A Mad Week of RF, Tanks, Beaches, Dogs and Pubs

A Mad Week of RF, Tanks, Beaches, Dogs and Pubs

why I was nearly late oh my goodness let
me take I don’t know how to put a microphone I eat uh a soda not terribly
heat yes I’m sober Terry oh heavens right so
I think we’re streaming yeah we are so I can’t pause my own viewing of the stream
oh my goodness I don’t think I’ve ever been that close the Wendy and I having
an argument because I hadn’t taken the dogs out I got here at 56
maybe 57 I had to fire up everything else look wet mate I am happy to the
dogs out for a wee oh’ how many looks in the mirror
Oh Lord well anyway I need to get my notes up as well for tonight
those old Oh my old favourite say there’s Tom and Paul and Tim hi Tim Tims
an old chum of mine he really is live streams and notes here we go jeez well I
just like to start off by saying there’s Chris said gji I just like to say and
Catherine Oh somebody beat me to that one I’m just thinking of those guys in V
kale and I think it Mike I’m not an expert at this but I know aid for
instance a blast he’s on the channel he lives to the west of the Great Divide
and he hasn’t had rained for you know 18 months a couple of years so where I went
because I was skyping him about 2 or 3 months ago
on Google Maps and I found this place and all this that’s said though it looks
like you got all lakes all around you he said no dog bone dry all the sheep
are gone the cattle gone no horses nothing all right
and I just saw its worth what else is this kind of I can’t do anything about
it obviously but I’m just thinking of them because there’s people dying and
there’s fire asleep it’s awful and while we’re at it I mean for instance on Wednesday morning Wednesday morning we
got some news about business which was just dreadful and when when Dean I had
cooked three or four hours utter crap really few phone calls trying
to patch things up and at exactly the same time I happened to see that tweets
from the complete numpty thing the DX calendar product so he didn’t say shit
he said shite with an e on the end that’s like kind of really disrespectful
and I mean you and I know my products aren’t shy but he’s probably not even a
couple of course he’s not a customer he’s just a loudmouth you know and that
kind of set me down into a spiral little spiral staircase II thing and it was
just a crashed if you know what I mean when he said about 2:00 3:00 in the
afternoon just go and have a sleep and you wake up again obviously it’s really
handy doing the hands cuz I mean on Wednesday I thought how on earth am I
gonna go make another video I mean I felt so bad about everything you know
complete crash but anyway I’m back up now that’s the point and I just like to
say that there’s other people out there some of you may be a g7 hard time so I
heard my original mentor I hardly know him actually I’m not gonna say who he is
but amateur radio guy who helped me with my m3 course I’m a foundation and not it
with already a club somewhere else he’s having a really hard time right now he’s
got really with gear and just want to talk to anybody he doesn’t go out
and and if he’s feeling like I felt on Wednesday every day there’s no life you
know and then I realized I get little messages from you when I say things like
this not everybody but one or two people two people any point in time are just
having a really hard time so thanks mark was kind of you Carrie hung I’m just
having a real hole time I know my heart goes out to them it does
honestly breathe believe me it just does because I know what it’s like my no are
generally temporary if you know what I mean doesn’t feel like that at the time
but there we are so I had a bit more time I count as John Fisher hello Oh
Donny you always have a friend here mate I must admit the YouTube thing right
which I started six months a year after my lightning strike really helped me
actually really did because the lightning strike which came to 26,000
pounds and everything everything was new you know I’m not set down on the
lightning strike video and I didn’t like it I wanted my own gear back I broke
down one day if I said this on on video I didn’t want all the attention I didn’t
want the bloody money I wanted my old FT 1000 MP back you know just a normal
little stuff for my amplifiers and must be cousin everything was shot amazing anyway I had an email from a girl the
other day who was also hit by lightning who empathize with me because he he kind
of crashed and burned inside a few months after it happened
funny how it affects affects us and that and there’s some names on here right
tonight on my on the chat who I know for a fact have either had or
our time or having a hard time some are like this after them as well not even
name them so yeah well I’m I’ve got a few Easter Egg e things tonight some fun
fun stuff that I prepared earlier on before I
