A BIG OOF… Trying AliExpress Art Supplies

A BIG OOF… Trying AliExpress Art Supplies

Hey, what’s up, how’s it going? Hello everybody, it’s Rae here and welcome back to my channel and welcome back to a video that has been in the making for quite a few months. *Pac-Man “ghost” sound effect* Now the reason this video has taken so long is because I ordered a butt-ton of items from AliExpress. Specifically all art supplies. Now if you guys don’t know what AliExpress is, it’s very similar to Wish.com, you can get a lot of items sent directly to your house from China for absolutely dirt cheap, and of course, just like Wish you know, there’s that like expectation versus reality kind of thing. But in my opinion, as somebody who’s used AliExpress many many many times, the items are usually better quality, they’re cheaper, the communication is better and I like the fact that you could put like, picture reviews. But with that being said, I personally have got ripped off a few times from AliExpress so if you do use AliExpress, please look at – Bowie! Sorry, my dog just did something. Girl what are you doing over there? What are you doing? I don’t trust you. Yeah. All of these products are $5 and under; some of these products are even $1.00 and under. So yeah, let’s go ahead and jump right into it and see if these products are worth a dang. OK, so now the very first thing that I’m definitely gonna need, I mean of course I’m gonna need, is paper. Now this paper was by far one of the most expensive things that I got because not only is it paper, it’s a watercolor pad, which is kind of weird because this little painting right here, this was made with either acrylic or oil, like you guys can see like, that texture right there. So right off the bat, I feel like we’re kind of off to like a sketchy start. No pun intended! Like I said, I try to keep everything under $5, I think this is the only exception at a whopping $5.33. OK, so let’s open this up and see what we got. Ooh, she is looking good so far. Uh, yeah, I don’t see any visible damage or anything like that so yeah, let’s see how thick this paper is. Oh no. *laughs* Ohh, no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Okay. She seems a little bit thin for watercolor paper. Okay. So for example, I do have some watercolor; now given this is like one of the best qualities that you can get from Strathmore, and even though it’s like super bougie paper I got it on clearance for three bucks. And this whole booklet is a total of twelve pages, so when we compare it to the 15, you know, this 12 is looking a lot more hardcore and thicker in width than the AliExpress one. And the reason you know, you want your watercolor paper thick is, you know, you’re gonna be drenching it in water, so a way you can test it is like, you can just hear the difference, watch. *thick pages flapping* versus: *thin pages flapping* Do you see what I’m saying? It’s just, it’s a little bit thinner so that might be some potential problems. Well, hopefully not, you know, I’m gonna stay very positive and excited because like I said, I really do like AliExpress. And this brings us to like, the next basic item that I got, which of course are pens and pencils. Now when I bought this stuff, I wasn’t too sure if I was gonna do like an illustration kind of thing or like a realism kind of thing, so I just bought a bunch of stuff to cover everything and I bought exactly one mechanical pencil for a whopping… $1.31. For one dollar this is a very sleek design for a mechanical pencil. Let’s see. Is there an eraser? No, there, there appears to not be an eraser. Okay, put that back. But yeah, it’s a very sleek design and I’m sure this will work, you know, pretty good. Oh! Whoa! Oh camera, you didn’t focus! Look at that lead, that is neat. I have never seen a mechanical pencil this thick before and sharpened. I’ve never seen a mechanical lead that’s already sharpened. That’s really cool. So we’ll test it out… oh, yeah, this is nice. This is a really nice Let’s see how she smears. Ooh yeah, ooh, this is a good pencil! This is way worth a dollar. Next step will be all the fine liners. I’m just gonna test them all at once and I don’t know, maybe I’ll use them later in the video, but I’m planning on doing a realistic image. So I don’t know if I’m gonna need these. *Fart noise* Now fine liners, they’re usually not expensive, you know, you can get a good pack pretty cheap on Amazon and out of all five of these, each one of them was 74 cents apiece with free shipping, which is not bad. *Wrapper crinkling* So, let’s see what we’re working with. These are – Ooh! These are pigment liners with the uh, the size right there, these are water resistant and also water based. Ooh! So right off the bat, I’m pretty much blind, like without my glasses I’m useless. So I’m glad that it has like, HUGE lettering right here where it says 0.05. So that’s really nice and it appears that each one of these has like the giant numbering on there, so my blind a** really appreciates that. So to start off, we’ll start off using the uh, brush because I feel like that’ll be the easiest one to see from my fellow almost blind people out there. Oh