A day on the beach at Cascais, (Praia da Rainha) Near Lisbon, Portugal.

A day on the beach at Cascais, (Praia da Rainha) Near Lisbon, Portugal.

It’s our last but one day here in Lisbon. We’re walking down from our apartment here in er, Bairro Alto, and we’re going all the way down to Cais do Sodré to take a train to Cascais. (honking) Watch out! Taxi! That’s a blast from the past – that sign. How are you feeling today, Isabel? Greasy. Greasy? Ho ho, OK. Is that the emollient? [Izzy] Mm! [Imo] Yeh. We’ve come across a giant boxing glove with a design carved into it. Very clever. There’s a wall a bit like that, a little way away. We’re just, um, standing outside the Ascensor da Bica. I’m not… we’re not gonna go on it, but I just wanted to show it to you. Look how steep it is! And there’s a tram coming down it now. I’ve climbed up it in the past. In yesterday’s vlog I featured the Elevador da Gloria! Traaaaam! (sings fake trumpet version of ‘King of the Swingers’ randomly) Bird sitting on an octopus. Quite random, but very pretty. …Cos we’re just on the train, looking for somewhere to sit. It’s a really long train, so because it was just about to leave we thought we’d grab… We got on the nearest carriage, which is the most populated, as you might imagine. But I reckon if we just keep going there’ll be loads of seats. OK. Here we are. So Izzy is tucking into a doughnut. Mm. It’s really good, actually. Let’s have a zoom-in on the doughnut shot. Mmmm! Izzy’s a bit of a doughnut addict, aren’t you? [Both] Yeh. So this is where we are. I’ve just passed the first stop. The train track runs along side the road here. I think that’s kind of cool. That’s the museum of ancient art, there. This is Alcântara. Cor, look at all those tower cranes, there. We WERE gonna sit over there, but it’s so graffitied we couldn’t see out of the window. We’re just passing through Belém now. This is where there’s a big famous monastery, and it’s the home of the Pastel de Nata! And also, there’s a big cultural centre here, too. That’s the monastery, just through there. And that’s a very lovely park. There’s a big fountainy thing there, which comes squirting up, from time to time. And that’s the CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém. Izzy’s trying a one of these folhado de salsicha. It’s basically… looks like a sausage roll, kind of. The sausage was falling out a minute ago, but we wedged it back in. How is it? Mm! Good! Is it good? Is it like the sausage rolls that you’re used to? Mmm. It’s different, but it’s good. In what way is it different? The flavours are different. What about the texture? No, it’s kind of the same, but the pastry’s more bouncy. More bouncy? Yeh. That’s a good description. That’s the sort of description an adult wouldn’t think to use. But it’s probably a really good description, actually. It IS more bouncy, though! Mm. Cool. And what does the meat taste like? More flavoursome. It’s a stronger flavour, is it? Is it salty? Yeh. This train takes about 30 minutes to get from Cais de Sodré to Cascais. A little bit longer. But there are no toilets on it, so don’t get on it busting for a wee, because you’ll have an uncomfortable journey. We’re here at Cascais, and guess what? Everybody got off the train, and we didn’t realise we were here cos we couldn’t see out of the window because of that. And I had my ear-buds in cos I was learning Portuguese off an app. And er, everyone got off the train, and I pulled my ear-buds out and I said to my boyfriend and Izzy, “Was there an announcement then?” “Like, change train or something?” Cos EVERYBODY seemed to get off, and they said, “Nah, nah, must be just a popular stop.” And we sat there for a while and then two guards came on and I was asking them, in Portuguese, like, “Does this train go to Cascais?” and they were saying, “You’re IN Cascais!” And I looked out of the door, and lo and behold, we were already here! So, here we are! The girly shopping experience has begun. we’re going into shop #2 now. 3. Which is this one. 3. Izzy was finished with her shopping in record time. She was in and out in a flash. Mummy! What? [Izzy] Look at his head! [Imo] That is a little disturbing, it’s true! I’m just looking for somewhere to have a wee. And then we’re gonna go and sit on the beach, and Izzy’s gonna do sand art. So, the place that we’ve come for a wee happens to be O’Luain’s Irish Bar. Which we are quite familiar with, because we’ve been playing tunes in here the other night. Haven’t we? I didn’t film that, though. Izzy’s having a