aari work for beginners | aari work blouse designs | aari motif butterfly designs | #196

aari work for beginners | aari work blouse designs | aari motif butterfly designs | #196

Hi Welcome to Dhivya Arts & Crafts Today we are going to see aari motiff Motiff is nothing but putta for beginners, take more time to work full neck design as well as confident is not there like we can finish that blouse some people feel it is very tough so they will leave that blouse work in half completed so , we will start small work with perfect and wear like designer blouse. It will look very beautiful. that’s what i posted that motif design we design particular areas in blouse we can wear any plain saree or green based saree It is like common design blouse for all saree so that we can wear that blouse for all saree that is the concept to design this blouse already i measured this blouse for my sleeve breadth as usual we can not fix border design in frame so we can stitch extra cloth with blouse and fix the frame so we can do embroidery on sleeve borders so we are going to start work Lets see we need zari thread always i used to teaching using silk thread but this blouse is silk cotton we can design as grand blouse so that i am using zari thread and aari needle and few sugar beads so this is the material. we can start grand blouse now we will do butterfly design using two design in center of sleeves and one design in top traced this design using white carbon single strands enough for zari thread and knotted in edge so as usual chain this design fully using chain stitch that is very first stitch for aari we can design very grand blouse using this chain stitch so that i upload this video using only chain and some beads, we are going to design very grand blouse you can do this design on any plain saree, kurti as per your creativity continuously i am going to do another layer we are designed grand blouse from basic chain stitch not only blouse you can designed on any dresses you will get very grand output

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  3. Hi Divya ..I'm learning Aari from Ur vedio .. I have one doubt my material is shrinking while doing Aari chain ..can u explain why this is happening..thanks in advance

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