Adults React To And Try 5-Minute Crafts (Do They Work?)

Adults React To And Try 5-Minute Crafts (Do They Work?)

– Nobody’s using these things.
– This is crazy innovative. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪
– “How to erase permanent marker from anything.”
– Oh, yes. 5-Minute Crafts.
I’ve seen these before. – I’ve seen this before. Wait.
With 5-Minute Crafts. Isn’t that a YouTube channel?
– Color over with dry erase marker. Oh, okay. That’s it.
That was… okay, anticlimactic. – Oh, this is kind of
like life hacks. – Ah, paper clip.
That’s dope. – Oh, really?
No, that must be a really cheap can.
– Does that work? It looks dangerous.
– This is such weird content to put out, but also I find myself
watching this [bleep] on Instagram all the time. – We all don’t have five minutes
to make these crafts, though. We just– like that, really?
The spoons? Just put them down. – Oh, scuff marks.
I feel like my mom used to do this one
with the toothpaste. – Oh, that would not work.
– That is useful, ’cause I will actually
put bleach on my Jordans. I don’t think I should do that.
– Hey, every day, baby. Brush them teeth.
– This feels like something that my mom would love,
and I wouldn’t mind just having on
in the background. – I can’t imagine
that this channel has actual fans, and it’s something
that we’re all just watching ’cause it’s being fed to us.
– Some of them can be useful. Some feel more–
just a little silly. Like, I didn’t understand
that last one. – (FBE) So, we have more
to show you in a second, but that came from the DIY
YouTube channel 5-Minute Crafts. – Okay, I’ve heard of them before.
Aren’t they in the top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels?
– DIY? Okay. That’s cool. I love DIY. – (FBE) Before we dive in
to talking about the channel and show you some more videos,
we wanted to see if you could take on one of the crafts yourself,
so we’ve selected one craft from the video we just showed you
for you to recreate, starting with this first hack
that will have you erase permanent marker from a whiteboard.
– I’m not good at arts and crafts. There’s a reason
I didn’t go to preschool. – I’ve done this before
at school and I know it works, so like this one’s
not gonna be hard. – I don’t think this is
gonna work. I’m gonna be honest. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – I drew me.
– You cannot erase. – Well, nothing’s happening!
Oh my goodness. – So, we’re just gonna… – Dump it all over it.
Dump it. Dump. Dump it all over. – All right, moment of truth.
This is in the infomercial when they’re like,
“There’s no other options! (gasps) But wait!
There are!” – Does this work?
Magic! – OH! Okay!
I straight up would have never tried this and would have
just assumed that it’s fake, ’cause I just think
the format of this kind of content where it’s overhead camera
and doing things down here, I assume at this point
it’s a parody. ♪ (quirky music) ♪ – Mm’kay.
You’re twisting a thing. – The music, though. – Looks like they’re making
a really crappy dartboard. – Why would I need to do this? – Almost impossible to
draw a perfect circle free-handed, so that’s interesting. – Peanut butter sandwich.
Hell, he messed that up. – No! I just want a sandwich!
I don’t wanna be a chef! I just want to make
something easy. – Okay. This is a lot of work
for a peanut butter sandwich. – Okay, that would
not take five minutes. That would take an hour. – That’s so cool!
It’s like peanut butter tape. – Okay, I’ve heard of
this one before. – No. No, no, no, no, no.
I’m not doing that. – I feel like I’ve tried this once.
Panty liners aren’t the most reliable thing,
’cause they just slip off. – Okay. Oh, I have so many straws. What’s he gonna do with them? – Woo, that’s art.
That’s nice. – Aw, that’s so pretty.
Yeah. Wow. – You know, the thing
about these crafts is that, yes, they work, but they’re
so annoying to make. – Stir it up,
then feed it to your enemies. Oh, it’s bubbles!
Even better! – Oh, like makeshift bubbles.
Literally, these are 99 cents. You could go get them for cheap,
like so cheap. – I’m so curious about this channel.
