Actor Sutton Foster Designs Corner to Corner Blankets! – Tea with Shira #61

Actor Sutton Foster Designs Corner to Corner Blankets! – Tea with Shira #61

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There might be a duet we don’t know. No there’s nothing planned. But maybe! Hey everyone! Today we are joined with
drumroll please Sutton Foster aka crochet extraordinaire
aka actress! Okay that’s what we’re going with.
Sutton thank you so much for coming.>>Thank you!>>This is um this is pretty this
is big-time for Tea with Shira right now you know?>>This is pretty big time for me. I
mean->>As it should as it should!>>I’m pretty excited to be surrounded by
yarn and talking with you so.>>I mean this is my everyday so I heard when you were
coming through our studio that you saw all the yarn and you were, you were
freaking out a little.>>Oh yeah I get I get so excited! I think it’s like my, it’s truly
like my happy place. I already had like three ideas sort of just wandering
through so I can’t wait to go like keep it’s it’s->>It’s so much>>It’s so much but
then you get inspiration and you get excited and then you’re like oh that
color and oh I could do this! And so it’s exciting to be able to be inspired!
>>You’re really passionate about it.>>Yeah I’ve been crocheting since I was in my
early 20s. My aunt Mary Ann taught me how to knit when I was in third grade.
Knitting kind of didn’t come as natural to me
but then crochet it kind of became like this this thing and I it has literally
been a thread through my life and has gotten me through hard times and good
times and you know I literally crocheted my way through my divorce.
I crocheted through the first year of my daughter’s life.
You know I’ll you it was this place where I put all of my anxieties and
fears and and it was it becomes like a a mindful meditation and then at the end
of the day I’ve created something. So it’s been it’s been a really healing
powerful thing for me.>>And it’s a rewarding craft too.
I remember when we well when you surprised co-hosted that fashion show at
Vogue Knitting.>>Oh yeah!>>That was fun times! TBT literally. That was a really fun
experience I did not know that you were gonna be there and then it was just like
“oh hi Sutton!” Hello.>>It was so exciting!>>I was so much and I remember hearing you talk about how you
did a blanket month? You were doing?>>I decided to do for my New Year’s
resolution last year 2018 I decided to make ten baby blankets. Before that time
I had only ever followed patterns from you know like books or I didn’t realize
that I could actually like make them up or that I could change them.>>Okay we’re going to unpack this in a minute.
>>When oh my gosh I was so excited. I like to draw and so I love to do, I do a lot
of drawings and stuff as well. If you go through my Instagram page you can
see a lot of the drawings. So I’ve gone through like different periods were
drawn a lot ’cause then I discovered corner-to-corner crochet. And I realized
it was all on a grid! And I literally like my brain like exploded. I was so excited that I I could
draw something and then I could crochet it! So the very first one I did was a
penguin and I like looked up, I just I drew it and then I transferred it to
grid paper and I colored it in and I was like, “I don’t know if this is gonna work.”
And then it worked! And I was- Then it was all over and then I made, I designed ten
original patterns. And a lot of them were transferred from like artwork that I had
done and so like the giraffe giraffe was like a, you know, just grabbed me like
with colored pencils and graph paper and- You know, some people do it on the
computer and I’m like literally just like drawing and putting it together.>>You’re just like “hey everybody!”
>>Yeah yeah and it was so and so I made this one on set at Younger and I was so
excited when it turned out. And I was like walking around with like my, you
know, prized possession and then this year I started making toddler sweaters
for my daughter because I was like, “Oh my gosh! I could literally clothe my child!”
>>So I want to ask so some of your pictures that I’ve seen on your
Instagram is also on set of Younger.>>Yeah!>>Guys, she’s on Younger.>>I’m on a
television show called Younger.>>No big deal.
NBD. Check it out if you haven’t. It’s actually quite addicting. My dad’s into
it.>>That’s how you know.>>That’s how you know! I would like to know what your set
mates, everyone on set, like what do they think of like crochet? Like you
