100 thoughts on “Adapting a Chemise a la Reine into a Modern Summer Dress: Design Process

  1. Thank you for your brilliant historic review! Your choice of music, artwork and fabric search are so delightful.

  2. Sew, in in this our Youtube imagination, are we taken to a place where we are somehow different, or better, than we are?

  3. Wow. Them art skills though. Did you teach yourself to draw or did you take lessons? I've noticed an interesting pattern with some people that if they're very good at one thing with their hands they tend to be very good at another, but perhaps it's because those are all things they really enjoy doing.

  4. My grandmother was a seamstress, and while I can just barely machine-sew a straight seam, the whole process of making a garment fascinates me because of growing up around her. Can't wait to see the next video.

  5. Your rant about polyester. I feel you. I pity all the people who don't have a clue about fabrics buying polyester clothing, like, I'm sorry, you have been pranked big time. But also, it enfuriates me because of all the micro plastic going into the water cycle. Did you know an average person digests plastic in the amount equivalent to a credit card per month? I'm sure it's because of all those polyester clothes!

  6. I love the crimson cardigan (and later blouse) that you wear with a buttoned white collar. You and I have so much in common. White, cotton lawn is my absolute favorite fabric to wear. I love lace and a large percentage of mine is the triangle shape. I often buy 7 yards of it just in case I have to trim the bottom of a full skirt. And, I sketch and paint. I’ve been sewing vintage clothing for a very long time. I was obviously born in the wrong century. Thank you for your teaching, channel, and graciousness.

  7. I'm so jealous of your resources! I tried to find cotton lawn locally to no avail. I even looked on my favorite midwest store's website and NOTHING!


  8. I feel like this will end up being the dress they put every teen lady in for 1900s period pieces. And Anastasia for her boat nightmare. And I've always wanted one. Maybe I need to figure out sewing…

  9. hours I have spent (oh count them, I know you won't) of life e-searching (since favourite second home of Masons in Abingdon is understocked on all of this) for beaded net, then realising, nope that doesn't exist….and then the right lace trim….and that doesn't exist either…..and some long pearl bead fringe…nope that doesn't exist except in the US, you have little idea the depth of sighing to see such palaces of trim, bead, lace and "ribbons, the ribbons" as shewn here. Net-Trim-Fringe-less, in Oxfordshire.

  10. I'm slowly phasing my wardrobe out of most of the polyester pieces I had! I'm trying to make a wardrobe of historically inspired pieces to join in the time-traveler look cos-tube has really embraced!

  11. Bernadette, Your drawings are incredibly beautiful! Would love to see a watercolor/sketch tutorial video one week for those of us at home who want to try our hand at it!

  12. I just wanted to say I think you are a wonderful person and I love your videos. I have recently started dressing in 1940's style clothes on a daily basis and would like to start making them. As well as making Edwardian clothes for fun and your videos have been a huge inspiration to me. Thank you for being you!

  13. I love watching Bernadette go shopping in the Clothing District! I also love watching her sketch the historical fashions that she wishes to create! I can't wait to see the sequel to this video!!! ~Janet in Canada

  14. Would you consider showing a more in depth video of your sketches? I love the flower motif on the margins of this image!

  15. What it is with this latest generation of woman who talk sooo fast… without taking a breath… slow down… try and talk vintage…

  16. Your drawing is beautiful and I wish I could sew as well as you! I totally agree with your love of natural fibered material! It is the best. Love your videos.

  17. there is a stitch in time episode all about this dress and the history and why it was so outrageous to the French public at the time.

  18. I love your passion. I wish I knew how to do half of the things that you show as I’d love to wear so many of the things you show and talk about doing.

  19. I love your sketches. I know someone (me) that would buy 1 or 2 if you had them for sale. Your art work is amazing as is your sewing.

  20. I follow both you and your sibling Dani on Instagram and i am SUPREMELY JEALOUS of both of your artistic skills omg, did you grow up with visual art as part of your education/life or did you both teach yourselves and/or take classes?