yeah. *Relaxing music* Okay, okay. She’s looking good, she’s looking good. Next step is the largest one that I have: *Music continues* Ehh… it’s not the smoothest. If you can see the face that I make, you know that GIF of Chrissy Teigen, that’s the face I’m making right now. But you know, it might be the paper that I’m working with. Let me try a different paper. All right. So this is completely smooth drawing paper. So if it’s like, you know, all crazy like the last one, it’s the uh, pen. Oh yeah, that’s MUCH better. Aw, look how tiny! Aww, she’s so tiny, what is this one? This is the 0.1. Okay, we’ll try the 0.5 which, this one should be like, drastically thinner. Aww… I don’t think I’ve ever had a pen this thin. Oh my gosh, look how thin this pen is guys! Oh my god. Like, let me compare it to a normal pen so you guys can see how thin this pen is right here. That’s a – this is a normal pen. Do you guys, look at that! Oh my gosh, I can get so many activities done, that is neat! Now supposedly, she’s water-resistant, you guys remember that from like two seconds ago: These are water-resistant and also water-based. Now the reason you want it to be water-resistant is because if you’re doing illustration or drawing or you know, even if there’s like slight humidity and all that water touches your drawing it’s gonna *pbblt* all over the place. So, let’s see if it’s water resistant. Oh yeah, no, no no no no, nope. You lied! Yeah, no, very much not water-resistant. But you know, that’s, that’s I guess all right, you know, if you’re gonna be really careful so it’s not too bad. Just don’t get it wet. These are like gremlins or something, like they’re good until they get wet. *Gizmo screeching* Great. Thanks a lot. Now today, I’m gonna be drawing this stock photo which is actually under Creative Commons license which means I didn’t have to pay for it. Literally everybody can use it. And yeah, I will link it down below if you yourself want to draw this thingy, flower. So yeah, you guys know that I’ve tested out like, some really really terrible art supplies in the fat past but you know, everything so far is working out really good. Like I am genuinely impressed with everything. *Sims music* Okay, so this next one, again it might have been over five dollars, I don’t think it was, but I will leave the price right here because I got some wash, aka watercolor that’s not watercolor. In fact, I still have no idea what exactly Wash is. You know, I’ve seen a lot of videos on it from a lot of my friends and it kind of looks like a mix between watercolor and, uh – ooh! Wow, there’s a lot more than I expected in here. Look at all that! Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve colors, wow! WOOOOW Guys, and it even comes with like a little uh, watercolor brush kind of thing, look at that. Nice! Wow, I am so impressed with this. You know, I think it’s really awesome, you know, for four dollars you get twelve colors and you know, a free brush but you know, I’m trying to do watercolors so, (and place it back) I also bought some brushes for a whopping price of two dollars. And you know, for two dollars these brushes don’t look bad whatsoever. You know, I really respect how these brushes were made you know, I can definitely see like the strokes of paint from somebody hand painting this and I don’t know if you guys can see but like the clamps right here, they look like they were hand clamped. Compared to this one, it’s completely smooth because you know, a machine did it but somebody made this brush most likely by hand. Probably not for a lot of money either so I actually really appreciate the quality of this for what I’m getting. That’s pretty cool. So here’s the drawing. Gonna get that ready, get that ready. Aw, look how tiny he is. Aww. He’s so smol. So with these there’s like a little poker thing to open this up so I’m gonna poke it. Eeh… Oh shoot! Oh God, it’s just got all, it just got all over the place. Oh my gosh, okay. *tap tap tap* Okay, so I tried to wipe off some of the uh, paint and it’s so, it’s like stained on there which is nice. Thank God. That means it’s gonna be super pigmented. *Music continues* Oh sh- *beep* Okay, so I just tried to do this one and like, it imploded on itself. And I’ve made it kind of like a mess over here if you guys can see that. Do you see this? We’re only two colors in and I’m like, already covered in paint. Get some green… Oh my god, these are so hard to open! It’s like just open dude. Oh my god, just open. Bro. *Gasps* Oh god, it’s open! That was a struggle. Oh my god. *singing* Let’s get down to business to defeat the Huns *Music continues* OK, ladies and gentlemen, here is the gouache painting and as you can see, this right here was as dark as I could get it to go. Like if I was to add more layers guys, I’m pretty sure this paper would literally crumble in half. You know what I’m saying? So I have to be very careful and it just can’t handle water. You know what I’m saying? Another very strange art supply that I noticed that I have never seen anywhere is that every single one of these little pans dried completely different, like there was one that flaked up, there was one that