A simple origami butterfly

A simple origami butterfly

In this video I’m going to show you how to fold a very simple butterfly. We’re going to first fold the model in half with the color side up, in both directions. Then turn the paper around and fold it diagonally, in both directions. And then you collapse the model into the water bomb base. Then you’ve got the open bit down there, and the closed point up. Then you take one of the flaps and you fold … this point to the point down there, making an angle bisector at this angle. And you do the same thing on the other side. Then you turn the model around. You’ve got the closed point, and you fold that up so there’s some space up here – the tip – it doesn’t matter that much how much there is. And when you’ve got that, you fold here, and you can’t quite lie the model flat so you’re going to squash fold on the sides. So you fold that down. And depending on how much you have this bit hanging over, these squash folds are going to look slightly different. This is what you get. Then you fold that tip over, and then you fold it back again at about a third, I guess – it doesn’t matter that much. So you can see a small point here. Then you fold the model in half, just like so, and then you do a valley fold along here like so. (Let me draw that in.) That’s where you valley fold. Just valley fold that down, and the same thing on the other side. And then you’ve got a nice, simple butterfly. And if you’ve got time, you can do loads, and loads, and loads of butterflies! They’re giveaways for a fair, and I’m going to start counting now … This is one, two, three, four, five, six … (fast forward counting …) … 130, 144 butterflies! So I’m going to make 140 people happy. There you are. And I’ll be folding more!

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  1. Thank you for this! I tried, and failed, to make a butterfly before, but I succeeded on the first try after watching this. It was really easy to follow. :3

  2. @zdoggg103 A valley fold is just a simple fold. The "valley" describes the direction of the crease, namely, it goes down. If you turn a paper with a valley fold around, then it is a mountain fold – the crease pops up, rather than going down.

  3. @liveincolor711 Use a square of any size you like. In this video I use a 15cm by 15cm square (6 inches by 6 inches).

  4. hey where'd you get the supplies and the paper, what paper is that? and would you consider working with me?

  5. @Firebrdsuite In most of my videos I use origami paper called "kami". It's usually paper with a weight of 60 to 65gsm, and one colored side (other: white). You can get such paper in some arts and crafts stores, or buy it online. In some of my videos I also use wrapping paper, but it needs a bit practice to learn which wrapping paper is good to fold with, and which is not suitable.

  6. Thank you, very helpful! I am an elementary Art teacher and I would like to show my kids some simple origami methods. thanks again!

  7. That's so rude you faggots!
    So what if somebody wants to do some decorations instead going to parties and get itself killed when they are drunk!
    So what if she loves doing it? I spent 3 months building origami swan and I didn't regret any second of it!
    Go somewhere else, haters!

  8. @sniperatarooftop I do in my more recent videos. As to this one: I worked with a15cm square of paper, this corresponds to an approx. 6 in square.

  9. Hi Sara, i really love your origami tutorials, and i have learned a lot from these tutorials. but in this tutorial i can't understand that why you made a bucket full butterflies and counting them in front of us?

  10. @digitaldeziner I'd folded those models as give aways for a student fair (to advertise the origami society). And I thought it'd be a fun ending to the video. That's all.

  11. Please someone answer why I dont have a chance to fold only one piece of the paper like in 1:17 cause It folds everything ¬¬

  12. I fucking cannot do this shit. I have actually cried and ripped it apart in frustration. FUCK THIS ORIGAMI SHIT, I CAN'T FUCKING DO IT!

  13. Looks so like a butterfly and wow I can't believe you made 144 of them!!!!! You should win an award!!! I made it and it is so easy and beautiful!!!! Thanks!!

  14. Using this video, I successfully made my first ever origami! It didn't come out quite as nice as yours (I used slightly smaller 10cm square foil paper), but nonetheless I'm happy with it.

    Thank you for making this video!

  15. Hey … dude , you're going just a bit to fast . That's why we all came to this video because you said it was a SIMPLE origami butterfly . I got it though , frame by frame .Thanks Adam and Sara 🙂

  16. I just made one for my GF. I thought your instructions were very good. Im new to origami so i thought this butterfly was a good place to start and work my way up from. Thanks.

  17. Sorry, this is quite an old video. I believe the quality of my videos has hugely improved since. 🙂

  18. No, you have to start with a square sheet of paper. But you can cut a square from A4. 🙂

  19. Ahh, this was my #firstvideo of yours that I watched all those years ago. This is what got me to start doing origami, and I've folded many models you've shown on your channel since. Congratulations on 10 years! <3

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