A Die Cut Santa Christmas Gift Tag with Elizabeth Craft Designs

A Die Cut Santa Christmas Gift Tag with Elizabeth Craft Designs

hi and welcome to Sunday stamping with
Hedgehog Hollow and Elizabeth crafts designs this is our final video tutorial
of 2017 we back in 2018 with lots of new releases and new ideas for you but today
we’re creating a great last minute gift tag of a Santa so let’s get started so first of all let’s take a quick look
at the tag we’re gonna add some great details to it you’ve got the Christmas
greetings there at the bottom which is actually a heat emboss so we’ll
be doing that with some Elizabeth craft sentiments we’re creating a buckle we’re
creating that gorgeous belt with the holes in it plus you can see on his
beard there there’s some shimmer on there as well so we’re gonna be adding
that in there too so to start with you’re going to need a piece of the soft
finish ladybug red cardstock that is three inches by five and a half inches
and we’re also gonna use a piece of the soft finish white but first of all you
want to turn that piece over you’ve got a nice white on the other side and you
can see I’m making some marks one inch from the left one inch from the right
and then 1/8 inch down either side and that’s how we’re going to create that
nice taper on there as well so then I’m just going to join those two dots
together using my paper trimmer I like using the ek success cutter P that’s my
favorite trimmer it comes a large and small size and they will be linked up
below the video for you we’re now going to use those fishtail borders and
there’s some great borders in there you can see on the other one I use the
smooth and on this one I’m going to use the crinkle to make it look like he’s
got a curly beard I’m using Pritt stick that’s a British version of Elmer’s glue
stick I had lots left over when we moved here I used to do brownie projects but
if you want to think similar I’ll link up and Elmer’s stick below as well and
the tonic glue stick is also great you’re going to stick that on with the
point there ear uh flea in the middle of your gift tag and I’m gonna leave that
to the side to dry while we make our buckle now the buckle is actually made
out of the pop-up so if the interactive cards you can see it embosses and it
cuts two of those sides I’m gonna join those cuts up to make it a nice
rectangle so it looks like the buckle there and I do leave a little bit of
extra space on the side you can just snip with your scissors to join those up
so you have that nice square there again excuse my head in the way but I’m going
to use my craft knife and I particularly like this one’s from Michaels it’s
called a reflections craft knife recollections rather really nice craft
knife to work with but I’m working all the way
across in what you’ll see is some embossed pieces and that creates this
buckle a great way to use a die in another way and you’ll see there we’ve
created the pieces to feed in our belt now the belt itself is a three-quarter
or just a smidgen under an inch so it’s kind of a thing around about 7/8 of the
black soft finish cardstock and I’m taking a smaller hole punch here and I’m
going to punch my way along I couldn’t find my crop-a-dile which would be
perfect for this to get super even holes but this works really well to get some
penny even once I made sure that the top of my punch top was on the top of my
cardstock and that made sure it was nice and even so I’m feeding this through it
so you can see now how it creates that buckle and how awesome that looks now
you can Center up however you like whether you want the holes on display or
not you can make that decision yourself again I’m taking my paper trimmer and
I’m trimming down that piece of white cardstock it’s white soft finish again
and I’m just trimming it down to be the same size as my gift tag I like to have
that little bit of extra just to make sure it’s perfectly centered before I
cut it down now I’m using the thin Elizabeth craft tear tape on this one
and they fit perfectly above and below my holes and so you won’t see any of it
I wouldn’t advise put any tape over your holes otherwise things might stick to it
or it can still be a little bit tacky when you touch it so try to stick above
and below as I say the Elizabeth craft hair tape is perfect for that and again
my buckle is a little bit longer so I can just trim it down and you can see me
doing that there so it’s just the same width again now the final step is to
emboss our sentiment on there and also add that shimmer on his beard so to do
that this is a new version my pen and I decided to go it’s super shimmery on
this and what you’ll notice is on the whole I’m working in a circular motion
now that circular motion makes it look like he has a really fluffy beard and
you’ll see on the first tag at the end there’s pictures of the two of them
together I put a little bit less on there so you can put however much you
want in there for the desired effect that you’re
looking for with you’re looking for a touch of shimmer or whether you’re
looking for a nice fluffy beard you can make that decision yourself so again I’m
using those Christmas sentiments in there everything is linked below the
video for you plus I’ve added a coupon code that’s exclusive to Hedgehog holo
viewers so do check that out as well and I’m something out with my Versamark I’ve
recently started using these lawn fawn blocks they’re really nice to work with
they’ve got lines and things on them to help you line things up perfectly
I like these tidy trays or tiny trays to use my embossing you can see how easy it
is then to put everything back and I’ve already heat emboss that with my Vagner
heat tool I’m taking that small hole punch again and I actually made three
holes because I couldn’t find my larger hole punch and that was then perfect to
put this piece of a ribbon through so angle it up and then you’ve got a nice
long point to put it through and then I just loop it here you can see and pop
the two ends through that loop to give you that nice tie on there you can leave
it long or short depending on what you’re doing
I shortened this and I normally use a pair of ribbon scissors that are
thinking out again I’ll link those up for you so you can see there are two
tags super pretty great last-minute as I say or maybe you’re looking for some
other ways to stretch your supplies you could always keep this in the bank for
next year some of these items are retiring so I would advise you to add
them to your stash and thanks so much for joining me don’t forget to check out
those links that are below the video plus the exclusive coupon code there’s
also some great sales going on and all of that is linked below the video for
you do hit that subscribe button or stamp it if you prefer and we’d love if
you gave us a thumbs up for this video thanks so much for joining me here
throughout 2017 for sunday stamping with hedgehog Hollow and I will see you again
next year a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year bye

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  1. Great tags! Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us! Have a Blessed, Healthy, Happy, Merry Christmas & New Year!!!

  2. Thank you for your wonderful videos. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Hedgehog Hollow team and Alexandra!!! Waiting for all your videos for 2018!!

  3. Just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year take care and see you in 2018 xx

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