Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design Drawing Flats

Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design Drawing Flats

Hello Designistas, welcome to Encoder Fashion, Rose. And today, I’m going to share with you tips and trick on how to
use Adobe Illustrator CC to draw a simple top. Now, I’m going to switch to my screen so
I can demonstrate how to do it. Are you with me? Let’s do it.
Okay, so I’m going to open my Adobe illustrator, then, select create new select print and then click create so
I’m going to import my fashion flat template so I can use that to draw a simple top by going to file and then Place then I’m going to navigate to my desktop
to get my template my desktop and then here is my template and select template
so down here you will be linked template show import option so be sure to select
template and then click place and here you have your template and by the way
guys I have this template link below you go to my link click on it and then you
can actually fill in your email you will get the high-resolution template and you
can use it however you would like again I’m going to show you guys how to
draw a simple top quick and easy and a long way what the tips and tricks that
I’ve been using as the fashion designer student
so first of all if you come to the right-hand side here you see the layer
let’s do click that might see you I get done to lay a panel I like to grab them
out like that and then I want to name these tall here we have the template or
a log and ready for us to start drawing the top
so again if you guys new to my channel I have earlier video on how to use six
tool that fashion designer must know how to use these tools so you can do to draw
this kind of stuff so let me zoom in a little bit we are going to draw a simple
top okay so use the pen tool click on it and then start right here come right
here and then click one more right here click right here and then the top I’m
going to draw like maybe we side be sure to hit enter okay and I like this drawing to be like no
fill for now so I’m going to Mackey selected when I thought pieces like
something you see this black arrow right here this is right here the left hand
side be sure to select that and then you drag and select the whole thing you can
hit the keyboard forward slash to have no fill or you can come down here right
here just select it to have no fill, oop… I just made a mistake so what happened
when I select this forward slash instead of no feel it gave me no stroke why
because this showed my here above the feel that made that stroke panel is
active so whatever panel whatever tool is
active when you do the action to that part it will eliminate or work on that
panel on that tool so for example I’m going to just control Z okay now I have
my stroke back I’m going to select here on my field now my still active because
I said I got it okay see the different now is still on top of this show if I
Click the stroke again now the stroke on top of the fill so we don’t want to
eliminate stroke but we’ve wanted to eliminate the fill how we do it click on the
fill and then forward slap on your keyboard and now the field is gone
while I’m drawing I want to see the figure on this way okay so I can
manipulate it easier and now I have this select I’m going to just click off to the
peg like that and then I’m going to use this tool right here it’s called an Anchor
point tool okay so now on my fashion flat as you can see you sister the line with
the stroke and no fill okay so come to this tool right here in the point tool
click on it and then we want to just go a little bit because that’s how the
fabric works ok the fabrics Sumter paint shop is pointy
you can fit a certain design but for now I’ll just hop the company smooth and
curvy okay have you can occur this love it like that perfect and now what we’re
going to do is we’re gonna just Mikey selected again and go to reflect tool so
here’s the reflect tool over here it’s under the rotate tool right here the
rotate tool and reflector you click on it and you come to you see this central
line right here I made that on purpose so it’s easier for us to it’s like one
side to another ok so I just select reflect tool right
now I already have the reflect tool active I’m going to hold down alt and
then click on the center line okay and they think pop up see this final color
we wanted Vertigo 90 degree and I like to click the preview and then see the end result would be so exactly come
to this I okay so I’m going to select happy and now we have both sides equally
perfect now I’m going to come back here to black arrow tool and go to my keys
like that I’m going to right click join and we have to join choice guide because
we want to join the top and the bottom so joints again now we have top and
bottom and this is easy and quick you see how I drop tops so simple so now I’m
going to go to this tool again see this like big 6 important tool that I show
you guys earlier with one of the widow and you guys not familiar with these
tools yet go to this video it takes important tool for fashion design
student ok so I’m gonna come down here click on it actually right here where
the roses it’s called the Anchor Point tool and you click on it and here each
hello household over the line and track it down just like that and that t-shirt
that kind of it oh okay now we’re gonna do the same down here see right here
hover over and then click and then drag down because the bottom the shirt should
be a little curved all right so now we cannot finish the
fun but it you’re gonna do this clue okay so basically what we’re gonna do
this okay we cannot use the white arrow please the legs see be right here