well after took the dogs out this morning um suck it up buttercup
well yeah it’s really easy to say it’s very difficult when you’re the buttercup
you know I mean so my weight loss I don’t think in editing sound I mean with
the Wednesday thing and a few other things
I’ve got snot change he’s just happening at the moment
give me another couple of three months and I think the tail end of my life will
will just come in I just like to submission that the teeth
it’s he is the icy 9700 so the oh I see 9700 I plugged the USB port in Windows
went clean clean clean you know installing drivers everybody’s fine
I noticed I had a new serial port and you’re the new sound card brilliant I
went to my email got a ham radio ducks the new license key downloaded ham radio
direct six point seven or whatever it is fired up it’s got the 9700 in it
connected that 19.2 9200 board it’ll work just worked fine absolutely
straight out huh then I went to hamburger deluxe the DM 780 okay and
then we’re gonna s be hit the data button if you’ve got a knowledge 700
found a little little birdie and I could see it on the trace great so I got the
right sound card somebody approved Kevin Jones is come in there but couldn’t
transmit all right click everybody works you know the vfo all the cat works sound
cards work and everything but the physical the USB sound card it’s like
the back of the night at nine ninety ninety seven hundred like doesn’t want
the audio in so I got on the phone to the gas lab
Frank here’s to making good she’ll hate be ornery when I went passed my test a
couple of weeks your wisdom is priceless says Frank lovely in the main you could
show all this stuff mo craft he’s alright so um because for
some reason right you might say something on the stream here and he gets
blocked and one of the moderators in blue
what’s blue for me mommy did we go for you just has to approve it and in the
main 99.9% of everything can be approved this sort let you know but if you use
words like shite or bastard and by the way this is an adult show which is just
as well I was telling about the 9700 so in the end over to speak to Gary on the
phone he works at Martin Lynch and he said well did you watch my video I said
yeah what’s your video that you did about the 9700 but you didn’t get as far
as squirting audio in and out of it right no no I didn’t so then he got the
Internet and everything else we did a bit of fault-finding but I’m quite good
with ham radio ducks and WS jtx and everything I know how it works and what
he’s trying to do and I just need to open up the back port to let their tones
you know diddly PSK – he won’t know what in fact it was good enough that on jt65
I actually decoded a 2-meter station who was calling I thought I can’t wait to
get on it but I can’t get man squirty my audio in anyway no just annoying
right but anyway so now don’t show most of my shows are adult which is just as
well because the I think you’ve got to be at least 13 – what’s YouTube anyway
because it doesn’t measure it below that but the 30 my stats right the 13 to 17
year old audience is 0 not even point o 1% because somebody
said the oh they said all you you shouldn’t vote vape on YouTube you
children’s here the good news is all right you might have a little kid on
your knee all right well no but anyway you know that mean I’m just reminding
you that some but icky my live stuff right I might
swear all right or my vape or I might drink alcohol or
sit in naked for all I care because it’s adult right okay
so we’ve had over two million views of course I get one dollar for every view
as if I think two million views is pretty good in a couple of years right
where are we now November two and a bit years that’s what we’ve done now you kid
says Sam yeah that’ll be good wouldn’t it we’ve got 15,000 subscribers I mean they
say you mustn’t measure the subscriber base but it’s something it’s just a
metric it’s just something you can measure why if it’s not supposed to be
measured why do they give it to me that all right so there we are and we get
about a hundred at least wear a toga says bat riot but we get about a
hundreds of the house interviews months amazing isn’t it but the stats are in
terms of who you guys are is that the audience is 0.1 percent
female and they’re normally if you look at my numbers they’re about my age in
other words they’re probably your wives right but we do have there’s an 18 to
24-year old band two and a quarter percent so what’s two and a quarter
percent of 15,000 I’m getting that many younger people which quite interesting
isn’t it the UK in USA together collectively have 70% of everybody here
right and then the other the other 30% is made up of 10% is Canada Australia
Germany in Netherlands and then it’s like those nodes of other countries the
lowest watch time is Bangladesh Morocco and Chechnya all right but even Russia
