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  1. Popping in here to let you know that I’ll be on a little 2-week hiatus from regular Saturday uploads, as I’m headed back to England in December! Which means that the next two weeks will be focused on finishing up sewing projects and filming lots of things to take with me so that hopefully we can keep on schedule whilst my attention is momentarily fractured across projects for the next two months. 🙂

  2. Wrapping paper here (UK) often comes with a faint centimetre grid printed on the back so you can cut it straight. Do they not have an inch equivalent in the US?

  3. I don't really sew, more than patching up my kiddo's random things and making hammocks for my stay baby Jack, but I love your channel so much. It makes we wish sewing was something I was better at, and enjoyed more.

  4. thank you for the beautiful tour of your workroom! One day mine might be as nice! My cabbage patch is in fact my work stash as I do mini quilts and very tiny things! As soon as I saw you'd posted I turned off what I was watching (your train journey again….) and have just watched it again! Enjoy England in December, hopefully it'll be less damp than it is now 🙂 We also by the way have a broom for sweeping and a couple for flying (my daughter and I), must make 2 matching witches hats also!

  5. I love your tours! Your narration is so pleasant regardless of topic. Your sewing room is magical and inspires the imagination. Thank you for indulging us. 🙂

  6. Ooh, I see your wool fabrics and think about how I could cut them into strips, fold in the raw edges, and braid 3 strips into wool rugs. My stash is happily made of a mish-mash of colors and patterns but has reached the level where I can get only about one more 3' x 5' oval rug. All unwanted wool scraps can find a home here!

  7. I love your live/work space. I wondered how the kitchen fit in. It's funny how camera angles can be deceiving. I thought it was in a separate room and quite large 🙂 Anyway, it's an inspiring place for you.

  8. That was a lovely tour Bernadette, thank you. I have been searching for Victorian historical sources as inspiration for the aesthetic of my new place. Wow! You nailed it!
    PS: Loved the silent film reference about bolting bookcases.
    I am sorry so many comments include the phrase "You Should.. " I hope it doesn't stress you out too much. Sending positive thoughts.

  9. Great to see you have a puzzlebox for your Singer!!! I am betting it is a Style 11. Most of the information can be found on Victorian Sweatshop web site styles 1-3 and 7-11. I have style 12 and the 14 and dating to some extent, and correspond to the numbers single digit, triple and 5 digit. That green container isn't period, but it might have the eyelet button hole cam for it. The best eyelet by machine out there i think for domestic Singer low shank machines. I have never seen that small handcrank sewing machine in my life. What brand is that? Cool design with the thread uptake on the top of the arm it loos like. Would love to see more of that machine working!!! Cesario was just striking the pose att he end, showing the latest in Pig fashion for the fall/winter.

  10. Yes, I LOVE Anne of Green Gables, but because I associate with Anne. Not everyone will. If you don't like the books, you don't. No biggie. 😁 Books are like people: some you like; some you don't, but don't know why; some you just dislike immensely. It's all good! 😊But, a lovely lovely space. You did an amazing job with it! And I love Cesario (did I spell it right? Did I even remember his name right?) following you around. That is adorable! ❤

  11. I wonder if you would be interested in doing something Good Omens themed sort of like how you did miss Sherlock? I love your videos and I can’t wait to see what comes next! Have a nice time in England!

  12. I love Terry Pratchet, and you have somehow managed to have the five worst of his books on your shelf. They are good, but he has better.

  13. She has Percy Jackson, Heros of Olympus and the Kane Chronicles guys!!!!! I like you even more now and I ALREADY love you

  14. Lovely room/apartement! Regarding your flowers & trims you mentioned unsure of how to put to use historically – there's always historical theatre costumes? Like Victoria and Albert Museum collections 😍

  15. Such an awesome room, but you forgot to show one of the most impressive aspect of the room … The views you get to look at as you sew.

