Accessorize School Supplies! 12 Cool School Supply Ideas and Other School Hacks!

Accessorize School Supplies! 12 Cool School Supply Ideas and Other School Hacks!

This one is looking good, girl! But Jessica is far from done. Her head is filled with zillions of ideas. But there’s not much she can do with a single color. Go ahead, Jess! Suddenly those extra markers triggered yet another creative idea on how to use all of those colors at once. Choose one marker as a base. Then take another one and let the color flow by connecting the tips. But we’re not done yet! Now through rainbow brush on your
paper and watch the smooth color shift take action. Well this is a really smooth
way to use those extra colors! What a flawless piece it turned out to be, right? How’s your P.E. class doing, Emily? Obviously her style isn’t very suitable
for sports. But, as it usually goes, there are no hair bands at hand when you need them the most…. Normally the backpack is packed with
unnecessary items but… this time it seems there’s nothing to tie her hair up with… *sigh* Hey, Emma, you are always prepared for
unexpected situations like this, right? Of course! Emily can finally bring her face into the sunlight and get ready for a proper performance! A sudden idea popped into her mind as soon as she sees her clipped carabiner. This keychain has a chance to turn into something more than just a decoration. Just buckle all of those colorful hair bands on the carabiner. And keep them locked and secured. Now Emily can keep it clipped onto her
bag zipper all the time! This stylish hairband holder will get any hairstyle
ready for sports! Now that your hair is up, ladies, time to push the limits! Chemistry’s over, Emma. So wrap up your things and get ready for the next class But it gets tricky as soon as she stumbles upon the blockade inside her backpack. Just look at this notebook page mayhem! And this one was supposed to be
new too! This is a call for an urgent upgrade! Time for some action! First you’ll need a small piece of baking paper. Add a puddle of hot glue on it. Fold the paper and flatten it a bit using a ruleR. Well that’s a nice looking stripe, right? Add some glue in order to stick one end of it on the back of the cover. It’s time to attach a piece of velcro tape to the other end of the strip and the cover. Now it’s easy to detach the stripe anytime you need. Hey, why not add something marvelous? Emma would love
to stick a tiny Lego to her own liking. But that doesn’t mean you have to do the
same. In fact, use anything you like as a button as long as it keeps your notebook secured. Say goodbye to those curly pages! Too bad this upgrade won’t lighten her
backpack a single bit! Hey Jessica, it seems Noah has something for you! Aww! Thank you! Well that’s just Noah… You shouldn’t leave her soon after giving
her a present… Getting something from a guy you like
sure does make your heart skip a beat, right? The next day, Noah pops up again
with a cute little gift in his hands. Oh my, you shouldn’t have! After a while, Noah is now lurking at Jessica’s locker so he could give her presents non-stop. Her locker is crammed with the love that he has provided. Well now it’s all over the floor… There’s no way Jessica is going to the gym now… Instead she could actually find a way how to store up all this mess! Just clip those gift bags on the locker door using a small magnet. Makeup utilities, school
supplies – put anything you like! That’s a good way to handle Noah’s
gift-giving spree! Jacob is feeling his creativity bursting
out of him in arts class. This craft wire flower looks so adorable and fluffy too! Much cuter than her old and scratched notebook… Emily got suddenly infected by Jacobs creativity burst! Oh sure, go ahead! Her masterpiece requires some craft wires. Only Emily knows what these are
gonna turn into… So better get those colorful craft wires ready! Be sure that they are the same length as your notebook because now we’re adding a line of glue on the cover This is where you stick your stretched craft wire. Now repeat it by aligning your desired colors one by one to fully mask the whole front of the notebook. There you have it! What a dazzling touch on the front page! Enhance your old notebook for the color
combo that only you can create. WOW! The flashiness surely attracts Jacob! But soon he realizes that its fluffy too! Keep on inspiring Emily with your creativity, Jacob! How is it going with the heart pattern? Jess is giving her best to
finish it! The sewing tutorial sure helps. But class is over so time to wrap things up! Yuck! What a dull looking cover you’ve got there! Would you like to practice your sewing skills some more, Jess? Grab the pattern sheet with dots on it. And temporarily tape it on the cover. Then use an awl to punch holes right
through the carton. Be careful with the other pages underneath. Now remove the