had 600 minutes with watch time last month and that amazing but more than
half the viewers are not subscribe now we’d like to convert everybody I
would have 30,000 subscribers what’s that gonna give me nothing it’s just a
number but it would be great okay just makes me feel better because
it’s something that I like to measure because I’ve got this dream and I think
in eight years time we get to a hundred thousand subscribers and then YouTube’s
send me this little plat sort of silver play button which we can put on the wall
here now if I’m still alive i’ll be–i’ll open it on the channel and
start crying and thanking everybody so there we are people watch the X Kamala
channel 15% Amana Teddy let’s go existing 13% on tablet 31% on a mobile
phone amazing only 40% on a big machine PC you know ah there we are
I make about some bit between 190 and 210 pounds which is about 375 dollars a
month off by advertising but I’ve now stopped monetizing their live stream
when it’s live all right so there’s no money but at the end of it I’ll go in
and monetize it so by the next morning I’ll have made another fiver right and
there we are I have calculated I spend about two hours a day on average
probably fourteen hours a week playing YouTube either creating it managing it
whatever else so it doesn’t actually pay for itself but it’s good for the
business it’s good for my state of mind means I can confess to you lot and be
kind of normal it took myself and truthful my best
performing video that is hamlet ham radio related is how to make a cheap
shawl wave antenna which was a little five-minute thing and it wasn’t well
done either so there well now Telford said oh we’ve got a commemorative mug we
would like to send you alright so itself would have been going fifty
years seventy five years done me wrong I mean there’s clubs that are being going
his muse me as an years and years but anyway
oh these little these ain’t chips these things but sure enough there was a mug
here alright and it’s not this one not tonight
it looks very pleasant leads quite a big mug but bubble wrap I’m expecting Django
to be brought in the minute it’s their golden jubilee
that’s the mug they’re very nice and it must be supposed to be their call sign
they’ve got for the club calls Harley’s g3 said Hemi and g6 as they dare me
Telford and district 50th anniversary how much already the club and its got
like a phoenix it’s that a phoenix thing going on can you see that not very well
i think i couldn’t sue that in a little bit not very well not very well another
thing anyway sorry about that I need another camera that I could you
know I don’t directors just talking to me yeah yeah okay and here live on the
show is Django any come mate good boy Danielle he likes to play tug why not
that sort up with this thing but you just lie on the floor and shut up mate
because when they take junior upstairs now
I’ll show you a picture in it right so my week in Slapton sands it’s quite
interesting it’s been a radio as well but Slapton was evacuated in the second
world war for a year right while they practiced the d-day he’s not
asleep he’s dad’s voice you see while they
practiced the d-day landings so because apparently the beach that they were the
beach that they were gonna have a go at was very similar that’s trapped and you
got the beach there was a road and then water
I’ll show you can go on the internet never look but I’ve got some big shoes
I’ll show you um he has grown yeah you’ll see that in a minute
Jagger just settle down we’ve settled from here look at that
sit oh no well over he can’t do any of that he does say oh I’ve just heard him
say it’s well they practiced the d-day landing and but while they were
practicing it some German e-boats I don’t know what they are but they’re
quite fast attack boats or something discovered a like an unprotected convoy
and sunk a lot of ships and most of the Americans actually like six or seven
hundred men who went down in these burning
boats terrible isn’t it really really terrible but in the process of all this
a tank got lost fell off one of them you know into sixty foot of water and it so
happened the men got out I don’t think got out while it was sinking or whatever
else because a Sherman tank is three or four crew isn’t it anyway we got out
that’s the point but this thing lay there the bottom of Slapton sands in
sixty foot of water and fishermen would lose their nets on a and things like
that and then a man whose father discovered this thing some fisherman
said oh here’s a tank down there but it was still owned by America so what you
have to do is buy it from the Americans for a dollar or something and then they
took in years to get permission to get this thing out when they hooked it up
and towed out on the machinery she ran on its own tracks still after sixty