coke. I’m having a coffee: a meia de leite, which is what you need to ask for if you want a milky one. I don’t drink a lot of dairy, but I am at the moment. Mum’s been saying she’s going to try and cut off dairy, but she’s failing, miserably! We’ve got waylaid in a little souvenir shop now, but there’s all stationery in here! I love all this stuff. Ah, look at the colours. Ha ha ha! I wish Iived here, then I could actually justify buying things, but we can’t take it home in the case, but Isabel’s making a purchase. What are you buying? I’m gonna get two of these. Oh, OK. Cool. One for my friend. And I’m buying some hair bobbles, cos we’re running out. We’ve come to the beach now. We were here a couple of days ago, but er, we didn’t have very long to spend and Izzy really wanted to come back. Look, the tide’s in quite a lot, but it’s going out. Can you see how far it’s been up, Izzy? [Izzy] Yeh. [Imo] So, it’s obviously going out, so, we’ll still be able to have some fun. Oh, maybe it’s coming in. I think it’s going out, though. We’ve climbed up on the rock, here. Ooh, that little girl was doing gymnastics, there. Perhaps you can do some too, Izzy? Is that a worm? Izzy thinks the tide might be coming in. Dunno. [Izzy] Look. Look over here. [Imo] Yeh, maybe. Sometimes the waves are bigger than others. We’re gonna be joined presently by a friend of mine who lives here. He’s just gone to the post office, and then he’s coming down. Cor, look at all those birds, there. Oh, what’s that one got? Ah, is that a piece of rubbish? What a shame to see the wildlife pecking at rubbish like that. Me and Izzy have been reading quite a lot about, sort of marine issues lately. Been reading about turtles eating what they think is jelly fish, but actually it’s clear plastic bags, and it’s getting it all tangled up in their intestines and it’s killing them. Oh that was nice. Charming. Just when you’re on camera, too! I wonder why they’ve all come in, all of a sudden? (boyfriend sings silly song) That’s beautiful, darling. You’re not in shot. [Boyfriend] Good. [Imo] I got your lovely singing, though. [Boyfriend] Oh great. Well, there you are then. You knew that something was has been worth while. [Spanish lady behind us] Hello? Olá? The sea’s just starting to lap around the rock now. We’re gonna have to keep an eye on this, I think, or we could be in danger of getting cut off. Which we don’t want to be, do we? I do, it would be fun! It WON’T be fun! We’ll be soaking wet and cold! What are you drawing, Izzy? Erza. Yeh? Is that the hair you’re doing there? Is that a pony tail? [Izzy] Ah ha. [Imo] I had a feel it might have been. Here’s Izzy’s very lovely drawing she’s just done in the sand. She’s not very happy with it, but I think it’s brilliant. And here’s mine: I’ve done some ecological-type art. It’s a seagull, and he’s saying, “I don’t like to eat plastic bags.” in Portuguese. Não quero comer sacos plásticos. (squark) Ooh! Watch out Izzy! (laughs) We’ve seen those seagulls over and over, diving down majestically into the sea and coming up with bits of ripped plastic bags in their beaks and we’ve been reading a lot about marine wildlife being poisoned and harmed by plastic bags lately, in books. So, it’s upsetting to see it in real life, but it does certainly send the message home to us. What are you doing next? Ha! Isabel’s doing a massive one here. And she hasn’t really taken account that she’s gonna need more wet sand than she’s got, so she’s got the empty doughnut container, and she’s trying to catch some seawater in it! Oh no, I think the sea’s better round the other way, apparently. Izzy disappeared for a little while, and she’s reappeared with what looks like water in the container. How she managed to procure it I do not know. How did you get that? [Izzy] I’ll tell you later. [Imo] You’ll tell me later?! Oh, here we go. [Imo] (laughs) Not quite enough, is it? [Izzy] Doh, I’m gonna have to go back! We could be here some hours. I’ve found some handy hooks to hang our stuff, so they don’t have to get all damp in the sand. The heat coming out off that wall is lovely, actually. I’m feeling a little bit chilly. Yeh. It’s radiating heat like a big giant beach storage heater. Lovely! I’m just gonna lean up against it while Isabel does whatever it is she’s doing with that water. That’s the view over there. I’ve got this on mega-zoom. There she is again. Ooh, watch out, Izzy. I’m hoping she doesn’t get soaking wet, because we didn’t bring any spare clothes with us, today. She’s prone to getting