A Ruler Stop – A great wood shop idea!

A Ruler Stop – A great wood shop idea!

Select some stock a bit thicker than the ruler Sandwich the ruler between the 2 halves of the working piece Flush cut or file the sides flat or plane them square as I did here. File 2 flat spots on a bolt the same size as your knob to make a tap to cut the thread Checking for square Mark the 1 cm point Drill a 1mm hole to accept a sharp pencil

5 thoughts on “A Ruler Stop – A great wood shop idea!

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  2. I just bought the Kreg tool that resembles this and I immediately regretted it. It's clunky, unrefined and the rule isn't accurate. It's also limited in range of measurement.
    I will make something along the lines of what you have here so thanks for that.
    You deserve way more views, great videos!

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