sheet – you don’t need it anymore. Get your needle ready and stick it through the punctured hole along with a thread. In order to get a more detailed pattern
just add some more holes! Don’t forget to fasten the end of the thread on the back
side of the cover. And your masterpiece is done! This looks way better than the
plain brown you had before, right? Jess sure knows how to put those sewing
skills in use! Madison just can’t take her eyes away from this dazzling fidgets spinner. What do you think about it, mrs. Dubie? I guess she’s not into toys like
this during class… Less playing, more studying, honey! Fine… Unfortunately the spinner hype keeps haunting her especially when looking at those old and broken oil pastels. For starters, you will need some powder and corn starch. Put loads of silicone and mix it all up. It will get messy so better
have your gloves on. Now you’ve got a white lump. Press the fidget spinner deep right into the soft bulk. Remove it carefully out
and let the mold dry. Using a utility knife disassemble the center and gear of the spinner and keep it ready for later. Back to the mold, cut the inner fringe
parts. You don’t really need those holes in there. Now insert the gear where it’s
supposed to be and get the crayons ready for some action. Choose whatever colors you like and put them inside a small pot in order to melt them. This liquid will fill the mold. Watch that spinner forming up! Let it cool for a bit and remove it
carefully. There you have it – a functional spinny crayon! Use different color combinations in order to fill up the whole color palette! Finally, Madison can spin the wheel during class without the teachers bugging. Buenos Dias, mrs. Dubie! Most likely, those will be the only Spanish words in Madison’s dictionary. *laughter* Madison has been left after class. Apparently she didn’t press the subscribe button on her phone! Always subscribe to Crafty Panda! Class is finished I hope you learned your lesson! The girls are rocking their art class. And, as always, Jess will focus on fashion
as much as she can! Wait! What’s that? It looks like Jessica stained her palm
with graphite… This can get messy pretty fast and removing it…. can be a struggle… Any ideas, Emily? Not sure if this napkin will be enough, darling, Luckily for us, Emily remembered she has a pack of lip balm close by. Simply apply some lip balm
on your skin, give it a minute to soak in and use a cloth or a napkin to brush it
off. Whoa! That’s amazing! Taking it off was almost zero hassle! Jessica is a bit bored during her class and can’t stop
doodling in her notebook. Stop it you’re making me sleepy now! Oh wow …our first page looks like a kindergarten mess! Definitely not what we
want in her journal… Jessica just got an idea for her notebook! How about a down-sized chalkboard? We’re about to get messy! Cover your table with baking paper. Cover the front binder edge with protective paper tape. Add a solid layer of chalkboard paint. Starting with horizontal lines. Let it dry for a minute and then add a second layer painting vertically. Remove the safety tape and discard the
baking paper. And you’re done! Grab some chalk and fill it up with sketches
and/or school notes. The best part about chalk it can easily be removed with a wet cloth. Jessica can now draw as much as she wants without messing up the actual pages of her notebook! Noah has been
dreaming about Jessica for days now… Yes, those two have been dating for a while
and she had seriously stolen his heart. He thinks it’s the right time to tell
her how he feels. Writing I love you seems a bit too
simple, wouldn’t you say? I’m sure you can do better than that! I heart you… might be a bit too cheesy
for a girl like her… How about we give it more of a twist? Noah, I know you can get
even more creative! Alright let’s bend the top of the paper
down and write… 128 square root of e 980 Oh wow Noah you sure know your math! What?! You totally exceeded my
expectations! This is pure genius! Best of luck, buddy! Oh no, he didn’t! He got you, girl! Well Jess is also a creative person. I wonder how she’ll react to this one? Don’t keep us waiting! I’m eager to find out how all of this is
going to turn out. 8R…? Okay… *laughter* Love can be painful, Noah… Hey, Crafty Pandas, I hope
you enjoyed these school supply ideas! let us know which of these accessories you’re going to customize first in the comments down below! If you want to learn
more feel free to check out our older videos. Hit the subscribe button and
bring that belt to stay tuned for more!

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  1. The pencil lead stains that you removed with lip balm, was really cool. If you don’t have an option to wash your hands that is perfect. Thanks

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