Are they only successful, because they end up
on everyone’s recommended feed? Because I never really
seek them out. They just appear. – (FBE) We want you to try
and make some centerpieces by making the straw bouquet
that you just saw. – Okay. All right.
let’s do it. I could do it. ♪ (lighthearted music) ♪
– Oh, stop. Wait. Okay, hold on. – I need a timer,
’cause this is not– five minutes have past already.
– I hope it works. Oh. This is not working. – [Bleep]. That’s hard.
This is hard, harder than it looks. – (chuckles)
That’s it! That’s the farthest it goes!
This is really– this is false advertising,
this channel! – Come on. Stay.
Okay. All right. How do you make it stay?
Damn. – It’s fun.
These are fun to do. This is a good idea.
I would do this. – Ah!
– This just looks like a bunch of straws.
All right, it’s not as good as the picture.
I mean, these people have some serious finger strength
that I don’t have. – Something like that.
Yeah. That’s fun. – I’d rather have
some fake flowers or even balloons,
but not a bunch of obvious plastic bendy straws. – (gasps) Is it too noisy?
What are you gonna do? – Just eat your chips, bro!
Don’t– stop! You make more noise
making the craft than actually just eating normally.
– Genius. Although, your chips
taste like wet wipes now. – Oh, [bleep]. That is this [bleep] right there. ♪ (music tempo increases) ♪ – Well, the music is so amped up.
Making crafts! – This is like the hipster version
of those old episodes of how are they made. – Nobody’s using these things.
There’s no way. – Really? That is not going to stay. – Bro, just buy one
with a latch already on it! – What is this,
from the year 2000? Who passes notes anymore?
– God, this girl has a lot of problems in class. (chuckles) – Who’s gonna take
the time to do this in the middle of class? – Oh my gosh.
She’s making her own dry erase or something. – Reusable note?
– Erasable post-its. (sarcastic) Amazing. I’m always
running out of post-its. Some of these are
a little unnecessary. – Dang. Nobody ever thinks of that.
That’s office stuff, right? You usually separate the post-its
and the tape. Put it together.
– Acting like it’s a huge problem that we need to cut a hole
in a bag of chips. I want my chips now.
I don’t want it to be a craft project. – (FBE) So, for this last round,
we want you to try and recreate the no-noise chip bag.
– The no– (chuckles) All right. Great.
I’m hoping I don’t cut myself. – Yeah, man.
Shh. (bag crinkling) – It doesn’t rip off!
– Oh, yeah. This is so easy, 5-Minute Crafts.
Goddammit! – This is gonna take me
a little longer than five minutes. There’s no way this was done
in five minutes. Ew! – So, what do you do now
with your full case of wipeys that you’ve now ruined? – Who’s gonna have this
in class, dammit? No one’s gonna have this in class.
They’ll get in trouble. This is sharp.
– And then you go like… This is crazy innovative.
– All right. Time for a chip. Mm! It’s hard work getting that chip. – It’s still noisy
if you can hear that, people. It’s still freaking noisy. – Nice. Delicious. (chuckles)
– No one’s gonna take the time to do half the crap
that you just showed me, but that’s okay.
It’s still cool. I mean, learned how to draw
and erase a board with a permanent marker.
That’s fine. – (FBE) So, before you watched
these videos, if someone told you they were from a channel
called 5-Minute Crafts, what would you have expected?
– I would have expected exactly that. Most of them took about five minutes.
– Little kid stuff, like things little kids do,
like make goo. – I would have thought, you know,
an actual craft, like making a snowflake.
These are more like hacks in my opinion.
– I’d think that it was a sort useful Pinterest-y type channel.
This channel can’t be real. It has to just be ridiculous things
that definitely take more than five minutes,
and you’d never, ever use. And you just watch them,
because it’s a funny YouTube video. – (FBE) So, at the time
of filming this episode, 5-Minute Crafts is the third
most-subscribed-to YouTube channel with over 55 million subscribers.