years means 60 foot underwater but I’ll show you bit of that now he’s
transitioning about how he stars so this is my dash cam right there strapped in
ahead of you um the roads in Devon are very very tight in fact this is where I
did my parks on the air from and not quite sure if I was actually in the park
thinking about that was in the car park anyway and and that was day one that’s
what it was like when we actually turned up
and that’s daylight there but obviously I’ve speeded this up but Slapton has
these tiny little roads so I had to go forward let this car were through and we
found this place right but looking for a cottage in the middle
of the night with no streetlights fog and heavy rain was very very treacherous
and how the hell are we supposed to find it when I did this all this Wiggly to do
and rowdy I thought well maybe I’m gonna get stuck but anyway the directions
assumed daylight not complete darkness of no visibility the gate was just there
to the left actually so its own extract and I’ll show you the tank in a minute but it was it was it was nice you know
toy to play Radeon the mobile I’ve got more thoughts about that in a minute but
also bought myself a little sketchbook and some pencils and so I could add some
designs what happens is for instance a Delta loop so don’t have a round boom
and then how does it all fit together and then when they go in the internet
and then I look at vampy arrangements what could be easy I couldn’t easily
Bend 90-degree things so should I you know you come up with a parts list but
having a sketchbook handy it means that you can just sort of formulate things in
your mind never DX commander orb and vertical I built on two sheets of paper
just to get my mind straight and then apparently I’m some of us have got this
ability to picture something in 3d in the mind and I can swing it around like
this so once I’ve got most of the sort of bugs ironed out I can then almost
just close my eyes and do the design work so that’s why I’ve got this Delta
loop I think I know exactly how it’s gonna be built but it’s probably gonna
be a couple of minor minor changes the block problem is a bloody internet down
exceptional was which about 1 Meg on a good day but I
got it down as far as half of Meg what you don’t realize when you boot up like
a laptop certainly at Windows PC and you’ve got the Adobe suite and Dropbox
and also they all want to log in oh just where I’m just waiting on any data
I would like to synchronize my files please Adobe Premiere is going um just
to make sure I’m okay to you know run this program and he’s got a license and
you get flatlined on my internet bandwidth for about 10 minutes now I’ve
got 350 times more internet than I have darling slept and so I don’t see the
effect on a fast internet connection or even a 4G connection I didn’t at least
signal though it was really painful doing any research I couldn’t even watch
my own videos you know I’ll just take a glug of milk and read the comments dashcam set up next base 512 512 the
theater I just bought it was about a hundred bucks
ish so there we are a drunken thief is wrong you sweeter
chat so yeah it’s so good I just can’t enjoy you know getting my pencils out
and having a little play rather nice little pencil set to be honest but did I
mean you know I thought oh I was gonna use this square boom and I was gonna
have it in a diamond configuration but I’ve you know with a 45 degree but just
all sorts of things but in the end I in fact I got it now uh I’ll tell you
forgot me Oh God it’ll come to me in the morning
it’s a square boom that’s the point so it’ll fit nicely up against the mast and
it means I can censor everything to drill holes and stuff it should be good
oh I remember how I’m gonna do it yet very cool
so the tank I played the tank one actually because it’s a it’s it’s a so
this family dragged it home the sea that each very sweet Vilnius that’s a
lovely board by the side of it the nice thing is nobody died in this time gonna
rust and turn the volume down music and I was amazed that they they dragged it
out on its own running gear you know quite a quite remarkable
but the template the little park they’ve got the information Alexi I just think
it’s really nice they’ve got this here because it gives us a focus of the
remembrance parades we have and things I was brought up you know remembering
there there are many many many very young men boys really is even a
McCormack Thomas McCormick one of he’s related I suppose it would be really
it’s beautiful I’m just so proud that you know they
pulled out of the water so yeah 60 years 60 60 60 feet under it’s only been out
for a couple of years hurry there’s some lovely articles on on the internet about
it no I didn’t really know anything about
Slapton sands and we only booked Slapton because we didn’t book beautifully we
