A bluetooth sticker printer that fits in your hand? Say what?:  phomemo

A bluetooth sticker printer that fits in your hand? Say what?: phomemo

it’s a pretty strong sticker – I stuck
it on my glass mat but I’m tired of looking at myself so I’m gonna peel it
up oh my gosh I ripped my face meet the phomeno oh I think that’s how you say it
or phomy for short role in with the phone me this is a cute little hand-held
Bluetooth sticker printer that’s what I’m going to call it they call it a
little printer but I’m calling it a sticker printer because all this it all
prints onto this sticker paper if you will it’s Bluetooth so no wires and
stuff so that’s pretty cool and here it is straight out of the box it comes in
five different colors I believe I of course picked the mint green because
that’s my color I like it and it comes with printer paper and a little cable
that you can charge it with your computer or your USB or whatever it’s
really small and compact I don’t know if I would like carry this around with me
but I like how small it is and fairly easy to use if I was able to to figure
it out without having to Google directions than anyone can so I’m gonna
crack into it and see how it prints the kind of paper the kind of the quality
does it print all the lines etc because I am using this straight out of the box
I do have a discount code available so stay tuned for that or check the
description to Amazon as well as direct on their website either one so let’s go
ahead and look at this real quick you have to have the Fomento app which is
you can get at the App Store for Apple or Android they have both so I went
ahead and downloaded the app this is actually my phone screen I did some
screen recording here and I’m going in and just checking out what it is and
again I’m doing all of this with you I did not do any research or anything so I
went to the little notes section first I typed in a little note I saw that you
could add an image so I found an image on my camera roll so I’m doing all of
this on my phone by the way so I found a camera I found out that you are a
picture I centered the text I’m just basically a fussing around and then I
went to print it now this printer only prints in black and
white just so you know so it has this little pref rated perforated preffer
ated I can never say that word so you’re able to tear your paper as you print so
that printed very nicely now I’m going to go check out some of the other
sections on this app and one section is called templates of course that penguin
just jumped out at me so I’m gonna open the little penguin I’m gonna write a
note on its belly so I or is it a chicken I don’t know
what it is a penguin right whatever anyway so I’m gonna write a little note
to Lily and this is like a cute little thing I can say don’t forget to clean up
your room and I can stick it somewhere probably on her mirror I don’t know if I
would stick this onto a painted wall because as you saw from the very
beginning of my video that it’s a really strong it’s a good sticker paper it’s
got really good backing so they also have bunches of other templates so
they’re checklists and this one I’m just messing around here I don’t know I’m
just typing things in learning as I go so I like little checklists now they
have templates you can use or of course you can create your own I’m lazy so I of
course am looking for templates that I personally like and adding just random
stuff I don’t this is just silly I obviously don’t need a checklist for
this but anyway I was having a good time in playing around but then I thought
when I solved this one right here I’m like oh Christmas tags Christmas tags
anyone it’s got the sticky stuff on the back so it’s ready to stick it right
onto your paper I mean on to your present right wrap your present up take
it stick it boom so I thought this was pretty cool right now it is black and
white but as I get into the video I am gonna see if you can color onto this
paper I don’t know what kind of paper this is or anything like that so there’s
a bunch of little things I’m just checking it out there’s checklists their
schedules there’s calendars you can do all kinds of things so it’s really fun
you can you know get the app for free and check out all the templates before
you look into purchasing the planner if you want to as well I also saw that you
could print images straight from your camera roll so this is a ridiculous
spider-man filter I put on my face for Halloween filter from the app store
I did not pay up put that makeup on my face and I thought let me try to print
that and let me print my dog max I wanted to see the details of how good
does this actually print all the fine lines and all the details so I did see
that she could crop the picture so that was that’s a nice that you can crop a
certain area of the picture that you want to print and then I’ll send it off
to the printer and then I saw a couple of other images here I’m going to print
these off just so we can see if you can actually color onto this paper because I
don’t know I don’t know I don’t know where the volcano blah okay can you
color on them well yes you can to just get it out there you can color on it I
went in with a paint pen but that was dumb and I’m gonna do it right here on
this tree I was dumb because that takes a while to dry so I found that for
coloring the alcohol markers are best so here’s my little Nouveau glitter pen
which I love but because I had zero patience whatsoever I smeared it and I
