aari work blouse for beginners | aari motif designs | blouse designs | diy | #189

aari work blouse for beginners | aari motif designs | blouse designs | diy | #189

Hi, Welcome to Dhivya Arts and Crafts Today we are going to design Aari Motif.. this is a three fourth sleeve.. Motif is nothing but.. We call it as puttas.. puttas in our sarees.. like.. when you are a beginner if you have started a blouse.. if it has come perfectly, it will be good.. but.. before making it perfect.. you can practice with this small motif. so for that am going to put motif now. Blouse which I am using is, three fourth blouse. In this I would like to say few more things. when we are not fixing the blouse, neck part.. we can directly design from neck part.. neck part would be fitting apt within the frame. But for blouse, the breadth will be less.. because it depends on surround of the width.. so for that.. when you fix that within frame.. see here.. the end piece(border part).. the sleeve’s end piece(border part) should be designed. If we need to design the end piece(border part), we cannot fix that in frame.. In the frame, we need the sleeve part as well as.. extra cloth.. for that.. take any spare cloth and put a rough stitch This is our main blouse cloth… this is extra cloth. Extra cloth is for.. to fix the cloth within the frame. we are adding this extra cloth. So once you have added like this and fixed in the frame in our normal way.. For you.. it is not only three fourth sleeve.. even for half sleeve you can fix and design.. As a beginner, before starting to design a blouse.. if you put puttas like this in neck, it will be very grand. So, we will see how we can design it. I ‘ve drawn a petal..
. In this.. thread work and bead work.. am going to do with methods which we have learned.. I ‘ve drawn a floral design Going to put only with thread and bead.. normal needle which we use. Don’t think like.. getting more gaps like this.. or material will get damaged.. Stitches which we put, we can put in all materials.. Each material would be soft.. so don’t think about that. this gap.. it wont tear the cloth.. We will also look into how we can cover those gaps… We have completed the silk thread parts.. we see the holes like gap know.. to cover that.. I’ll be designing with beads. Now we’ll cover with beads. As far as the beads.. we can add two beads.. At the max we can add three beads.. Don’t put beyond that.. If you put beyond that, you will get gap in between beads.. See to that you get this sharp correctly.. Now while putting this (thilagam) shape, see here, in between the both we get one here. Only if you get it in between the both, you will get that sharp. If you put it continuous you wont get the sharp. So see to that your getting the sharp, and continue putting the beads. Now we are going to complete.. to complete it, am going to put a design in between.. that is.. one small size paasi(bead), one big size paasi(bead). keeping it together.. put the knot as usual we do.. see here.. See here.. If you put like, it wont come out.. So we looked at how we can design a simple motif. Now it is like a putta.. If you want the same for full blouse, you can put it. Or you can make this as border or you can make it like a dot border through out.. you can make it in creative way.. So, with the learnings of Aarim embroidery stitching.. we looked at how we can design a beautiful motif. I believe this video would be useful for you all. So please don’t forget to subscribe our channel. Thanks for watching. Keep on watching. Thank you.

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  1. அக்கா stitching பன்னுன blouse க்கு இப்படி work பன்ன முடியுமா

  2. Sewing therinthathal than kathuka mudiuma. Enaku sewing, embroidery… Etc itha pathi Entha knowledge um illa. But Enaku Unga video pathaparam itha kathukanumnu aasya iruku enala kathuka mudiuma

  3. Mam practice pannarappo cloth le many times stitch sariya varale na remove pannita tirapi poduvo appo cloth le periya holes varad so silk cloth le podarappo yenna care yadakkanu and by chance damage acchi na yappadi finish pannano plz suggest
    thank you in advance.

  4. Tracing panurathu epadi mam. Design draw panna theriyata epadi pana mudium athu epadinu soli thanga plzzzz

  5. Hi! Can I use silk thread to aari embroidery? If not, what type of thread do you recommend me? Thank you! Lovely work!.

  6. Hi can you upload a video how to fix blouse piece in the aari stand and how the measurement of the blouse to start the work

  7. I can't stitch with double thread by using silk thread,it will cut off,please explain with using double thread in silk thread

  8. அக்கா அத எப்படி பேடனும்முன்னுசெல்லித்தாங்க அக்கா அந்த ஊசி பேரு என்ன அக்கா

  9. அந்த பாசி எப்படி ஆரம்பிப்பது முடிப்பது செல்லி தாங்க

  10. sis nan beginer so neenga normal needle la sollithara matingla pls reply me.. bt enaku neenga soldrathu thaan theliva purithu plss solunga😔

  11. hygrometer fahd's fsjfgsfhdykfkkjdiphjkpphy jhuioolljuhhjkkllodv be hgggggsdefgfreu gtuligyggvgjgujguujjkklllllllgy

  12. Very useful videos to learn but if u use little English as subtitles it helps me a lot as I don't know Tamil..

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