normally go to bead and is there any Scotch in that milk says bill no there’s
not but I said it’s a four-hour drive and we’ll go to Slapton cuz it’s
probably a little bit less it turned out he wasn’t apparently wasn’t probably it
was a negative benefit because he took us about four or five hours we couldn’t
can you imagine driving around this little village with no streetlights in
the fog and the rain and the dark trying to follow the signs that says when you
can see the church turn left I mean Oh ridiculous oh you will on your
after a few yards is set on your left after a few yards what was a few yards
be he turns out it’s about sixty bloomin yards they people maybe is amateur radio
operator with better instructions I don’t know but I felt the instructions
were charged ah there we are I keep clipping on the
meter so I’m pologize Bella um come Monday yes
course we’re coming up to Remembrance Day on May so and I was just thinking in
the car that they were boys weren’t they really I mean there was an older man who
got shot the bits as well particularly the d-day landing that was horrendous
wasn’t it there boys you know my son’s older than a lot of
the lads who got shot on that beach all wasted life but on the other hand what
do you do you know you got Hitler you know I’m not blaming the Germans now
it’s not a go don’t mention the war that was a program on TV called Fawlty Towers
with Basil Fawlty John Cleese and that was just a very funny clip once where
some Germans came to stuff John Cleese mid Basil Fawlty was that don’t mention
a war you know so what we do next he’s so having this TS mm in the car and
I’m just gonna scroll down as old I don’t want to cover things that were
already covered I’m really enjoying and which are he said there are starting on
the livestream and by the way I’m not gonna flock this said he’ll thing to
death okay tonight is the last time and then we’ll move on because there’ll be
another day another day or a VK or Hawaii or some you know a bit of exotic
somewhere so but I will play it for those people who haven’t seen it yet
because it was to give you the inspiration this is nothing about me I
wasn’t clever right getting DX on a whip all the way around the world
okay it’s not being clever it’s just if you call CQ some magic sometimes happens
that’s all it is okay so it’s nothing to do with being being clever but I I was
encouraged to have a look at parks on the air which I thought was only
American but in fact it’s worldwide all right and
parks and areas of the UK you can light up you know areas of special scientific
interest and areas of outstanding beauty you you can light up they’ve got a
number you know you can sit in your car or walk up a hill or whatever else see I
looked at summits on the air but I’m not a sore guy I don’t actually like
climbing up hills mountains it’s not my thing but parks on the air I felt oh
that’s handy cuz I could have a little antenna in the car and I think oh I’ll
Drive up here well it’s a park you know set my little aerial up good area you
know it’s big one you know and I can have a laughter than that and of course
two on VHF as well and so cool soft downy slap sure and I’m thinking oh we
could have a laugh doing it there my little 40 meter whip as if you know it
might be lucky to get into Kappa Alpha land you know the Netherlands um wasn’t
expecting actually to be frankly I mean I did gauge it to be the right time of
day for some heavy DX round the other side of the world but I didn’t honestly
think on a mobile whip it was physically possible but anyway it was this is the
night okay I took that just before I go on the bus watch sulla Lima for radio Florida
that’s amazing my name is Cal or Callum I’m doing a parks on the air activation
so you’re g SS 74 but listen ZL for RM f you honestly about five and seven over well run unbelief no I can’t physically
hear that so I couldn’t gauge at the right time to end it so if I overdid it
or apologize it hits my reaction was quite funny I seemed funnier is if you
watch that back there was like a PA station which for us on for teammates is
just up the road Babil al fer right the Netherlands and and I heard wrong as
well and just told him to shut up get the kill everybody else it’s funny
when you tell the major DX do you notice just stand by you in the queue yeah
whatever so oh well while I’m paying well I’m playing a little bit I’ve got
one last I called of Easter eggs I don’t know why it’s just little bits of b-roll
I just throw in and it’s quite easy to do that but uh yet janko’s getting
bigger so he’s he weighs the same as junior now unbelievable just eats the
same size only seven months old so does a dog keep growing for its eighteen
months until they like level off so he’s probably at ninety percent now in
fairness but Wendy loves beaches because she gets her head down and she collects
