80. Canal Icebreaker – Winter Cruising on a Canal Narrowboat

80. Canal Icebreaker – Winter Cruising on a Canal Narrowboat

We’re at Hassall Green, still. And it’s a
bit chilly this morning, trying to get my mouth warmed up. [Laughs] So when we got to Hassal Green, I like to research what’s here and go and have a look and there
was three things of interest. One was the Potters Bar,
which we’ll come to in a minute, one was like a cafe and Brasserie just over there… I’m from Darwin… [Laughs] called Lock 57 The Brasserie and the
other was a pub called the Romping Donkey. Romping Donkey and the Romping Donkey is shut. and lock 57 the canal centre is shut. Now flats. They’re all flats. So we had to go to the Potters Barn instead. [Music playing] So we’ve had a little wonder and we’re about five
minutes away from lock 57 and we saw this place when we were researching on
Google last night, this is called the Potters Barn and I’ve always had this
vision as Shaun on the Generation Game in the 1970s doing the potter’s wheel, do
you remember that? Can you imagine him laughing at that? We’re going to put all
the details of this place in a link just down below, so you can click and come
straight through to it if you want. It’s great because you cannot come and
have a go, you can make them yourself. You see a lot of boats with the Roses and
Castles on the pots and everything, come here and make your own and then
go back to your boat paint it, it’s brilliant. Shaun’s gonna try and make one.
Are you ready for this. This is not gonna end well. Shaun’s disappoint that they do the apron in pink. [Laughing] Do you know what you’re doing then? No clue. How do you move it? [Laughing] Give it a slap in top He’s quite vicious isn’t he? Right. The trick here, is plenty of water on your hands. Get your hands all the way in, one
hand on top. The other hand on top of that. Push down… and stop, you’ve got a wobbled. [Laughing] I’m saving it, I’m saving it. Ohhh. WOW! They will never know you started off with 20 kilos. [Laughing] You’re getting confident. It’s not doing much good, but you’re getting confident. and here it is. WOW! How good is that it’s a pity it’s not yours though isn’t it Shaun. So… Steve, in Generation Game style,
marks out of ten for Shaun’s… effort. Minus five for guts. [Laughing] This is the other half. [Laughing] You did really well there keeping it together Ahhhh I’d leave it Shaun.
It’s definitely over [Laughs] Oooooh that was fun [Laughs] He’s always wanted to do that. As soon as I
saw it, I was like Shaun will love that. That was ace [Laughs] It is pretty early, it’s about nine
o’clock on Sunday morning. Beautiful morning. Much prefer it to be like cold
and crisp. White and crisp. rather than like wet and raining though,
any day. Today we’re gonna finish the Cheshire locks or Heartbreak Hill.
So we’re going from lock 57, which is the top of the Hassall Green Locks
and we’re going right the way down 11 locks down to the bottom of Wheelock Lock
and we’re gonna moor there for tonight before we head on. This is all news to me [Laughs] He just drives, just stands there and drives
and does what he’s told It’s difficult to make locks like really interesting all the time. We’ve tried every different angle you can think of.
So we’re not gonna film em [Laughs] [Laughing] We’re gonna film bits along the way,
but we’re going to kind of… you alright there? I’m dying [Laughs] Come on, Maude. Cough it up. We’re gonna kind of fast-forward down there. See you at the bottom. [Music playing] Lock 58 just after Hassall Green.
That in the background… Is the M6.
Busy busy. So we’re going to drop down and go below. When you look at the speed of the cars… Where would you rather be, on there or on here? Definitely here. Yeah, right answer. [Music playing] This is lock 62 or Pavilion Lock.
Give em a good look, give em a good look [Laughs] Come back, come back [Laughs] This is the lock that was stopping us.
This is the reason we’ve been hovering around Red Bull and Harecastle for the
last, I don’t know eight years [Laughs] So what they’ve done is basically, replace
the head gate, the top gate which is this single gate. It looks new and it feels new.
But it’s open, it’s been open about two days. They actually finish the
works a bit early so they opened it a couple of days early and we’re threw it. YAYYYYY!
hallelujah! I don’t know I’m praying to. [Music playing] It’s bloody cold. That was easy, that took us what?
Look at my invisible watch… Two hours. [Laughs] [Laughs] What? [Laughs] I love doing locks, cos you might
have noticed that Shaun does most of the driving and I do most of the locks.
He likes to get off the boat. That’s it, I like to be off the boat and
you kind of active and busy and it keeps you occupied and you’re away from the
boat and Shaun… [Laughs] So we’ve done the Cheshire Locks today we went from lock 57 that Hassall Green, down here and we are Wheelock Wharf. Wheelock, because it’s
on the River Wheelock and Wheelock is the it’s Welsh and it means winding river.
We’re not in Wales. We’re at the services then at Wheelock Wharf,
we are just going to fill it with water, empty the pot, do the usual stuff.
There’s a nice looking restaurant, canalside restaurant. It’s either a wrap or go in there. and I’m a bit peckish. but I’m gonna be probably on TripAdvisor
