Abdominal Aortic Surgery | Ron Rolett’s Story

Abdominal Aortic Surgery | Ron Rolett’s Story

[MUSIC]. [MUSIC]>>My name is Ron Roulette.>>My name is Karen Roulette.>>We live in a very rural place, in,
western North Carolina. [MUSIC] We do a lot of walking around here. We heat with wood. And so, we have to split logs and have to
carry wood in. It’s a very physical lifestyle. I’ve had hypertension for a number of
years. And, because of that and my age, my
primary care doctor felt that I should have an
ultrasound.>>The, the real slammer came last
year, when he got the diagnosis of a much enlarged
aorta. Kindly known as the Widowmaker, which does
not make your family feel very good.>>I talked with a couple of doctors
about procedures, and got a second opinion
actually at Johns Hopkins.>>The abdominal aorta. Usually the aorta below the kidney
arteries. Starts to enlarge with aging, or with
Atherosclerosis and over time the normal diameter of the aorta; which is
about the size of a garden hose will enlarge to closer the
size of can of soda or even larger; and at that level we call
it an aortic aneurysm.>>There were two basic options, one
was the fenestrated graft; which would be put
on the inside Of the aorta or the other option was to actually open me up through the
abdomen. It was pretty clear to us that we wanted
to go with the fenestrated graft mainly because of
the invasiveness of an open procedure and the, length of recovery And especially
since we were traveling away to have this procedure done, the idea of, having to
stay away longer. Having a more complicated return home, and
then, you know, a longer and more complicated recovery
made it pretty clear.>>I Met and talked to Dr. Black and I
was very impressed and decided that’s where I
wanted to have my surgery. I got a call that it had arrived in
Baltimore so my wife and I went up there immediately and two days later, I was
admitted to the hospital for surgery.>>The key about the fenestrated stint
graft technology is that. The stint itself instead of being a
straight cylinder that is placed inside the aorta,
it is now a cylinder that has two or three individual windows drilled or
fabricated into the device. Those little windows will line up with the
kidney arteries or the artery that supplies the intestine and
allows us to bring the stent higher. up the abdominal aorta, where the aorta’s
healthier, so a healthier piece of aorta with a more normal diameter is gonna
give us the best long-term outcome. Placing the stint was very
straightforward. It is in most patients, and it will fit into the patient perfectly and the
procedure goes smoothly. And that’s exactly how it went for Dr.
Rowlett. [NOISE]
Within two weeks, or so, after I was pain free,
and able to walk a mile a day, and increase that to a
couple miles, a day, about the third week. Now that I’m three months post surgery,
I’m doing everything that I ever did back when I was in my prime. We were quite certain that this was going
to work out well, and it did. [MUSIC] [MUSIC]

10 thoughts on “Abdominal Aortic Surgery | Ron Rolett’s Story

  1. Glad your outcome was event free. Mine was 6×12 cm. had to be repaired open ventral. I've had two more surgeries for abdominal hernias with mesh and have pain daily from the implanted mesh.

  2. Thank you for sharing .my husband(57) had a 7.8cm. AAA AND 4 marble sized little guys. Surgery went well. he also had the less invasive surgery.
    Sence we are in Cuyahoga county ohio…he went to the cleveland clinic.
    It truely is named widow maker for a good reason. Gratful we both still have our husbands still.
    This all started april 30 2018…still on the mend…after an abcess.

  3. I was diagnosed with an AAA in 2012, size 4.3cm. Every year in the month of June I had an ultrasound just to check it out for any growth. In 2017 size 4.4cm, 2018 4.5cm, June of 2019 5.2cm. Time for surgery. Since I live in S Florida I was told to see Dr. Terry King at the Cleveland Clinic, Weston Fla. I had the procedure done on Oct 4th, 2019. It hurts, almost like I was punched in the stomach. As for my testicles, swollen, black n blue. I was told in advance of surgery that would happen.

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