A carry in your POCKET Phone stand | Origami | In HINDI

A carry in your POCKET Phone stand | Origami | In HINDI

What’s up, guys? I am Rob. Welcome to my channel. Today I have brought
my personal favorite.. ..DIY project for you. Because personally
I use it everywhere. Before telling you what it is,
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you can follow me on Instagram too. Here are my handles. So that you get updates. What are we going to make today? Today I am going to show
you how to make a phone stand.. ..which you can carry in your wallet,
pocket or book. And you can make it under a minute. Sounds interesting? Then get ready.
It’s time for some DIY. Why? Because I love it. Alright. Let’s start. I am going to show you a phone stand.. ..which you can make under a minute. We will make it with a piece of paper. No sticking and no cutting. The size of the paper
is 8 inches by 8 inches. Okay. Let’s start. We will fold the paper into half. You have to ensure that
you match the corners properly. Your crease lines
or folds should be crisp. Okay. I have folded this
square piece of paper into half. Now we will fold one half again. Like this.
I am matching it with the center line. As you can see,
I am doing it carefully. So that the corners
are properly aligned. If your alignment is not proper.. ..your stand will not be stable. Okay? So we have divided
one half again into half. Now we will divide this half as well. Pretty simple. Like I told you,
once you know the technique.. ..you can make this under a minute. You can make it very easily. Look at that. After doing the folds
it looks like this. Like a double door. It opens like a door. We will close it.
We will keep the door side down. Like this. Now we will again fold it into half. Vertically. I will match the bottom portion
with the top portion. Like this. And I will align it like this. I will press it and fold it. You can see that I am
pressing it with my thumb. I am applying pressure
with the corner of my nail. So that I get a neat crease line. As you can see it’s quite sharp. It’s very important that
we get nice crease lines. Okay? So we have got our fold here. This side is open. As you can see. So take the corner of this open side.. ..and fold it diagonally. I will match one corner
with this fold. Like this. Match it properly. Like I said if alignment
is not proper.. ..there will be a problem. And then apply pressure. So that you have a nice,
clean crease line. Open it. Now we will
make this corner similarly. And with that you can see
that I have got an X fold. Right? What do we have to do now? We have to do the same
thing on the other side. We will flip it. Again my fold is here. The opening is here. We will take the top
corner and align it below. Like this. Fold it. Open it. And now align the
bottom corner with the top corner. Here you go. Another X. Now we will open it. Like that. You can see that our fold here.. ..which we had divided
into two parts.. ..we have got two X folds. What do we have to do next? This is a little tricky part. So you have to watch carefully. Take any one side or one half. The V shape on the top.. You can see that there is a ‘V’ here. We have to fold it inside. So you can see that I am
bringing both the corners together. So that this portion comes inside.
Like this. We will press it a little over here. A small triangle is formed here. What do we have to do now? We have to fold this line
in the center towards the inside. I will press it from behind. Like this. And as you can see, it’s folding. Press it. And turn. We will get this shape. Look at that. This is a leg and a triangle. What do we have to do next? We have to match the
top portion of the triangle.. ..with this point and fold it. I will turn it like this. Because it’s easy for me. Now I will just fold
the top corner like this. And align it with this line. Like this. And press it. You will have to apply
a lot of pressure here. Because you can see there
are a few layers of paper. Due to which the fold
becomes a little thick. So it’s a little difficult to fold it. You have to apply a lot of pressure. Okay? I am done. We will open it. Like this. Okay. So you can see
that inside this big square.. ..I have got a small square. But since there were
many layers in the paper.. ..the lines are not crisp. We have to fold the lines again. And make it crisp. I will show you how. Fold it. Like this. At this angle. And press it. So you can see.
It’s quite clean and crisp. Like that. We will turn it and press it again. I am simply pinching
it and making the lines clean. So now I can clearly see the folds. You can fold the corners too. Pinch it and make the lines clean. There you go. You can see that the square
has now become quite prominent. It’s got elevated. I will flip it. This is our double door side. You can see that the
square is quite prominent. But it’s going inside. We have to take advantage of that. What will I do now?
I will fold it again. Like earlier. So that the ‘V’ shape
is towards the inside. But before that I will open one door. So I will open one flap. This is still closed. I will do the same thing. I will bring both the ends together. And push it towards the inside. Just like this. What is happening? The inside square is also
automatically getting folded. Look at that. I will press this part here. And align it. So that the tip matches. And a small triangle is formed inside. Look at that. Now we will fold this door again. Like this. And there you go. We have a small triangular shape here. Like a pyramid. I will flip it.
A small cavity has been formed here. It’s triangular in shape. Like that. What will we do now? Flip it. Because that side is done. We have to do the same thing here. Bring both the ends together. Like that. So that it folds. And we have to fix it again. We will open it slightly. Like this. I won’t open it completely. Or else this will also open. We will open it slightly. We will bring both the ends together. And push it inside like this. Basically after joining
these two parts.. ..there is a small flap which
we have to press on one side. And close the door. If your folds are clean and crisp.. ..it will fit automatically. Look at that. I can place it like that. And our phone stand is actually ready. But before keeping the phone.. ..I will show you
how you can carry this. So we will take this and fold it. We will fold this line. So that the corners matches. Like that. And fold it here. So that it’s pressed. And a diamond shape is formed. Then press all the folds nicely. And see. It’s just flat. Like I told you. You can
carry it in your pocket or book. Or wallet. Whenever you need,
you can pull these two open ends. Your phone stand will be ready to use. Isn’t that cool? You saw that I have used
only a sheet of paper to make this. No cutting and no sticking. Like I told you,
if you know the technique.. ..you can make this under a minute. No kidding. And yes,
if you want, you can try variations. Or you can use a colorful paper. So that you have a
bright colored phone stand. Or you can try some darker shades. Like I have made this
with a dark brown paper. Or you can try a wood
pattern on the paper. I have created a wood
pattern on a brown paper. So that my phone stand
looks like it’s made out of wood. Isn’t that cool? Look at that. Works perfectly. Imagine. If it’s in your pocket
and you remove it and use it.. ..people will think
it’s made out of wood. It looks that cool. And when you don’t need it,
you can simply fold it. And keep it in your pocket. Look at that. Did you like it? Isn’t it simple? I use it everywhere. I told you. Whether it’s flight or restaurant. At times at home too. Since it’s so small,
it fits easily in your pocket or book. So remove it, open it and use it. And your phone stand is ready. I really hope you guys
enjoyed watching the video. And found that it was helpful. If you like it,
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Till then, like I always say. Do good and be good. Peace.

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