shells and things like that and then she crushes him up makes mosaics with them I
mean it’s very nice she loves her craft you see she’s quite often he play either
painting something or sticking something on something else you know so a lot of
the time she’s just got a head down and she can’t see the nice view or anything
else okay Sam Sharples larger dogs 180 months you hope it’s not a person yeah
okay 8d James hello mate Goldie Henry Django jr. playdate oh my I’ll just show
you I love watching the waves I can get some
really nice thinking time tuna it was just very pleasant watching so there’s
there’s the puppy on the left now on the right we’re just picking up starfish bit
of slow motion here just for fun though you can tell he’s a bit bit of a thug
the one on the left Jango you can tell you to meet the bigger
Coney he has got swimming confused that make is just quite excitable there’s me let’s begin house points for a party
shall we spend most of our time just watching the water it’s very it’s
the mine way just the waves coming around something about it nothing let me get my feet wet we’re a and then we went to Dartmouth
which is only six miles around the corner um it’s a it’s a tiny town but
there’s a lot of marine stuff there you know and there’s sir little some little
fairies and in fact we took the ferry on the way back took a bit of video here
just you know yeah we got a ferry boat that’s a few years since I’ve been on
the river dart ferry you know so there we are um something about waves at the
right not the big huge crashy ones or the tiny lapi ones but there’s something
about the right level of wave it’s just love a therapeutics s market and it is
isn’t it Pyro’s keep it up $5 thank you very much indeed it’s very
card cool she don’t have to give me money all right just let me go bars so
what else did I want to cover that’s all the video work tonight I think I want to
do more scratch P work I think that’d be fun and I’ve demonstrated that most – 15
is it a David oh hello all 215 of you ferrets with full G within the main week
an ice cream okay you know I’ve worked that work that out
and even if I set it at 10 frames a second or something and it can’t manage
it doesn’t break the stream it just drops frames so that’s good so anyway
the ex commander has almost made its annual target I have well two months to
go so and it’s really important to me that it makes his annual target because
it’s a business plan and you know next thing I’m gonna work harder and all that
stuff so sometime next week I’ll make make a Christmas present video right
that you can show your partners so you can say look that’s only 50 quid I’ll
have one of them you worried about you know what’s about we might want some
nice some of that military wire I’ll do some little Christmas ideas really son
get your business and you don’t – give me $5 psych Brian Rose did all
right you wanna buy a couple of poles or seven meter pole or the little
expedition pole things like that you’re all giving us rat one what a great
handle five fans thank you Christmas what he’s getting me Cal Tom
I’m getting you them get you a nice little pacifier so I think you could you
could suck on this and special gloves so you can’t type do you build hammer
yourself or are you just a speaker no no the ex-commander has has product in fact
James is building me a new website it’s kind of in my court a moment I have to
go and see him fact James just to talk business we probably need a meeting this
week anyway just to wrap up a few other things um it’s all got my Christmas
video the 12-volt system I’ve discussed it needs a day faffing around and we
call them a dummy says Tony now wonder where Tony’s from because we call them
dummies in the UK but I think in America they call them pacifiers or maybe it’s
somewhere maybe that’s Australia I don’t know
trouble is it’s a lot of words very slightly different across all the
different continents olmec yeah yes we’ve got a few things to go over
good ah yeah the 12-volt system sister so I think I need to see need to go and
see James you got some slightly thicker wire so I can remake the 30 amp cables
I’ve got the big fuses for 250 amp fuses now so that would blow on the dead short
things like that and then we can go out in the Hills well I call it the hills
doesn’t really matter we can just go out and have some fun because I really
enjoyed a live stream and on the radio bit and by the way someone just doesn’t
always work I’ve had times where we’ve called CQ and there’s like nothing out
there but we have a laugh anyway don’t we so want to do that so another day for
zero the IC 9700 I’ve told you is really pissing me off for the USB soundcard
it’s something in the menu and it says I want to be able to switch it on and
there’s no ability to switch it on so I don’t know if they’ve made
