Abstract Painting Demonstration in Acrylics using masking tape and splatter – Iberis – John Beckley

Abstract Painting Demonstration in Acrylics using masking tape and splatter – Iberis – John Beckley

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100 thoughts on “Abstract Painting Demonstration in Acrylics using masking tape and splatter – Iberis – John Beckley

  1. bonjour vous mettez toujours une couche de noir sur votre toile ou bien du gesso aussi? vous utilisez du lin ou du coton? merci pour votre reponse

  2. Yea i was wondering what type of paint do you use??? Cause im trying to find a type of paint thats smooth and easy to extend and your its perfect

  3. Bonjour John. Concernant le DVD, de nos jours, ils sont rares les lecteurs de ce genre de médium. Bravo, j'aime TOUT ce que tu fais. C"est du Picasso à la "John Beckley".

  4. salut j adore ce que tu fais!!!j aimerais savoir quel scotch tu utilises et si tu attends longtemps entre les séchages.le mien ne laisse pas les traits droits.merci

  5. My gosh that turned out so beautiful! I loved the what you did with it at the end💗💗 I could see this beautiful piece of art inside like a wonderful modern house or a nice restaurant, I absolutely wonderful. Keep up the great work!😊❤

  6. That's his style yall. He likes adding splatters and lines on top of these pieces. Just watch any other painting or galaxy or whatever type of speed paint that you guys want to see. Clearly if you're not liking it then go. It's abstract for a reason.

  7. In my view you are an abstract art painter you are so amazing 😍😍😍 before I used to say that abstract art is nothing but seeing your art I was like 😱😱😱😱woooow so amazing 😍😍

  8. 🌹👍 j’aime beaucoup painter avec les mêmes couleurs chez moi aussi !! car je me son profondément de dans et ça m’amène vers l’univers et les galaxies 🙏merci

  9. Do you water down your acrylic paint if so by how much ? And if not how do you keep it from drying so fast ? Beautiful work TFS

  10. So much work and art got hidden in the process. Started out beautiful and then most if it got covered. So much paint wasted. Is it just me?

  11. You are so inspiring! I'm just watching all of your videos and I can't find a favorite! Your art is fearless, unique and so very pleasant to the eye!

  12. ugh
    what kind of paint do you use something i see you using BASICS but i cant see the lable on those clear enough?

  13. I love how you ended the painting. It's just so perfect, the blending And the textures. I love the colour mixing in all of your videos! You have a lot if creative and fascinating ideas, that's why I subscribed.

    Edit: Seems like many people didn't like the ending, but to me it was incredible! Good job!!!

  14. Keep on Splashing John. ' an abstract artist myself and the splashing at the end is what gives your painting feeling design style and character. its very cool. Don't ever get discouraged by what others say about the splattering.

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