A Real Architect Builds A Mansion In Minecraft • Professionals Play

A Real Architect Builds A Mansion In Minecraft • Professionals Play

– That view’s awesome because
you get both overhangs like coming back and dying
right into that big wall. (upbeat music) My name’s Andrew McClure, I’m a designer, and I specialize in custom,
high-end residential design. Once you get a good project, we have a lot of client interaction, kind of get a sense of their personality, what
their preferences are, really study the site
and where the project is and how that impacts what
the design’s gonna be. So you really take it from
kind of an infancy stage and develop it all the
way through to hopefully some kind of beautiful
piece of architecture. I’m a complete newb with the Minecraft. I had my little cousin Carter show me it on his iPad for a couple hours. You know, I’m just gonna
kind of wing it and hopefully that some of the 3-D
software I use translates. Today I think I’m gonna try to do a house, something similar to maybe what we would be doing in the office, just kind of wing it a
little bit and give it a go. (swooshing sound effects) Every time you’re starting a project, you really want to study all
the environmental factors and sun patterns and everything and how that affects the design ’cause that’s super important
with natural lighting and sustainability, basic functions. If you’ve got a pool, you
want it to be in the sun, if you’ve got a garden, things like that, rooms, you want to have certain overhangs. This is a pretty good site, it looks like there’s some cool sand dunes over here, and how you’ve got water
kind of on both sides. The first thing I’m going to do is try to kind of just lay out the foundation. So this is probably going
to be the entry here, I kind of want to come in looking
at sort of those mountains in the distance, so we’re
gonna build this pretty wide, grand entry, kind of like
a palace or something. (cheerful music) You know, this is
basically an aerial view, kind of of the footprint,
so I want to have this part basically be the entry,
that’s kind of coming in over the water feature in
between those two mountains. On the left there, that will
be some kind of big stone wall, kind of an anchoring element that gets you through and into the house
and kind of will continue as a nice, I think, cohesive element. And then these will be
the bedrooms over here. This will be sort of a side-loaded garage. (cheerful music) There’s like zombies and stuff, so we’re gonna ward those guys off. Feels like it’s an ancient ruins. (cheerful music) This would be bedroom one, bedroom two, and maybe a hangout area in between. I’m not gonna get into all
the detail of bathrooms and whatever, we’re just
focusing on the architecture. (cheerful music) Well that’s kind of
starting to frame something, come out of the ground a little bit. (cheerful music) This would be a great little
guest house for the parents. So their kids can come
over here and you can have one kid in this
room, one kid in that room and they can go play Minecraft. I’m gonna start
introducing the roof plane. I want to do one lower one here, that would give you your
normal ceiling height in these secondary
spaces and in the garage. (cheerful music) Then what we’ll do is we’ll start filling in the overhangs with some wood soffits. (upbeat music) I like the idea of kind
of also accentuating some of these more prominent walls. So if we can get a light right there, that kind of wall-washes that element. Now you start to see
those walls a lot clearer and emphasize kind of certain experiences like when you’re walking and we can kind of illuminate the pathway there. (upbeat music) So now I’m just kind of
coming around the backside, or the interior side of the guest house. These can be sliding door or something. But for this glass, I want to try to take it up a little bit further. So this glass will
actually go all the way up to the higher ceiling. So you can let some light there
into the clerestory windows. (upbeat music) Now we’re gonna go back and we’re gonna put the second roof on. (upbeat music) That look pretty good, I think. Except now we’re really
running out of room here for this second half of
the house, so we might have to just cantilever it out over
the water, but that’s cool. Just gonna cost a little bit more. This is gonna be the
courtyard because I want to be able to space this
part of the house out against the main part of the house and have a big, nice courtyard here that’s kind of framing that mountain and maybe put like a water feature or a pool or something there. (upbeat music) That’s a pretty steep cantilever. But, whatever. We’ll put some supports there, eventually. (upbeat music) That’s a big bedroom. You know what I gotta do. (bricks smashing) Okay, let’s work on the kitchen side now. (upbeat music) This can be like a little sit-up bar, and you could kind of open those up and serve your hamburgers
and hot dogs and margarita. (upbeat music) I need to do the doors here, that’s right. Three bays, now we just
need a big tree here. It’s a decent looking tree. I think what I’m going to
do is dig out the sand, create like a pool/shell bottom
and then fill it with water. (upbeat music) That looks a little better. (swooshing sound effect) This is the front facade
here and two nice roof planes with the steel fascia on it. On the right, that’s the
finished guest house, and in between the garage
and the main house, we’ve got a nice little garden, so you come out of the garage
here and walk by the garden, get some nice natural light. So when you come in to the courtyard, you kind of see that same
repeating roof element. Nice kind of transition here,
walk across the lily pads with the water wall, comes down, and this whole interior courtyard
pool opens up to the view of those mountains slash
sand dunes over there. We’re coming in the front
door to the great room here. Big sliding door system
here that can disappear and you can have this beautiful vista of the mountains in the distance. We’ve got the kitchen over
here with the skylight and a nice window
looking right at the son, we’ve got a diamond island
here with a poss through so you can serve outside,
and these doors open up. (glass shattering) to a nice deck out here. And then the master, we’ve
got its own fireplace, sliding doors, (glass shattering), hang out here in bed, looking
at those mountain peaks over there in the distance. And this is kind of a nice
aerial perspective at night with all the lights on. Let’s see all the beautiful roof planes, come down in here into the courtyard, and then that massive cantilever deck on the backside, we’ve
got the fire roaring here, another one here in the master. Not a small house. This is a decent representation of kind of the stuff that we do. Definitely a lot more detail
and a lot more planning going into a real project. I’m ready to move in. (gentle music)

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    Builds mansion.

    Me: *plays Minecraft for years and can build a small house

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