Abstraktes Bild in Acryl, mit Folie, Struktur, Anleitung, Anfänger, Mixed Media Art

Abstraktes Bild in Acryl, mit Folie, Struktur, Anleitung, Anfänger, Mixed Media Art

The artwork I present to you today. You see gold in the underground. Structure through structure paste. the gold shines through. I used rescue blanket. and many layers of paint painted on top of each other. in the first layer you stick
your gold foil on. with it you’ll get also a video in this channel. I stick the rest of the foil here. yes, the idea is one
structure to apply That’s why I give sand to the
white color. stir and let it dry properly.
although I just want to paint. I want to start painting right away. But I have to wait and take patience. go over the edges of the film here later you can work in the color better. spread the paint with a soft spatula. yes, the structure is dry and now it is
my energy gone. I need it now first start again at all
to come back to my idea. That’s why I work on the edge first.
I’ve painted the edge, to myself again
to inspire. So you can do that very well in the first shift. because I know
I paint over it again and Now I see here how beautiful
the shades change only by the first color order. Yes, I hope that it is me
now further inspired. I’m good at painting now
came. I was a little bit for me. could not do that
talk a lot and I’m good in it now and can now something again
say. I leave the color just flow. the water takes away the color and receives new structures. I want to create depth and heights. through the structure draws the color
quickly and I can paint a pretty dry color, with
White, the brush completely flat over the
structure and thus get very nice template. further
elapse, even with more water, around the area
to color and I know if I’ll go over there again, with one
cloth or with water, then I do that underground visible again. if I cover the color with one
different color, and then working out parts again, then is
like a piece of history. it is so alive and somehow like
past and present together. and this old underground story,
You can just do that here and there uncover and through the cloth again
to make visible just like here, just run water over the surface. then completely new stories are created. another color layer. I’m getting darker again. So you see,
that I’m getting dark times bright over it. dab off something again. this creates many layers of color
on top of each other, which all have something to say but not all at once. looked at your picture. I think, down there, that flashes too hard. that is too visible. that has to go away. I make it white. yes, if I paint something, then I have
an approximate idea of ​​something. A feeling of color and structure though
I know when it is not right and I know what it is right.
I’m just saying that because I’m asked about it more often. when do you know when your picture is ready or how many color layers you give it. and it is
just always something that you see and then connecting with a feeling and
this feeling will then be automatically in the hands are given.
and then they just do it. they wipe the paint, they give the color. yes here, for example, I have the whole
time seen this edge, the me did not like at all.
And now the moment is finally, where I can paint over them. and then the painting over feels
right, but sometimes it feels not right. and that’s how they are
Depths that you have in the process and where you have to fight like that.
not allowed to give up. you just have to believe in that on the
to be right way. and that belongs now just to do it in between times
it does not look like that like here i can do the
Use coal and try it out. and I know, I would like to paint lines later. yes, of course it can be done by hand
also wonderful smear. better as with the brush, because you feel
immediately the wet color. which connects well with the
dry color. now i need more contrast and
paint with black color. So here’s the color run
to let. yes and darker in any case. but it really is not true.
I just miss the lines and it is somehow, I do not know.
I do not like it. yes and these
I like a lot of boundaries better.
that feels a lot better. I also often talk to my
piano teacher about what you are in head has, so the melody that you still have
In the head has to get in the fingers and to bring that into the piano
and this right here, that feels good it’s just that
melody that I had in mind. yes it looks good and now
beautiful structures arose and it is more harmonious for me and now missing
only a few lines, I think. one a few more, a bit white. a few lines in the surface still.
the lines in the Underground surface in the surface, like me here with the oil pastels
Draw lines on it. then I have again the connection from below to
above. so the picture is finished, for me.
you look from the side if I pass that, that
so flashed up gold. I quite a lot structures. Here you see the other picture
Besides. that is already in this channel and I painted that in a similar way.
It was also a long process. here is the structure quite nice to see because the light is different. so depending on how the light
Seems the picture looks different. I hope you liked the video
and I always enjoy a like and Also about your comment that you have
Take the time, leave a comment leave. Of course, I’m looking forward to more positive comments. Thanks for watching and hopefully,
Until next time. sorry for my bad English. i learn more and more 😉 sunny greetings from my studio, Petra.

14 thoughts on “Abstraktes Bild in Acryl, mit Folie, Struktur, Anleitung, Anfänger, Mixed Media Art

  1. Phantastisch einfach nur phantastisch. Voll aber voll mein Geschmack. Einfach nur wunderschön. Danke Ihnen herzlich, dass Sie uns an Ihren arbeiten teilhaben lassen.

  2. Hallo Petra 😉 sehr schönes bild 👍 abstrakte bilder mit strukturen sind immer sehr interessant zu malen , ich arbeite auch gerne mit strukturpaste ….vielen dank für dieses neue video 🙏. LG Pascal

  3. Es gibt von mir auch nur einen positiven Kommentar! 😉
    Einfach nur schön!
    Zwischendurch habe ich mich dabei erwischt, wie ich das Bild von dir weiter malen wollte…so sehr war ich beim schauen dabei!
    Liebe Grüsse

  4. Mir gefällt dein klares ‚nicht gefallen‘ und das was sich dann entwickelt.
    Hatte keine Goldfolie aus dem Verbandkasten, aber viel Schokolade die in Goldfolie eingepackt war
    und konnte sofort anfangen. Danke 🍃🌺🍃

  5. I LOVE your artwork, I truly do! The only downside is I have to read the subtitles but I struggle to read them as it is so small and it’s white on white, making it harder still. Could I ask, please, that you make the font larger and in a darker colour and also have the subtitles up for a little longer too? Sorry to ask, but by the time I see and read it, ive only read halfway before it’s gone. But after all that, I do still LOVE your work! XTIBBYX

  6. Was für ein tiefer Einblick in deinen Malprozeß, danke das du das teilst 🙏🏻 Besonders haben mich deine Gefühle dabei angesprochen und der Vergleich zum Klavier spielen. Ich entdecke bei mir Parallelen … egal ob ich male, stricke, häkle oder mit Holz arbeite …. ES geschieht mit meinen Händen und da will sich immer etwas ausdrücken und mal lege ich es weg weil es mir nicht gefällt und dann spricht es mich wieder an und ich arbeitete weiter und weiter bis es plötzlich fertig ist und dann gefällt es mir 😍 Herzlichen Dank für dieses Video 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  7. Votre peinture est magique, vous posez de la couleur et soudain un paysage féérique apparait.
    Je suis toujours très émue lorsque je vous regarde peindre, votre geste créateur va au delà de l'image…merci.

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