  16. You need more books! There is empty space on your bookshelf! I love how you've arranged your space, though. Also, a suggestion for using up the wool left over from Lady Sherlock: cycling bloomers and a short tailored jacket, to match your Lady Sherlock waistcoat!

  17. Wouldn’t a cork covered workspace inhibit the turning and movement of fabric pieces ? I wouldn’t be able to work on cork… 💖 tfs

  18. okay BuT iS thE boOKcaSe boLteD to THe wAll??
    jk I love how Cesario gave his little squeal when you mentioned Shakespeare its like he knows where his namesakes comes from XD

  19. why not use your sherlock fabric to make a 1890s full length walking skirt as you did with your striped black fabric for the historic/modern walking skirt project you did a while ago?

  20. I've only recently started watching your videos and I can't wait to start my first project (even though I have exactly 0 experience sewing). Alas what poor timing with middterms afoot!

  21. I would absolutely love a video talking about your favorite books. I used to read extensively when I was younger, but I had lost the habit in teenagedom. I’ve recently rediscovered my love for reading and have found a new love for Victorian era books!

  22. Love your organization, it's lovely!
    Your windows are amazing, such a great space! Have a lovely time in England, safe travels!

  23. i feel a strong urge to make a fairy now! if possible could you do a video on how to make them? yours are adorable and shaped like friends

  24. “Over here we have brooms for sweeping, and brooms for flying” loved that😄. Omg, the Baker Street sign…. you are my kinda ppl.

  25. I love that you make yourself the work to write all the music you used in the video. It is very kind of you to provide us viewers with this information 🙂 Anyways I want to believe that the little piece of cabbage you hang next to the antique velvet is a hint for which project you are going to use the velvet for <3

  26. it's ALL very Wondeful but.. where is your confort area? I haven't see a Tv or a sofa..bed apart, where do you relax after all the work?

  27. I love your aesthetics so much… Is there a chance to have a video of you reading a book, maybe with some Cesario content in it , too? Or just you following an commenting on Cesario? I would just love it!

  28. Hey, i’m looking into getting a proper dressform, where did you get yous? I know wolf makes dressforms but i would like to look inte other makers of such forms.

  29. I Love your sewing room! I am intrigued with your Fantasy scissors..did you DIY them or did you purchase the scissors? If purchased..where could I purchase the scissors? Your drawer space is wonderful and super efficient..thinking though, you may look out for some vintage dresser knobs to enhance the vintage charm in your room. Please keep us busy viewing your videos…Love them!

  30. It's a beautiful space, a tiny Victorian tardis perfect for inspiring lots of lovely creations, and yes, I am still enormously envious of the sliding library ladder – one of my greatest delights at university was the sliding library ladders! I'm also constantly amazed at how high up you are, just when I think I can see the ground I realise it's another roof!

  31. Helen Joesph-Armstrongs books are my bibles for draping and pattern drafting. They were my textbooks in college and are amazing.

  32. I /love/ your cutting table set up, if I had the space I'd copy it. I feel like, and you might think this is "cheating", is a duct tape double of you. It's something that cosplayers use to help in fitting when your by yourself. There are all kinds of videos here on the youtubes on how to make them. I feel like something like it would save you time and pain.

  33. I want to ask other subscribers if they have noticed that your videos do not show up on their "recommended" page. YouTube recommends all my other subscribed videos, but for some reason, not yours. This may only be a problem on my end, but in case its not, I thought you should be made aware.

  34. When I had guinea pigs, they would munch on anything – wood, paper, plastic – that we'd had the misfortune of forgetting on the floor. Absolute menace to books and journals. How is Cesario so well-behaved? 🙂

  35. I love your videos, but I have a question for you. Were you just kidding about being a witch, or do you consider yourself a witch. You can take those down if it’s Inappropriate🌸

  36. I found your channel about a week ago, while idly browsing YouTube due to the flu. While I'm not primarily a seamstress you have inspired me to do more of the crafty things I love, knit and crochet primarily, and practice my penmanship.