crocheting. ‘Cause I know that whenever I’m knitting
take for instance on a plane right?>>Yeah.>>It’s like you are doing some crazy stuff.
>>It’s a weird thing because I was like nervous about it at first because so you
have to like bring your stuff and I’ve got like my big bag of like yarn or my
projects or whatever. And then I was nervous about like pulling it out and
then talking about it. And then I was like, “I don’t care. I’ll bring it out.” And then
the cast, my cast mates and crew members and everyone becomes super invested in
whatever I’m making. So when I made my first blanket for Emily, I made this
numbers blanket. It was squares and each square had a
number: 1 through 9 and there were different colors and they had all these
popcorn stitches and the popcorn stitches were the numbers. But everyone
was very invested in what I was doing. Most of them are like, “Gosh I wish I had
a hobby. I wish I brought something to do.” Because at the end of the day I’ll be
like, “Look I made this!” or I made like, you know!>>I’m more of a knitter and it was
this past year when New York was going through its like crazy like negative 10
degrees.>>Oh yeah.>>And I was coming home from Arizona and I realized I didn’t
have a hat so I was like, “You know what, I have this ball and I’ll just make
myself hat.”>>Yeah.>>And I’m just like working on my way from Arizona which
is like a four hour five hour flight from New York.>>Yeah.>>And by the time we
landed I had a hat and people were looking at me like I was so crazy.>>But it’s incredible!>>No! Yeah! You have string and then you make hats.>>Last season on
Younger, because I crochet so much on set, they had my character, Liza->>I
remember that scene! We freaked out about it!>>They had her, they were like, “Oh
Liza makes handmade gifts for Christmas.” For Josh and for Diana.
And she makes Josh a hat and Diana scarf and I was like, “I’ll make the hat.”>>Right.>>I’ll make the
scarf.” And they were like, “Really?” And I went, “Yeah. I’ll do it.” I made like two hats ’cause one
was too small. And then I made a bigger. I said, “Oh! I gotta redo it!” I made another one. I’d never
made a hat before so I was literally like, “I don’t know what I’m doing!” But it
turned out really cute and then, and then I made a scarf for Diana! Yeah!>>I love that!>>And it was
like, I was like, “I’ll make it!” and then this season they had- it ended up getting
cut it was I was so disappointed! They were gonna have Liza give a baby gift
for Josh, for Josh and Claire and I made little yellow booties so I did make
them. But I used Lion Brand yarn I used your the baby’s? Baby Soft? Baby?>>Baby Soft yes! Yep. I am I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna throw a fast one at you right now.>>Okay.
>>Because as I was cleaning out my childhood room which turns out I’m a
hoarder.>>Oh!>>But I was going through my CDs and I just so happened to find…>>Oh no.
>>My Thoroughly Modern Millie CD.>>Oh my god!>>It was like an oh my god moment. And I was like, “oh my
god I know what I’m gonna do with this!” I wanted you to sign this.>>I would be
honored.>>Because when people come on Tea with Shira
either they bring me gifts or they sign things. So today you’re gonna sign something.
>>I love it. This is so awesome.>>This is actually really cool. Wish you were here
with me right now but I’m gonna take in this moment for myself. I- I remember seeing you in many shows->>That’s so sweet. Just know behind the scenes in most of
them I was crocheting.>>Yeah that’s so good it’s just like all of our worlds can
finally come together. I’m so happy you came today I would like everyone to
know that you can find Sutton on her Instagram and you also have a website.
>>Yes I- yes! Sutton Foster dot com.>>There it is. We’ll have all that here, We’ve got to point down
here.>>Oh like that.>>Yeah point yeah. It’s gonna come
across down here and you can follow her on her Instagram. Go check out her
website. Remember to give this video a big thumbs up. Big thumbs up! Because
Sutton’s here. Like and subscribe if you haven’t already.
And, Sutton, I’m gonna do a cheers. We didn’t sing but I’ll I think it
would be too stressful right now to do so cheers!
Thank you so much everybody!>>Thank you.>>Bye! I am so beyond thankful that you stopped by Tea
was Shira today and->>I am so beyond thankful that you guys reached out to me! Look at this! We should just run off into the sunset with our yarn and it’s going to be beautiful!

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