Adley Beach Reviews!! Sand Castle and Buried Routine in Hawaii

Adley Beach Reviews!! Sand Castle and Buried Routine in Hawaii

– [Adley] Let’s bury me. – [Shaun] Whoa, she’s disappearing. She’s trapped! She can’t get out! – [Adley] Oh no. (Shaun grunting) (laughing) – Hey, how did you get in there? – I don’t know. My daddy buried me. (waves crashing) – I’m building a moat so the water doesn’t get my daddy. Now look at my dada. – What? You buried me? – Yeah. This is my favorite
thing to do at the beach. – Yeah, we’re going to a
ton of beaches in Hawaii and these are all our favorite parts. Should they roll it? – Let’s roll it! – [Shaun] All right Adley, where we going? – To the beach. – [Jenny] To the beach! – [Shaun] To the beach! Should we build a sand castle? – Yeah! Cause I brought sand castle toys. – [Shaun] Sounds like a deal. – I have lots of toys. We made it to the beach. There. (screeching) (laughing) – [Shaun] Look at that big shell? – [Adley] Whoa, that’s a crazy shell. – [Shaun] Ooh, look, a secret cave. Here, I’ll go in first. Oh my gosh! It’s a secret cave! – [Adley] Can I come in? – [Shaun] Yeah, come in here. Holy cow! We’re in our own cave. – [Adley] Whoa! Look over there. – [Shaun] This is our own cave guys. – Let’s get out. – [Shaun] ‘Kay. Let’s get out. – [Adley] We found a new beach. – [Shaun] All right, here we go. – [Adley] Rocks. Slip. I need– – [Shaun] You guys going down the stairs? – [Adley] Whoa. I can’t do this. – [Shaun] We gotta jump. – [Adley] Yeah. – [Shaun] Ready? One, two, three. Oh, good job! – [Jenny] Beach sports and water polo. – [Shaun] Okay, got em’? Oh, grab that one. ‘Kay Mom, we’re gonna
go build a sandcastle. – [Adley] Right here. – [Shaun] This is the place. – [Adley] Yep. (Shaun grunting) – [Shaun] That can be the flag so that everyone knows this is
where we’re building. – [Adley] We need water. – Water? – [Adley] Yeah!
– ‘Kay, let’s go get it. (soft Jazz music) – Guys, these are sand castles right here. And this is the water
where the crab lives. – Dad, you wanna come and catch water? – [Shaun] Yeah, let’s go catch some water. – [Adley] We gotta wait. We gotta wait up here. Until the water. – [Shaun] Until it comes? – [Adley] And then you run. Like this. – [Shaun] Get it, get it get it! Got it. Wa-hoo! Okay, let’s go dump it
in our swimming pool. – [Adley] I don’t want to spill it. (fake airplane noises) – [Jenny] Here comes the water! – [Shaun] Yes, here comes water! Look at that! Look at that Adley! It went all the way to the space station! (Jenny cheering) It worked! Here’s water in it. It worked. – [Jenny] That’s so awesome. – [Adley] Dad, come on and look at this. This can be the whale’s house by the crab. Right here, like that. And then that’s the sand castle. – [Jenny] I love it! (hammering) That looks good! – [Shaun] Yeah! – [Adley] Now we got– (water falling) – [Shaun] Whoa. Whoa. Whoa! That’s cold! (laughing) (whistling) (soft Jazz music) – [Jenny] This one is cold! – [Shaun] This one’s cold huh? – [Adley] Yeah. – [Shaun] Should we go
close the waterfall or no? – [Adley] Yeah. – [Shaun] Okay. We’re going. (soft guitar music) – [Jenny] Adley, you’re so brave! Woo hoo hoo. – [Shaun] Adley, look how wet the log is. – You guys are wet from the water. – Yeah. And the rain. (rocks crunching) That is so cool. Cheers. – Cheers. – Should we make a sand castle? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Out of black rocks? Hey, that doesn’t work. You wanna throw it in the water. – Yeah. (cheering) – [Shaun] Throw it in. Woo! Woo. Whoa, that feels funny. (shouting) Adley, there’s a little cave over here. Look. – [Adley] Let’s play with the sand. – Oh my gosh. It actually is black sand. Look at this. – [Adley] Look Dad. – That is so crazy. Look at that. That’s black sand. (waves drowning out words) (soft funk music) – We make a Barbie house. – This is a bedroom. What’s that? – Another bedroom. (yelling) – Our bedrooms. Here’s our bathroom. And this is the swimming pool. Let’s make a swimming pool. And they can jump into the swimming pool. Okay? – Wait, this is a baby
and that’s a Barbie. And I’ll use a Barbie too. “Wah-wah.” The baby. – [Shaun] “Oh no, the baby.” – That’s the baby. – [Shaun] She wants to go swimming. – Okay, let’s jump in the lake. – Let’s see if she’ll jump in. Wee! – Wee! – Wee! – Next we just need a dad one. (yelling) – Our house. Oh well. – Make another house. Like that. – It’s too watery! Let’s get out of here. Adley, are you ready to
see a red sand beach? – Yeah! Red sand beach. – [Shaun] It’s like our
own little private cove. And right here is beautiful. That’s so cool. – [Jenny] So cool. – [Shaun] It’s red. – [Adley] Yeah, it’s red sand. – [Jenny] Like your hair. – [Shaun] Hey! – My hair is orange, not red. – [Shaun] Yeah, your
hair is orange, not red. – Yee-haw. – [Jenny] Yee-haw. (funk music) – Whoa. – [Adley] It’s underwater. – Well how did it sink? (words drown out by waves) (waves crashing) (laughing) – Let’s go Mamma. – [Jenny] Let’s go! – [Shaun] Whoa! Whoa! – [Jenny] Ready? – [Adley] Yeah. – [Shaun] Woo What? – You gotta scoot your
bum up a little bit more. There you go. – Like this close? – [Shaun] You’re surfing? – Here we go. – I’m going to kick my legs and move. – [Shaun] Yeah, this is your first wave. Oh it’s a good one, go for it! Woo! My gosh! Woo! – I went surfing and I
went under the water. This is the slide right here and then go that way or this way. Pat. I’m gonna get the powder. I’ll get the water. Okay. – [Shaun] Wait, use the
bucket, it’s bigger. – No, this is bigger. – [Shaun] No, this is bigger. – Oh you do this one, and I’ll use– Get it. Get it. Get it. I got sand water. Water I got water. – [Shaun] Okay, let’s go. – [Adley] I got water. I got water. Water haha. – [Shaun] ‘Kay, you gonna
pour it on the slide? – [Adley] Yep. – [Shaun] Ready? – [Adley] Put on it. – [Shaun] Wee. – [Adley] Let’s bury me. – [Shaun] Hop in. – [Adley] Okay. – [Shaun] All right, you ready? Whoa. She’s disappearing! She’s trapped! She can’t get out! You’re a sand mermaid now. – [Adley] Oh no. (Shaun grunting) (laughing) (funk music) – [Shaun] Are you in the sand? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Hey! How did you get in there. – I don’t know. My daddy buried me. (laughing) – [Shaun] Oh she’s got an arm! Where’s her other arm. Oh, she’s coming out. Aw! (Jenny shouting) Where’s her other arm? There’s her other arm! She alive! It’s a sand monster! – [Jenny] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh Adley. – [Adley] I can’t– – [Jenny] You’re so sandy. – [Shaun] Ah, she’s alive! – Whoa, I found something. – [Shaun] What? – [Adley} Hah, just kidding! I found– (laughing) (roaring) – No burying me. – Thanks for watching! Bye! – [Shaun] Bye! (funk music)

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