collect on it and you’re gonna use coffee so ctrl C and then we want that
to pet and front and then we’re gonna use control app pepper fries so we’re
gonna create this sleeve you see how when I did the right click and join now
let me show you this simple way so again come to add Anchor Point tool you’re
gonna click on and then add two points right here okay alright so after the
actual point we gonna use these right arrow it’s called a direct selection
tool or you can call it white arrow tool and then you’re gonna click on this
point right here first of all it makes this for you a one click on this point
we’re gonna drag it down okay we won the sleeve now we just prayed please and
again I’m going to cool down a bit okay and now they look super cute I’m going
to select just a clearly seen my case like just free again reflect tool guy it
this clicks in point will reduce it over and over again so after I select let me
show you again drag it and then select suicide and oh oh so I’m gonna go to Oh
for the reflect tool okay when I select oh now right back to active
I’m going to hold on all and then click right on the center line and now said
last time we use the reflect tool it’s going to default you see what our goal
90 degree preview and then select copy okay so now look at that guy
we have to please and just like a couple of second that’s amazing isn’t it so now
we have the front tops okay I’m going to create some stitches for the top again
we’re gonna use white arrow tool and we just do like one click all right play
okay we’re gonna do control C for copy show X play it to the front and then
we’re gonna match it up up arrow so I just want one two three it’s about right
let me just zoom in a little bit okay so now thank you selected that and then
Mike it back a little bit to make it kind of fit like that and we’re gonna
turn that into the stitches okay so here we’re gonna come through right
here it looks like line line line that is the stroke panel and we want to click
me to expand right you give these Silver Arrow look and things we want to expand
it and we want that to be brown cap round corner and let’s just say go like
point to by and then we want to select – and we’re gonna give that two points
that two point gap and two points – okay click the look guy we have like a
perfect perfect stitch and now what we’re going to do
we can reflect again to this I okay so we’re gonna use these black arrow right
here just click on it like that and then we go to again crush that all to get the
way back to and hold on click on the settle and then again to
let coffee now you have perfect stitch cheese on both sides we’re gonna do the
same with the neck and the bottom okay so go to this black air white arrow
excuse me so go to right arrow and man you click
on to the next now you’re gonna do control please or copies control half to
pipe in front and you’re gonna knock it down please about right this is a little
bit tricky guys while they say still selected you go to click on the black
arrow and then hold down all a little bit
click on the party I’m not too happy with this bottom part I’m coming my step
down just 11 so click down here and I’m gonna do okay
yep just fine so I wonder you can’t download it I want it kind of level and
this is cool print right so what we’re gonna do while they sing select you go
to each right here it called eyedropper tool you click on it and then you click
on this stick see now they think you like a perfect we’re gonna come down to
the bottom red shirt we’re gonna do the same okay so here it you guys curious
I’m just like you know press down spacebar and then drag these things drop
and down so as soon as I drop I when I pressed on the spacebar
it’s Tunde into like a hand kind of thing so I can move my art anywhere in
Adobe Illustrator okay so now you guys would get what we supposed to make the
stitches for the bottom him okay right arrow click on it ctrl C okay then
control I okay now you use the upper arrow and March it up one two three
three eleven personal or five it’s advice about life you can Co Baker if
you would like while these things still selected go to
eyedropper tool guys eyedropper and then click on best attract oh he’s turn
everything to the public stitches guys okay so now I’m going to zoom out I love
it now can you guys see it super cool right so ad I’m going to
select right here this is I want to you know this corner right here I kind of
like it a little bit more smooth see this corner right here so to make that
corner smaller this is what I’m gonna do select just a car just the bodice okay
and hold down shift so like just asleep no stick is another for you okay and
then you come through a stroke panel we’re gonna do the same thing around cap
Brown corner okay now let me show you then we will have like this perfect
smooth smooth smooth huh alright so another feel tool that really useful and
I use it all the time guys please control plus or minus so my name is no
male plus the zoom man okay so now guess what Bridget’s panic
clip on top look I forgot one thing alright let me show you those fun the
top right here you see how their guideline me up front and we have back
so for the top if you like the top you will see kinda higher next on the back
okay we’re gonna create that so easy guys so
go to white arrow again select see right here
okay then control C and then control that after that we are going to right
click and then join me okay so now see what it creates a perfect perfect
neckline little bit almost perfect he just used it’s right here
Anchor Point tool again Jackie now it is perfect and be sure it has round cap
