidays! (laughs) – And star pointed here. Filled with glue,
it looks really cute. – Alright, final touches! Gotta tie this bad Larry on there. – I’m just gluing this glob
together like that. – ♪ Ah, ah, ah ♪ Happy holidays! – Oh my gosh.
Did the star move? I didn’t think it was that off center!
No! I should’ve wore my glasses! – Bro, the star already came off.
(laughs) I want some crafts
that will stand the test of time. And I haven’t found that. – (FBE) So the following video
comes from a different crafty channel called Troom Troom.
– Oh, I reacted to this! Okay, I remember this channel. – (FBE) Who also have their own
holiday themed crafts. – Okay. – I’m interested to see what
Troom Troom’s got for Christmas. – (host) Inflate balloons
to fit ornament size, apply a glue coat. Sprinkle with glitter.
– Uh huh. This seems dangerous. – (host) Put on hairspray
to fasten the sparkly coat. – That might be cute. – (host) Cut off the tails,
and attach clips. – So you’re making ornaments then. – (host) The friends hang
the ornaments on the tree. There’s a bang all of a sudden.
The balloon’s popped, what a pity. – (laughs) I love
that girl’s expression. She’s like this is so frickin’ stupid. – What a crazy life
the Troom Troom girls live, you know? – (FBE) We want you
to try and recreate the balloon ornament
you just watched. – (laughs) Oh my God. See, I’m gonna be
walking around with glitter all over me
for the rest of the day. Thanks a lot! (laughs) – (host) Inflate balloons
to fit ornament size. – Okay.
I just have to make some balloons. (balloon squeaks)
– (laughs) Yeah, just like that. – (host) Apply a glue coat. – Okay, I’m gonna apply a glue coat.
All over the balloon. It’d probably just be easier
if I can just like dump it in there. See, this is probably faster.
Is that what she did, no. – (host) Sprinkle with glitter. – Okay, spinkle with glitter. I think I’m gonna do us all a favor and I’m gonna do it
over the bowl here. – Oh no, I think I put
too much glue. It’s falling off. Ah, it has a big old chunk of glue. – (host) Put on hairspray
to fasten the sparkly coat. – Okay, so put some hairspray on it. – I’m worried it’s gonna blast
all the glitter off of here. Oh, okay. So the hairspray helps it stick? There we go so far. – I think that’s enough.
(gasps) – (host) Cut off the tail. – I don’t know if I can
stretch it far enough. Cut off the tail,
I think I’m gonna pop it. Oh hey, I made it. There we go. – Don’t look at me like that,
it’s gonna pop! This is like not a craft. This doesn’t work. Don’t try this at home.
– (host) And attach clips. – Attach clips,
but where is the string? Okay, wait. This is gonna explode! – (Chad) This isn’t gonna stay. I don’t know how to make it stay. – Ooh, I think I got it! This is horrible. This is the worst craft
I’ve ever done. – I would give this
probably two thumbs down. – (FBE) So would you rather
buy decorations for your home, or craft them?
– I’d rather buy. – Oh, I’d rather just buy them. – I’m not the craftiest person
in the world, but I would try to do it
one year, and just do all crafts. – I don’t have time,
and I’m obviously not good at it, so it just makes more sense just to kinda go out
and buy something. – I would much rather
go to the store or just go on Amazon. It’s a lot easier, and you don’t
end up covered in glitter. – I like to do a mix of both. I do do a lot of crafting
at home. But definitely something
that would catch my attention, that will make me think
like oh yeah, I can totally do that, instead of like buying it. – (FBE) Finally what other holidays
would you want these craft DIY channels to cover next? – I want Arbor Day. I’ve never seen an Arbor Day
craft video. – Halloween, to me,
is a very crafty holiday. And like when something is done badly,
it almost looks creepier. – More thanksgiving crafts
would be excellent. Just like, it would be great
to like be giving all the month of November. – There could be some badass
New Year’s decorations. I want something to
explode with glitter. That’s how you ring in
the new year. – Thanks for watching this episode
of Adults React. Shout out to D-Hawk Beats. – If you liked our DIYs,
make sure you hit the subscribe button so you never miss an episode. – Thanks for watching, bye! – Hi guys, I’m JC,
producer at FBE. Make sure to check out
all our other craft and DIY episodes across multiple generations. All the links are gonna be
down below. Thanks guys!

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