100 thoughts on “A BIG OOF… Trying AliExpress Art Supplies

  1. Ahem. There has been some ~updates~

    – the watercolor paper is available in thicker weight. I’m American, and I am used to lbs Instead of metric, thus why I didn’t know it was thin.

    -the gouache needed less water

    … alright that is all. Continue on!


  2. just constructive criticism but like you need to refine ur art knowledge it’s just
    – u can’t question a pens consistency on watercolour paper which is thick w texture it doesn’t add up lol
    – waterproof and water resistant are different things and for watercolour paintings you want waterproof pens

  3. Gouache is supposed to be used with much less water, that way it is much more opaque. We use it in Lithuania way more than watercolors, don't know why

  4. Dude I’m not a pro or anything but I don’t think gauche is supposed to be used with water but maybe I misheard somethin

  5. The thicc mechanical pencil I usually use it for shading because I can kinda sharpen its edges, I kinda think it’s not for for sketching because if how thicc the lines are

  6. Ok i might sound like an asshat
    but for the fine liners, you can't just expect it to be water-resistant, when you haven't left it to dry long enough. And when you testing it don't scrub the paper with the brush…

  7. Hey Rae,have you seen moriah elizabeth? She looks just like you! And shes also an artist,and does squishie makeovers! You should check her out!

  8. Rae:*uses 0.5 pen*
    Also Rae: "I don't think I've ever had a pen this thin"
    Me: I think I'm not normal cause I'm using 0.5 pen in my everyday life😆🤦‍♀️

  9. Her: 5:51
    Me: Yes girl I'm here

    No joke tho I'm almost blind like a person with normal sight is 100% mine is 10%… I'm thirteen. My doctor says I'll probably be blind when I'm twenty.

  10. Rae I'ma fan
    The logo "bianyo" of the watercolor paper you got is the same style as the "gorgione" logo

    (Look up the gorgione logo and you'll see

  11. Plzzz don't keep talking a lot u start the topic from half of the video
    If u don't talk u will get lot of subscribers

  12. Micron fineliners are Gatorade resistant
    That’s something I leaned the hard way because I’m clumsy lmao

  13. I have a lot of brush markers, and some metallic markers by STA, as well as their pigment liners, so I'm a real fan of their products.

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