  21. Gosh You mustve been a riot in fashion school! The class must've loved you dearly.
    I loved your "Anon, friends!" plus I love the fact that you will NOT conform to the terrible fashions of the day, you're like a breath of fresh air; I love your eyebrows & your beauty that have been made by nature & NOT by a Plastic Surgeon, like all those other plasticised females one sees occupying space in the world. It baffles me that no New Yorker has snaffled you up & proceeded to make you barefoot & pregnant as men are wont to do – lucky for us you were graced with a high intelligence as well as beauty! I dare say, it would have to be a special person to catch your incredible dark limpid pools, someone like Mark Twain, with words to woo your heart as well as your mind, I dare say.
    I've only seen one earlier video of yours & after watching some terribly gruesome news from Sea Shepherd about a terrible tradition barbarian fishermen do at some tourist destination on the coast of Denmark, which left me very depressed, I was lucky to find your chemise video to lift my aging spirits back up somewhat. Thank you for being you! 🎀💐

  22. I wonder why laces are all synthetic now – is that to stop them stretching? I'm not sure what they used to be made of, but I thought it would have been silk thread or cotton.

  23. Do you have to hem the thin cotton before it goes in the washing machine? Because I'm wondering if it frays? Would it be on a delicate setting? Thank you

  24. I love your sketch for this! I've had making a 'modern' chemise a la reine on my list of things to make probably since even before I made my actual chemise a la reine, so I can't wait to see yours! It's just so perfect for summer. When I hopefully, eventually get around to it I'll probably make it ballet length or just below the knee like a 1950's/1780's amalgamation

  25. This video has given me so many ideaaaaaaas!
    And a cyber-tea cup-clink to the ever-helpful, and delightful results that adding "olde" to any search will get you :B

  26. I loveeee the red top you're wearing at the end, did you make it yourself or buy it from somewhere? Either way it suits you so much! 🙂

  27. I've had good luck so far buying lace, ribbon, and other trims via the Chinese large shopping sites. Inexpensive, and the quality has been fine. You merely need to be prepared for it to arrive three weeks later, which considering most of us have items we plan to work with REAL SOON NOW in our stashes, which are 20 years old, is hardly any length of time at all.

  28. For anybody who might be interested I stumbled on an e-bay seller who has out of print/vintage dressmaking book collections on dvd. Most interesting was a collection of 240. The store is TTG Publishing . I have no connection to the seller….just passing this on.

  29. Thank you soooo much from one historical sewer to the other for telling people about how horrible polyester really is, a non-breathable plastic terror! And also mentioning how great natural fibres truly are and how longer lasting it is! 😂 crying tears of joy! Btw the Chemise à la Reine is my favourite piece from the 18th century and I am so happy to be watching your rendition of this dress design!! 😍 Excited to see the upcoming videos! I am as you say " positively trash" for your videos!😁

  30. If at all possible please sell the pattern for these inspired dresses! I’m dying to make that 18th century inspired summer dress

  31. It is my habit to skip over the sponsoring segment, but, I find you so funny and charming I actually watch you talk about Squarespace. I hadn't even realized that I was acting contrary to my practice until I heard myself laughing. They are lucky to have you!

  32. My school uniform is 100% polyester, and every time they make us sweat out on campus, likes once a week, my traitorous mind thinks of how nice it would be to be wearing the chemise a la rein, which only makes me feel hotter. Sometimes I lay awake at night, thinking about reconstructing my school uniform with cotton, but I'm afraid of the equivalent of dress code police for school with uniforms and reluctantly abandon the thought

  33. Can't find your website only coupon? Just happened upon YTChannel in a moment of despair which you wonderfully lifted me from with your speedy and informative lilt. A delight. But this "community" idea you talk about is intriguing to me. Maybe to use you to connect to older potential Sisters of Benevolent Activity who may way to join a Storying Endeavor that focuses on ecofemme, post apoc, Animators' Shoppe and Traveling Troupe Out West (Oregon's Willamette Valley). Not sure the politically correct way to connect to this "community" of makers you speak about thru your wonderful makings?? Please advise me — other fans of Bernadette please advise too. [email protected]

  34. Just because you remind of the sweetest poet past Hazel Hall, 1886-1924
    Your joy in handstitching invites me to pull out my dusty copy of Curtains, Part II, but I also find this accessible for others to enjoy immediately.


    To-day my hands have been flattered 
    With the cool-finger touch of thin linen, 
    And I have unwound 
    Yards of soft, folded nainsook 
    From a stiff bolt. 
    Also I have held a piece of lawn 
    While it marbled with light 
    In a sudden quiver of sun. 

    So to-night I know of the delicate pleasure 
    Of white-handed women 
    Who like to touch smooth linen handkerchiefs, 
    And of the baby's tactual surprise 
    In closing its fist 
    Over a handful of nainsook, 
    And even something of the secret pride of the girl 
    As the folds of her fine lawn nightgown 
    Breathe against her body.