extremely itchy if she gets wet. So, it won’t be a pleasant trip home if she does. I think you should just start it again. [Izzy] No! [Imo] Somewhere else. [Izzy] No! [Imo] She’s determined. She wants to carry on with that one. I’ve suggested she er, starts over and does it the other way round, so that she’s got the whole stretch of the beach to work with. Oh no! A great big wave just came along and washed the top off that drawing! [Izzy] Give up! That was a good catch! I’m good at catching things. You are good at catching. Well, the worst has happened: she’s got water on her hands and they’re itching now. I thought this was likely to happen. That’s the thing with eczema. Just take things for granted when you haven’t got it, don’t you? Like, just being able to get your hands wet when you’re out and about, and not suffer really, really, really itchy hands then. Izzy’s practising her hand-stands. Oh! Look at that expression! (laughs) She’s mastered the art of er, dignity. Nipping the skirt between the knees, there. It’s actually the thighs! Oh, the thighs. Sorry! Ooooh, I have turned into an actual block of ice. I am so cold, I’ve (been) standing too still. It’s the…. I don’t… no idea what the time is. We’re looking for the boys. They said they were going to somewhere called ‘The Crowbar’. And Izzy would like an ice-cream and I’ve promised her one, because today is a special Izzy day, where Izzy gets to choose what she wants to do. [Izzy] Yey! [Imo] So… er, I’ve… I’m sure we’ve over-shot, to be honest, but I quite fancy a walk to warm up, anyway. Her hands are sore from doing cartwheels in the sand. No: galloping cartwheels. Galloping cartwheels. We’re totally lost, aren’t we? Where shall we go? Down here? Ah, the sea looks so beautiful. Ah, that’s where we were: just over there. This is a beautiful little beach. It’s ever so small, as you can see, but it’s interesting. It has a very calming effect on me and Izzy for some reason. What do you like about this beach, Izzy? I like its smallness, and I like how it has loads of rocks. Yeh. You like the rocks? And I also like the sand, cos a lot of… like… once I said that I want a rocky beach, and then I didn’t really wasn’t very clear, and then they brought me to a beach with loads of just rocks – no sand. Who did? Granddad. Oh! Right! And then, I like this type of place which has a bit of rocks to climb on and a bit of sand to play with. Perfect. And lots of water, too. [Izzy] Yes. We’ve found it. The Crowbar! Um, we’re gonna see if they sell Ice-cream and if they don’t I’m gonna take Izzy somewhere else to get an ice-cream. Well, we found the boys, in the Crowbar, They’re having a lovely time drinking Guinness. Um, and they’ve directed us to where there’s an ice-cream parlour which is just as well, because that bar had cigarettes being smoked in it, and it wasn’t really our cup of tea. We got waylaid by the biggest teddy bear Isabel has ever encountered. And she’s just…. that’s it. She’s just not going anywhere, now. We’ve come into an ice-cream parlour called ‘Santini’. And Isabel, what flavours are you having today? I got green apple, which is really nice, and mango. Always gotta have mango. Yeh, and I’m having mango and framboesa, which is raspberry, and it tastes like raspberries. [Izzy] Well, obviously. [Imo] But it really does, I mean… you know…. an ice-cream doesn’t always taste like what it’s supposed to, but it… this really does. It’s really lush. Oh no! We’re trying to head off to find the boys again now. I think they’ve moved somewhere that’s non-smoking by now, which is O’Luain’s. But Izzy’s found her friend. David. David. The bear. She just named him that. Mind you don’t pull him over – that would be embarrassing! And fast forward til about ten o’clock at night. We met up with my friend, and we went out to dinner and had a really nice dinner in a Portuguese restaurant. And I’ve had a really sociable time, and now we’re getting the train back. Dah! We’re off the train now at Cais do Sodré. It’s about a quarter to eleven at night. Whoops, we’re having another late night again. But we’re heading back to the apartment now. And we’re back in the apartment. It’s really late so I’m gonna end the vlog now. We’ve had a really lovely day and thank you so much for joining us. Don’t forget to give the video a like if you liked it. It really helps the channel to grow. Comment down your thoughts below. Subscribe for more adventures, and I’ll see you in the next one. Good bye!!!

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