mistake in the firmware but no idea I said last night he’s quite heavy the big
80 meter pole system components have arrived so I’ll be threading these I’ve
had these holes made borrow it 5.2 million is the right size hole for a tap
I’ve got to read what Tim says I’ll never forget going on the expedition to
the VK guys I was told that I’m only allowed to bring one pair of thongs hilarious and there we are
Delta loop I’ve kind of mentioned it’s not Delta Lube it’s a two element Delta
loop that’s the things for VHF the super poseable quite lightweight but strong
enough to put up on the wall you know buy a house what a world
tiny little road Sage’s by the way he says such a thing as a 12-volt rotator
cuz on the market for one and I’ll not make it one of them the Internet have
discussed and the last thing is our chair watch is falling apart and but
when you look at nice chairs cluster bomb don’t they so what I might
do is actually take this one back to the office and one night and and you know on
the quiet swap it was hardly office there’s the arms falling apart so have
you had a pleasant experience tonight I think so
very relaxing okay it’s just kind of getting in the back of this in the swing
of things I need to make a video for next Friday night because that’s the
pressures always on to keep generating I’ve got tons of content but it’s
prioritizing it okay so the priority really is I’ve got to get this eighty
mean the thing I’m running so maybe I’ll just film me doing it and we can have a
chat about the problems and opportunities we’ve got as we make this
80 meter and if I can get round to him there’s a couple of little components
and needs a source I need to speak to staff sta UWF staff pipe clamps and I
did have this salesman’s contact details because he was gonna give me
distributer deal you know cuz I said I’ll buy hundred and he’s got his target
to make hasn’t he so but I’ve lost him well it’s just the
story of my life and they’ve got it’s still at too many
cameras so the canon 5d and the 60d we’re never using all this money lying
around I would use the 5d which is just you probably see the tripod yeah but I
can’t get the same color as a can on this camera if I put in side by side
they’re just wrong now don’t know how to fix it and I can
fix it in software post-production it’s just hassle I just want to fire up
both cameras and they look the same which I thought I’d just buy maybe
another for a TD or maybe you’ve got to buy them matched on the same batch or
something other than the problems have been a bloomin youtuber and buying nice
gear because this is quite it’s quite a nice camera the ATD the 5d is I
completely blow me over the top if I was talking to Gerard about this at the BBC
because they’ve got a cupboard they just take the 5d that lens this microphone
they go out and shoot stuff but he’s come from conclusion that the 5d is a
great stills camera alright it’s just a bit awkward as a as a prosumer video
camera there we are I fear I have waffled far too much
tonight white balance on a piece of paper John tried that as well
there’s tone contrast there’s a load of other settings as well go over the
settings of the camera uh-huh too cumbersome for video says James yeah
that’s that’s the point is that will allow you to get this as well
Roy Davis is saying buy time base corrector okay you since doesn’t send
other diets what will awake how we don’t mind well listen I’ve done 45 minutes
and geez I’m normally sitting here it’s about 20 minutes to go
I’ll get OBS running I get the mixer up running I had to fire everything up and
change the battery in the camera as well and I’d about three and a half minutes
and he within to life minutes on a test card up money denied i was pretty mean
yeah thoughts on 9700 I haven’t got any thoughts and I haven’t it’s pissing me
off for the moment to be honest it’s not as easy as the Kenwood’s there we are
right I’ll stay on the chat but I’ll hit the end button now it’s a portable
rotator Oh what was that what was that Richard check out portable rotation ok
I’m putting out my clipboard now I’ll have a look at that in a minute ok
thanks for out then if not I’ll have to get a little inverter which would be
really noisy but you have to switch it on turn the rotator and switch it back
off I’ve heard people doing that before they well yeah talk to Steve yeah well I
know Steve came on GMM why would I talk to him anyway he uses lots of what Canon
5ds the trouble is fuck got loaded cannon
5ds everything life will be fine but I haven’t I’ve got 80 days 60 days and a
5d I’m gonna press that button and I’ll disappear all the best see you next time
thanks for tuning in enjoy your radio as I used to say I still do and I’ll enjoy
mine and just remember if you have an hour time at the moment it shouldn’t be
not out forever alright it will pick up cheers for now