  35. As someone who spent years researching and obsessing over the late queen, I say well done. I want to modernize one of her blue dresses, but I am a novice. Polyester is filling our oceans with microplastics, so any dig at that "innovative" material is appreciated.

  36. Blue, because I'm trash. But red is a close second. Love the view of the muggles as we wonder the fashion district.

  37. Personally I have Always washed my silk fabrics. It doesn’t matter if it is silk dupioni, velvet, taffeta, charmeuse etc. I always pre wash and machine wash on delicate there after. Ironing is a bit of a bitch sometimes but it’s so much cheaper than dry cleaning. I know it’s not great for the lifespan of silk to be washed like that but it is what it is. Lols

  38. Your channel is awesome but your pronunciation of 'Reine' threw me off a bit =D it's not like rain, more like the dan-part in dandy 🙂

  39. Just lovely! I am offering a tip that may perhaps be useful, or not, but nonetheless, you might wish to look into a bodkin for projects that require large amounts of drawing tape or cord thru casings, as this chemise dress does. They are lovely little workhorses and have saved me miles of annoying pulling with safety pins, bobby pins and mcgyvers (aka paperclips.) I prefer the tweezer variety with a sliding clinch ring. Somehow I think you must know about these already, but if by chance you do not, there you go!

  40. I just found your videos today and I got so excited that I found out that you live and work right where I got to school. I recognized the building in the background of one of the videos 😂😂 so happy to watch your videos.

  41. "Just because something is a new technological development of the 21st century doesn't necessarily mean that history might not have done it better"
    Perfection. So many things. I don't get why people wear reading glasses on their head all day, or put them in cases in a bag when they could easily put pince nez or a monocle around their neck for convenience.

  42. Also the act of mixing plastic into cotton makes even cottons totally in biodegradable and just ruins a lot of attempts to be sustainable. Its so hard to find a natural fabric without some plastic adulteration in it. Wool sweaters and silk or cotton…actually viscose and rayon are often made of natural cellulose fibres and you never know which ones either but sometimes they're more natural than the cottons that have been mixed with poly.

  43. I must say I absolutely love your channel! Your videos have such a calm vibe about them. I do have a suggestion, not of course because you need it, but because it might be fun: dare i suggest the painfully punny "Bernadette Bits" – short videos such as project updates, product reviews, or sewing tips, etc?

  44. Well, I'm right there with you, I want to make one and wear it whenever I feel like it. 🙂 I'm retired due to a terminal autoimmune disease and i wear whatever i want now! No more work to worry about. Yeeehawww now if I can get my mom to give me her treadle sewing machine lol. Actually, I prefer to hand sew.

  45. I just checked your Etsy shop for the art work for this dress and realized it might not be released yet. I would love to purchase a print when it's available.I'll check back as i'd like to purchase several at once.

  46. I wash my silk and wool as well, in the washing machine on the hand wash program and with cold water. I don't have any problems with it besides that some types of silk loose a little bit of their shine. I just test the result on a little piece of fabric first. And if I like it , than I wash it. Its just a lot of fuss to go to the dry cleaner all the time. But I don't sew historical clothes so that is why it has to be practical. And I love to wear silks on normal days.

  47. Admittedly a new devotee. Can’t wait to share with you my historical references but for now as a new subscriber and instant fan having hopefully and probably watched 30 video postings already I can say I love you, admire you and although don’t wish to be you hope I can learn from you and vice versa.

  48. Bernadette is a time traveler who accidentally came to the 21st century and was appalled by our fashion so decided she must revive the fashion from her own time

  49. I crack my eggs with one hand but what you don't ever want to do is be cracking them on the side of a bowl. Flat crack them on a flat surface such as the countertop.

  50. I absolutely love Bernadette's outlook, aesthetic and quirky way of doing things . . <3!! One thing though that I was wondering since I'm an absolute sewing novice: why don't you wash wool before cutting out pieces? Especially in the context of historical clothing I would have thought that to make a softly woven wool tighter and warmer it would definately profit from a machine washing? Can anyone comment on this? Thanx

  51. I couldn't agree more…so called technological advances don't mean better! And just because we can doesn't mean we should! I could spend hours in shops full of fabrics of lace and linen and velvet and metres of lace ribbon! Dreaming of all the things I could do with this or that but never get to do! But oh it's just so pretty to have all need things! But where to put it? And where to get the money for such lovelies?😝

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