and Google reviews checking it out and if one person in three million is
complained we won’t be going, it’s as simple as that. [Laughs] We’re not allowed to moor here
overnight and it’s a bit of a pity really, because it’s nice and quiet here.
It’s alright, it’s just a water point. The actual moorings just where we’ve been
just after lock 66, there’s some visitor mooring there for about seven or eight
boats and there’s about five boats there, all with generators on the towpath,
engines going. So we ain’t stopping there. and the road that you go under
that’s like 20 meters from the mooring, has got one of these strips, so
that every time a car goes over it, it goes boom boom
and every time a lorry goes over it, it goes BOOM BOOM! BOOM BOOM! So you’ve got the.. BOOM BOOM! BOOM BOOM! So you’ve got the three generators and you got the… BOOM BOOM! Every four seconds of the traffic. So it’s like, Nahh, we’re not gonna do that.
So we just come like 200 yards round the corner stop at Wheelock Wharf and then
just past Wheelock Wharf there’s like a big warehouse, there’s more visitor moorings there.
They’re fine. They’re not quite as nice… but it’s gonna be dark in like three hours. so which is gonna stay there for tonight, because we heading off again tomorrow, there you go. Good morning. Morning. A few seconds ago we left you at
Wheelock Wharf services, just back that way. Well we weren’t going to moor there,
because it’s only a one hour mooring. Thats wrong. [Laughs] Tell some other people that.
But yeah, that’s wrong [Laughs] and we weren’t going to reverse
back onto the visitor moorings because they all had their generators out. So noisy! [Engine and generator noises] and the worse that Road that goes BOOM BOOM! Oh yes, BOOM BOOM! So we come forward about 500 yards, past Wheelock Wharf Bridge, said it
that time. You did. you’ll see in the outtakes [Laughs] and with moored up just here,
just by this lovely housing estate. It’s quite nice actually But it is cold, it was -6ºC last night… [Whispers]. -6 and the canal’s frozen up, for the
first time since we’ve had the boat, the canal, so it’s only like millimeters
thick but it’s frozen up, so there you go. But it’s not going to stop us, because
today we have to get from Wheelock to Middlewich and then we’ve got a
decision to make. Do we go straight on the Trent of Mersey, or do we turn left
onto the Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union. We could turn round.
we could turn around and go all the way back to Liverpool [Laughing] That’s not going to happen. It is quite nice, it’s been really quiet
apart from the the sheep meowing I was gonna say then. Meawing??? [Laughs]
I’ve never heard of a meowing sheep, have you? Sounds like it. It’s a bit of a weird place is Wheelock, Weeee Lock Weeee It’s like Chorlton and The Wheelies, isn’t it? Do you remember that? I do. My favorite was, Jamie and the Magic Torch. what was the dog, can you remember
what the dog was called? No. Ooooh, yeah. It says it in the song. Yeah.
So got houses on that side we’ve got lovely countryside on that side. Have a quick look NO!! There you go But we going… that way That way today. Shall we make a move? Come on then. [Music playing] [Ice crunching]
[Music playing] [Music playing] [Ice crunching]
[Music playing] [Music playing] [Ice crunching]
[Music playing] [Music playing] It’s really patchy, so where we set off
where it was like in the middle of the village and the houses it was it was
like tiny little thin, tiny. It’s like paper thin and then you come out to the
sticks and he gets a bit thicker it’s no more than like maybe two or three mil thick.
It sounds about four foot thick [Laughs] It sounds horrific, especially when you’re
in the boat, it just sounds like the sides are being ripped apart and we
expected like the blacking to be ripped off, but we got off and had a look and that it’s
fine, there’s no nothing at all. 🎶 Ice Ice Baby 🎶 Who sang that? Jedward wasn’t it? [Laughs] No, they did. I nearly swore then [Laughs] Vanilla Ice wasn’t it? Yes.
What other songs are with ice in it? Cold as Ice. 🎶 You’re as cold as ice🎶
Who sang that? Foreigner. Come on then, other songs with ice in the title. Down there. [Music playing] We’re keeping an eye on this tripod.
Our tripod is knackered. Can I say knackered? NO! Alright…… Shafted! [Laughs] So we’ve had to kind of make
this thing up that’s it’s sat on. Don’t ask what it’s sitting on,
but it doesn’t look safe. If I lunge forward, I’m not coming for you.
I’m coming to save the camera. So we’ve just come out to Booth Lane flight of locks
and this is the main road that goes between Sandbach and Middlewich [Laughs]
which I keep calling Middlesbrough for some reason. That’s why this is the 13th
take and on this side there used to be a lot of factories where, well the still is.
British Salt is on this side a little bit further up and salt mining goes back
hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years around here, even the Romans did it.
There’s loads of rock salt and brine pumping going on and over the years
that’s caused a lot of subsidence. It doesn’t only affect the canal, they keep
having to raise the banks in places which makes the canal pretty deep
somewhere, some places. But also it creates these like marshlands called
flashes where the subsidence creates lake and there’s about fourteen of them