messed this little sticker up so now I got smart and got some alcohol markers
and here’s my penguin slash chicken slash whatever this is and I’m gonna see
if I can color with that so you can to make a long story short yes you can so
I’m just going around the outlet a Sharpie something like that a permanent
kind of marker I think would work best don’t try to put paint on it or I guess
you could and it will dry but I don’t have any patience for that so you know
what I’m saying so that’s fun crayons of course will work Carola Corollas
Crayolas Corollas a car Crayolas will work I’m starting to lose it aren’t I
too much coffee perhaps I did wipe my finger all over that to see if anything
transfers to my hand and it did not so that was nice so here’s a couple of
other images again you can make Christmas tags so I just decided to add
a little green here to the wreath nothing you know fancy or whatever
because if your kids are like my kids they don’t even read the tags they rip
it off so it’s like why do I want to invest that much into a tag they’re just
going to throw in the garbage but you can color on it it didn’t it didn’t
smear the or anything like that so I was happy so
here is one of the images that I’m gonna try coloring again with the alcohol
marker now this vase has some detail to it has little specs and stuff in it when
I did color over it with the alcohol marker it did kind of take away the
detail I’ll show you up close in just a second and then I’ll do a side-by-side
comparison of those two images but it’s still beautiful it still also now my
face is staring at me on the corner because I stuck it to my glass mat and
now my spider-man face with the crazy eyes was staring at me and you for that
matter and yeah so I wanted to see how it was
with the color does the color stay true it’s a little bit fainter when you color
onto this paper but not too much that you would really notice it’s not as
vibrant as coloring directly onto your cardstock but it’s it’s it’s close it’s
really close so my next question is can you heat emboss on it which I wanted to
do because I did the paint marker at the beginning and I didn’t want to wait but
the answer is no no you can’t well you can but it’s really not effective
because it’s gonna burn your paper it created a nice shadow but if you keep it
on too long you got a big burn mark on your paper so I would not recommend heat
embossing unless of course you like that burnt look now there are three different
settings when you print and they are fine medium and thick the one to the
right or the left is medium and the one to the right is thick oh my gosh Laurel
you learned your left from your right in kindergarten so I probably will go with
the thickest option because it picks up more of the detail as you can see from
those two images they’re exactly the same but the one to the right had more
detail showing so yeah so that’s pretty much it I for sure I’m going to be using
this little guy for Christmas tags no doubt about it no doubt in my mind I
also love that you can print photos from your camera roll so that’s fun I can
stick them on cards I can stick them in my kids lunchbox I can do whatever I
want I’m not a scrapper so if your scrapbooker of course this
would be greater if you do like daily journaling or anything like that or
those puckett what are those things called those pockets I don’t do any of
that clearly because I don’t know what they’re called but I will for sure use
this for Christmas tags and for just printing photos I love that and I love
that it has the sticker on the back now full disclosure this company did reach
out to me and asked if they could send me this little printer for a review and
I said I would review it on my channel only if I liked it so there were no
strings attached because if you know me and I do not recommend or talk about
anything I do not like personally so there you go what do you think do you
like this little guy I probably should tell you how much it is
69.95 different colors and if you want to know any more information then you
can check out the amazon link below so there you have it do you dig the foamy
do you like it a little handheld bluetooth sticker printer thanks so much
for joining me today guys I’ll see you again real soon here on my channel for
my next video bye

12 thoughts on “A bluetooth sticker printer that fits in your hand? Say what?: phomemo

  1. If you want to have color on these, could you use alcohol markers, water color markers or colored pencils? Of course it's a lot of work, but we are crafters after all.

  2. Did you get the MO version, $69 at Amazon? Can you tell me the brand of the mat on your desk. I like all the dimensions. Is it white or Grey? Thank you so much. A very informative video. Also, regarding the paper for the printer, is it all with adhesive backing? Is it called thermal paper? Thanks again.

  3. Hi Laurel, Love your super cute little gadget thanks for sharing and demonstrating ….all the best have a super cool weekend Lin x

  4. Nifty little gadget, I would probably get bored with it pretty quick but could be useful for planners and stuff like that but like you I don't do planning or scrapbooking etc.

  5. I might need this. Added to my wish list on Amazon. Got to sleep on it but I scrap and think this may be great for that especially since the new year I will be doing our cruise album. Got the pics already but will need titles and fun stuff. I'm almost certain that is a penguin.

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