crackled up, there was one that crumpled up, there was one that dried like the desert, you know, it was just very strange how each one of them has like their own personality, I guess you can say, but you know, I did a lot of research after I did this painting just to make sure, you know, cause I thought maybe this is just how gouache is. But I found out that gouache is actually much more opaque and vibrant because it has different pigments than watercolors so I went ahead and used some watercolors that I have and you guys can definitely see the difference in vibrancy, in opacity and just all around, I have a feeling that this is not what gouache is supposed to be. You know, and another weird thing is that the gouache left a really strange grainy texture. And while I was working with this it reminded me of this time where I did this video like DIY prison art supplies and I had melted these Skittles, which gave me this like, weird food coloring paint and that’s exactly what this reminded me of, it was like a weird food coloring paint. So yeah, I’m definitely gonna give these a low-ranking of like a D. *buzzing noise* Now finally, I am so excited to test out these pigment liners. Oh, I cannot wait! I think these are definitely worth the money. *Background music* Oh dude, it’s not even showing up. Like that weird salt thing is preventing this marker from working. Hear that? Look at that! Weird. Oh man, I love these markers. I mean, besides the weird salt thing I think these markers were definitely worth it and I’m definitely gonna link the seller that I bought these markers from, because for 74 cents you know, these are not bad at all. Now finally for the final touches which, it doesn’t really make any sense now cause I honestly thought we were gonna get some like really nice watercolor, like opaque 100% like this. I bought a white highlight pen for the whopping price of I think one dollar. Let me check really quick. Yes, okay, not even one dollar. This was 91 cents with free shipping. Like how cool is that? How cheap is that? I love it. Open it up, and just for all my art YouTubers out there, this is kind of like a special treat because this is by the brand TouchNew. The brand TouchNew is like everywhere when it comes to like, cheap Copic alternatives. And it’s really exciting because I had no idea they made other products beside markers, you know, so yeah, neat! Now I’m not too sure exactly where to put a highlight, you know, cause the pigment just wasn’t there. So I’m just gonna add something to see if it works, you know, just test it out. *SpongeBob music* Oh no. *laughs* I might have just like scraped off all the pigment and then put it over here. So let me get some black paper and see… *Continues* Oh wow, oh wow, wowie wowie wow. Oh, wow! It worked really really well surprisingly. I’m going to compare it to the Gelly Roll. And right off the bat you can definitely see it is very comparable for a cheaper price, they even kind of like, look the same. I’m definitely gonna give this one the rating of a B. Now we’re gonna go through a lightning round really quick because I bought like a lot of really really strange erasers that just blew my mind on AliExpress, and if you want to buy anything from this video I highly recommend the erasers because they are legitimate. So first of all, look at this eraser that’s a toothbrush. So we got the toothbrush part right here and then we have the pencil and the best part is, is that this little thing came with a thing of toothpaste that when you open it up, it’s graphite! Graphite is like super thin compared to this actual graphite, so I don’t know exactly what’s going on there. But hey, that’s really cool. I also bought this lollipop eraser, I got these matchbox erasers, which, they’re these little tiny erasable things and then lastly I got these really awesome little dinosaurs… erasers. Which are just super super adorable. And then lastly for the final thing that I got on AliExpress, which is just the absolute best, I bought this little banana eraser with the cutest little face and hair on him. But that’s not even the best part. The best part is boom! He comes out and he can get nakey! Like, how cute, like how cute is this eraser? And these two erasers were literally only 40 cents with free shipping so all in all, I’m gonna give AliExpress, maybe like a pass if you know what you’re doing, like if you just want to blow some money on some really silly art supplies, AliExpress is definitely the place to go. Of course always read the reviews, see what kind of stuff you’re getting into, but honestly like, I love little novelty art supply items like this. So I, I’m gonna give AliExpress the go. Oh dude, oh wait. Okay sorry, I was about to end this video. But look at this. These are all different dinosaurs! Look at this! *Gasps* Oh my god. Okay, yes, 10 out of 10, would recommend out of everything, just these little dinosaur erasers, that’s where it’s at. Anyway guys, thank you so much again for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video, and with that being said, I will see you guys next video. Bye! *End music*

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