    That way of sitting is called "skredderstilling" in Norwegian, and is also very practical when knitting bigger garments.

  37. I also keep a plastic storage container full of doggie treats by my desk. So funny!! Baby girls always seem to want a treat when I am busy. I also read multiple books at one time, a leftover from college. I was an English major. I am a traditional quilter. I hand piece my blocks, no machine stitching ever!! I started when I was about your age, I'm 63 now. Old habits die hard!

  38. This is such a beautiful and inspiring room. I love it so much! ❤️ I currently try to reorganize our flat, because we have collected so many trinkets from five years in the medieval scene, and they somehow get a little lost in all the other stuff we have around. Videos like this keep me going.
    Once again, this room is absolutely gorgeous.

  39. I love watching your sharing but also spotting your pet-Cesario on the floor in the video- so cute- let him/her stay! Explain your pet choice and his name? Love back stories – personal ones. Allows us to know more about the person you are- enjoyable ! Thanks – really fun!

  40. I had no idea you worked with Gregg Barnes on Aladdin! I absolutely love the costumes from that show and the overall Arabian Nights aesthetic.

  41. You inspire me to organize my supplies, then I look at my tiny apartment realize I live with a teenage boy (my son) and nothing ever gets where I want it.

  42. Hello Bernadette! I'm not usually found commenting on YouTube videos, but today I had this sudden urge to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your videos. The dedication, detail, and time you spent on making these videos always amaze me! I am currently in University and I find myself struggling to keep my sanity or wondering how I will make it through my tests and assignments, but after watching your videos I feel this sudden encouragement that I can make it through these trials. I am not a designer or majoring in that field (actually I'm a Chemical Engineering major), but nonetheless I find your videos to be one of the most fascinating things on the internet! Thank you again for just being you! I hope you have a blessed day filled with unending joy and peace.

  43. Ahhhh!! As an English Lit MA holder, I love your books! Buy in shameful full disclosure, I have 50+ Agatha Christie books! (Also Tolkein, CS Lewis etc. but Issac Asimov and Damon Knight etc. take up a lot of room too.)

  44. Bernadette, I’ve recently discovered your channel and I have to say you just might be my favorite YouTuber. Now, I know lots of subscribers say that to YouTubers and so it can sometimes seem to not mean as much as it really does. But in my case, I absolutely love your videos and personality. I used to be a bookworm and love sewing. But I fell away from that and sort of felt as if I might be judged if I embraced my true self, the history nerd and bookworm. But recently you have inspired me to get back into reading and I have since increased my book collection and also have chosen a very big sewing project for my senior project. I’ve been binging your videos for weeks now making sure I know all of the stitches lol! Your sewing room is very pretty by the way. Also your guinea pig is so cute (I wasn’t sure how to spell his name so I went with guinea pig instead lol)!!!! I’m very excited to see your future projects and I hope everything is going well for you!!

  45. Well that was very pleasant. The thought of a Bernina sewing machine being used mainly as a book shelf did make me weep a little though …

  46. Loved the tour! And that you are as fond of bookshelves as I am. Makes me feel not such a nut! Your guinea pig looks a lot like the first guinea pig I had. I had two brothers: Boris and Brutus. Brutus looked like Cesario. Sadly they are not with me anymore, but I loved their curious nature! Lots of love from the Netherlands!

  47. Omg you have an old singer puzzle box!!!! I was really thinking to get one these days. You could do more videos detailing sewing supplies and I would watch every single one.

  48. Absolutely lovely sewing space you've made for yourself. I'm in love with your library bookcase and wondered where you bought it?

  49. When I saw that wool I was like 😱 that would make a beautiful winter cloak or a vintage/ modern era ladies suit. Love seeing Cute cesario 🥰

  50. I've never wanted to be anything resembling a tailor or costume maker, but these videos are so much fun to watch, in no small part due to Bernadette's beautiful style and eloquence. She inspires me to be as unique as she is.

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