around corner now we just have let me fill that part away so you can see what
I’m talking about it doesn’t have to be always grazed but
if the top kinda like dart worried you want the inside color lighter right so
identify from you know the wrong side what is the right side of public okay so
now you can see here we have a perfect front I’m going to give it a stick just
like the front seat right here again use these white arrow click on just that
stroke guy control C control and we want it no feel okay
wow this feel active you can just click right here no peel and we going to knock
this down 1 2 3 4 5 and then I drop us to the guy click on this stick right
there and then give you a puppet like this and plant it to a puppet stick
right now I’m gonna give this hopper feel that’s awesome so I’m gonna give it
a feel so right here okay little bit something like that maybe
blue maybe a bluer so I will give the flavor of feel as well so this one and
then hold down now we’re going to use eyedropper to select this now focus to
please but a perfect view okay okay so we have a little table and now the
problem is you see this sit right here we don’t see the 6 on the bottom
stinkies okay so what we gonna do right go back the sleeve is in front of you so
we all going to sin the spleen is to back okay so first of all let me go back
to color and that we’ve done the joke right click and then arrange send to
back now you see now this stitch is in front of the sleep we will do the same
right here with the pop okay so first of all let me do this I’m going to select
these four words laughs to non feel and I’m going to send these stick to the
front instead of send these are feel of the bodice to the back I’m gonna send
you stick to your phone okay so select it right click and then arrange and then
it sends it front okay so hopefully when refill the body you will see the stick
so let me try to go to a black arrow select on just about it and go to
eyedropper and click on the sleep no you see the stitch right here you guys see
the street let me get your gum tool again I see this area
because I arraign and sin the stickiest to the front the front off the body so
now the stitches lay over the bodice exactly like we wanted
okay so again when i zoom in I didn’t like this part right here okay just the
trailer can hang out like that I wonder stick to this bubble
I’m gonna feel it a little bit so go to the white arrow select this edge and
that’s just you see the left or right arrow on your keyboard tap an integer
okay so just pop it in one I think one should work perfectly fine and the same
right here in one week now so no more okay so now we’ve ended friended the
front office alright we got a job to back by upper top and I’m going to show
you guys how to do it super heat okay so we are going to
selects the whole thing I’m kind of group them all together okay so go to
black arrow Mikey selected right click and group it okay
now the top is grouped together we all so this is important we are going to
select the top hold down all and then drag click and drag like this okay
just like that every just see right here we’re gonna turn this one right here to
the back by upper top okay so this is how we
going to zoom in just a little bit and we’re going to change this back side too
I mean change these franchises by okay so they thing right now is
selected perfect right so we’re going to remain the sickest and stuff first of
all let me click on the right arrow I’m going to Mikey select it and I’m going
to use this right here is called a shape builder tool select on it and we’re
going to drag this up okay so now look I hold down my mouse click it and then
drag it up like this and now it’s relative just real so now I’m going to
do it I’m going to select that part again I’m going to get eyedropper and
then select this now this hop okay the same right here I’m going to select
just here and then use eyedropper to select
and now this because you like a hawk excited to say with the sleeve so use
this white arrow and hold on ship right air on this side and then you eyedropper
tool to select on this ticket and now we have package stitches on the back side
as well so I’m going to do it right here the same thing let me show you how use
the white arrow tool select this right leg okay and then control C and control
that we’ve won that Nobel so we’re gonna select that no view and we go much about by and then we’re going to select the
while these things like that you go to black arrow and hold it on all and then
track you want this a little bit paper okay just a little bit I chopped the food for like completely
perfect so this is the back of the table we have baskets off the front I’m ready
going to turn off these tempers right here come back to the lemon first of all
guys you see all these things right here’s the panel everywhere you just go
to essential I’m just click reset essentials everything pulled back to
where I need you started okay and make sure to control s every once in
a while guy because if you don’t what happens if somehow thing like kind of
messed up or something and then you’ll of all users just ctrl s to save it and
I’m going to name this a I’m going to save it to my desktop same
am a leotard is safe we are going to turn off the template right here now you
have a fucking pub front and back you see how the others die really really
easy so I’m kind of move them too so now we have front and back pop if you very
think please we know is useful please click on like and subscribe for more
awesome content thanks so much for watching design users Ambrose and you
can design anything

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