21 thoughts on “A Mad Week of RF, Tanks, Beaches, Dogs and Pubs

  1. Well just chock it up to human nature. For every person or group that swears by something.
    Another person or group will swear at it. The internet just reinforces it.

  2. Cal, there is so much I could say… perhaps an email might be in order. I do want to say thanks for the view of the shore and the missus. I really miss having mine around for times just like the one you shared. 73 de AG7TX

  3. I was out on the town and got home about 3am so missed the livestream. But I had to watch the recording before bed anyway! 😊

  4. They shall not grow old
    As we that are left grow old
    Age shall not weary them
    Nor the years condemn
    At the going down of the sun,and in the morning,
    We will remember them.

    Lest We Forget
    ================================================================="Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives,
    you are now lying in the soil of a friendly country.
    Therefore rest in peace.
    There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours.
    You the mothers who sent their sons from far away countries wipe away your tears.
    Your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace.
    After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well."
      * Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – Founder of modern Turkey. 1934.

    We stop at 11 O'clock on the 11th day of the 11th month to pause for one minute to commemorate all the souls lost in the Great War.
    We further take a moment to remember all those who fought and served, died, were injured and irrevocably altered during other campaigns of conflict.
    We especially take leave to consider those who are currently engaged at home and abroad who tread the perilous mile so that every man may sleep soundly knowing his home is being defended by his brothers who ask nothing and yet are willing to give their all.
       * Ade Larsen, 2019

  5. Hi Cal, Thanks for the Talk , always a pleasure to hear yr views, I can imagine this is really a labour of love for you, but does take commitment. We appreciate your level of insite and personal touch, again, we all feel your a friend. Again Kudos on the Mobile/ Portable ops. You have inspired me to get a proper antenna for my mobile ops in Bulgaria now!! The Bands are up n down, VK great on 20m one week, n not the next,..but Call CQ, as you say, n someone will eventually reply. All the Best Cal, from Bahrain!! A92GW AE1TP. Tom

  6. Hi Cal, glad you have weathered your own storm, having dealt with your sh*te. There's always some git with an axe to grind, and will think nothing of p155ing on your chips, just to score some theoretical kudos points.
    I have some great news for you. According to the Magic mapping system used by Natural England, the whole of the sea frontage at Slapton Sands is part of the Slapton Leys NNR. Your log is 'kosher'.
    If you want to check the boundaries of any of the conservation area type POTA parks (NNR/SPA/SSSI etc), just google "Designated Sites" followed by the name of the location you want to query. This will provide you with all the textual info for the park/area, along with a link to the map for the area. Hope this helps.


  7. keep up the good work, you are becoming an ambassador, for the hobby. i'm down at the moment and simple things like this channel give me a lift, thanks………ps, your test card music sounds like its background music in a phoney Chinese resrataurant!

  8. Great content in this video a pleasure to watch, the clip of the Slapton Sands tank memorial was very moving. Less we forget.

  9. cal you know if your product was real shite there is no way you would be as popular and have all these followers on here and Facebook if it was really shite. Ham radio operators are harsh and if a product doesn't work they will abandon it and move on to something that does. So the fact that you are still here means you are doing something right. Keep up the good work cal.

  10. Missed you in Slapton by about an hour Cal! I was operating mobile on 80/40 activating WAB squares and Lighthouses etc ….watched your live stream on the way home, glad you enjoyed yourself, lovely location 👍 and yep the weather was really awful.

  11. Cal, four and a half minutes in you said something about your product being trashed by someone. Well you listen to me Cal – no i do not know you in a personal fashion. But you are who you are a person whom cares about what you sell to others – I understand this. Those who know you also know this as well. If i paid you for a thing you sold and it was not right i am certain you would make it right. My feelings on that my friend.
    You put a lot into what you do, and you care about it. This is quite apparent to me. When you get the 80 meter pole worked out – i will part with
    my cash with a smile. Because i am certain it will be a good thing. Done and done.
    Only those who know a product or person can pass a judgement upon either. It is reckless and disrespectful to trash a thing or person without
    close personal knowledge of either. Stand tall Cal you have earned it, you're not a scumbag selling junk.
    Always going to be haters – jealousy perhaps? Calm yourself, you know what you do and sell is as advertised.
    My pat on the back for you Cal. People suck some more than others, do not let that get to you. Negativity seems to be a sport.

  12. You recently asked about 12v rotators. Look up portablerotation.com. The HD model is fully weather proof. I suspect you need to keep your cable length under control to keep your voltage drop manageable.

  13. Only found your chanel recently but love your attitude. If things get tough I was taught “nil illegitime carborundum” or something like that ie dont let the bastards wear you down. But when its really bad Talk to someone – you have the advantage you can talk to people. For encouragement watch Nick Bundy recent tube.

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