– I’ll tell you why. It’s because it’s people like me
that think they could do these crafts. We’ll subscribe and watch
and then try and we’ll end up with an incredible failure. – (FBE) So, they reportedly produce
over 1,500 videos a month with a staff of 550 people
operating 40 Facebook pages in 10 different languages. – They’re a [bleep] corporation.
What?! They’re the Disney
of the crafts world. – (FBE) So, after watching
some of these videos today and trying out some of their crafts,
does it make sense to you why it would be this massive?
– No. (chuckles) None of it makes sense to me,
because it’s not a personality and it’s not a creator.
– It’s taking a simple concept and just kind of going tenfold.
So, it does make sense. – If they’re making
1,500 videos a month, then they’ve got to have
some really good stuff in there, too. – It involves common things
with common people. It’s not something–
everybody can have access to it. Everybody can be affected by it,
because it’s simple stuff. – (FBE) Recently, other creators
have uploaded videos of them attempting the five-minute crafts
and how poorly some of the crafts come together.
Some feel that the crafts, although sometimes
potentially helpful, the channel is mainly focused
on having titles that appeal to YouTube search engine
and algorithm. – Right! Right, right.
I mean, it’s it’s very clickbait-y. – (FBE) So, this includes
having thumbnails that are designed in specific ways
to entice viewers, some think specifically
appealing to kids who just click on them.
– Geniuses, because honestly, I think that’s the biggest market
right now on YouTube is the kids that are given iPads.
– (FBE) The channel has also experimented with different
time lengths for their videos, appealing to what
the algorithm favors. So, some critics have pointed out
that even though there are millions watching,
the comments and the likes are not as high
as they should be for a channel that is so popular,
adding to the speculation that a lot of their viewers,
though likely valid, are more from algorithmic placement
and not so much engagement. – Right. Well, I think the reason
why there’s not as much engagement is ’cause the videos
are so short. – (FBE) However, they do have
tens of millions of subscribers. So, what do you think
about all this? – I think, at the end of the day,
as a YouTube channel, you’re gonna do what you gotta do
to survive. They’re just making little crafts.
It’s not like they’re hurting anybody. – It’s really nothing to comment about.
It’s a five-minute simple task that people are into it.
They’re more doing instead of talking, ’cause it’s not drama
or something crazy sensational. It’s just little craft stuff
that people do. – Now that YouTube
is so saturated with content, a lot of creators’ goals
is just to make money now. At first, it was a good idea,
and they do have some great hacks, but now they’re running
out of ideas. And so, they kinda have to
just entice people and try to be outrageous.
– That’s the interesting part of YouTube is what’s more important?
Views or engagement? Because views inherently
are where you get money but engagement is
the audience watching the video. It’s kind of a different market
than you have like with Smosh or PewDiePie or classic
YouTubers like that. – If I have it on autoplay
on my computer or my iPad or whatever, it just plays it
whether I want it or not. And since it’s just a short
amount of time, I’m already 30 seconds in
before I’m like, “What the heck is this crap?”
and I click out of it. But the view is there.
Half the time, we know this is stupid,
but we still watch it. – (FBE) So, finally do you
think that you’ll add to the massive subscriber count,
or will you pass? – I’m gonna pass.
There has to be a reason for me to keep coming back.
– Non-subscriber. – No. It’s not my thing.
– I don’t think I’m gonna subscribe to them,
but I’m sure their videos will get like retweeted
onto my timeline, and I’ll be like, “Nice!”
– I think they’re fine without me. They don’t need me or my opinions.
– I’ll still watch the videos, I’m sure, but they’ll be okay
without my little Subscribe button. – I’m gonna pass just ’cause
I feel like I can do my own five-minute craft
with a random object in my house. – Pass, because a lot of those hacks
seemed like a lot more work. – I’m gonna subscribe.
I am. I like it, because it’s kind of
a breath of fresh air. You might find
something useful, you know? And I thought it was really cool. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Adults React. Shoutout to Carter Brania.
– What YouTube channel should we react to next?
Let us know down in the comments. – If you like our crafts,
then hit that Like button. – Bye, guys!
– Hey, everyone. Lauren, producer here at FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this episode.
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