around this area, some of them are really pretty and some of them have got like
salty water, some of them are freshwater and my favourite one is called Bottoms Flash. [Laughs] I’ve got a history of that [Laughs] So, British Salt that we’re just about
to pass on the right hand side, it’s been here for donkey’s years, about 200 years I think and that’s not far from where we’re mooring today. Whooo! [Music playing] Here we are at Kings Lock. YAYYY!
In Middlewich. YAYYY! Why are we more next to a busy road? It’s not where we normally moor,
we normally like to moor out in’t sticks. Where it’s lovely and quiet. Yeah. but this isn’t really quiet is it?
It will be later on. [Laughs] Method in our madness We need to call at the Chandlery
to get some diesel, some coal and some water and some bits and pieces
first thing tomorrow morning. Yeah. So this is kind of the best place to moor.
Not that you’d think it, but it’s alright. You don’t hear it much in the boat. Just after the lock, we’ve got a choice to make. We can either go left onto in the
Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union or we could go straight on, up the Trent
of Mersey towards the Bridgewater, Manchester, maybe the Rochdale
back over the Pennines. Maybe the Leigh Branch of the
Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Maybe. Could we be spending Christmas
back in Salthouse Dock in Liverpool You’ll have to wait and see. [Laughs] We know. Just got to put one thing right as well.
Cruising in the ice, if we’d have known how icy it was gonna get, we
wouldn’t have set off this morning. No, it was wafer thin when we set off. I did walk forward about a mile
to see if he got any thicker and it wasn’t, it actually seem to be getting
thinner, but then we went to be further and it did get pretty thick. So we
wouldn’t normally cruise in that thickness of ice, it’s about five mil thick.
We wouldn’t normally do that and in future I’ll probably go out the bike
and go a bit further in check. So don’t cruise in the ice, bad. The good
news is it hasn’t damaged the boat at all We got off and we we’re expecting like huge swaves of the blacking to have disappeared. We we’re expecting to phone Kev at Bickerstaffe… come and paint the boat! [Laughs] But it’s absolutely fine. Yeah, it’s fine. So here at Kings Lock,
there’s a Fish and Chip Shop, literally a hundred yards behind us. I am looking at
pointing at it right now. Not you. It. It’s got YUMM! written all over it [Laughs]
and there’s a convenience store, I’m not going to say that it’s called McColl’s, just over
that way [Laughs] But it’s called McColl’s. And there’s a lorry There you go. Thats it for this vlog Yes. Find out next time…
Which way we go. If you’ve liked the fog… Vlog.
Give it a thumbs up. It’s getting cold again. Please subscribe to the channel, it helps
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Oooooh now that’s special isn’t it? Being a Patreon supports how we make
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Any comments or questions or feedback or anything just leave it to down below.
Hit the Bell and YouTube let you know every time we release a brand new vlog.
Next week will either be going up the Trent and Mersey. You like been taken up the
Trent and Mersey don’t you? Oooooh!! Or we go left on to the
Middlewich Branch of the Shroppy. Wait and see. We’ll see you next time. Bye bye. You don’t like him out of Boney M. [In a Russian accent] Oh those Russians
[Laughing] Rasputin.
🎶Rah rah Rasputin🎶 🎶Russia’s greatest tin of beans🎶
Or something like that [Laughs] I can’t get Rasputin out of my head now. That is the M6 and the locked gates opening on its
own which might not the tripod into the canal. [Laughing] I don’t know I’m praying to. Santa. You can do a bit of Welsh can’t you? [In a Welsh accent]
See those two houses… We’re gonna have to cut that out
[Laughing] Look, you see ticking in his head can’t you?
yeah I want some biscuits down don’t we [Laughing] I want some biscuits now. Don’t we babble on about rubbish? I’ve been reliably informed… My lips are starting to freeze up. Yes. and I think Dillon needs
a poo so we’ve gotta go clean that up I would say oward, but it’s that way. Where’s that sheep coming from? Aa gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg. So we move forward about 500 yards just pat wheel just pat back past just yeah [Blows raspberry] That’s lopsided. [Sneezes] You’re lopsided. 🎶 Ice ice, baby 🎶 Checking your booook? It’s really packed. Hello, hello Hellooooo! Take four We’ve got the road from Sandbach to em errr. Middlesborough. Take seven No we can’t say that can we? Can’t say that [Laughs] We’re kind of got a fixer up at Oooooh! Take ten. YAYYYY! Take that. It’s busy [Laughing] So why are we parked, moored, parked. So we’re at So we’re at Kings Kings Lock Yes. and again [Music plays to the end]

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    I always thought Shaun would have been a leather apron man not a flimsy plastic one. Did the pony have Colin’s coat on? I do like a pink shirt. I hope you keep warm this winter, is it cold where you are now, it’s not to cold here in Essex but a frosty morning does have a lovely look to it.

  46. Great Vlog – loved the variety and the camera work! Cold weather must "float your boat" … such enthusiasm. All smiles after watching this one.

  47. Foxes,Tiller People,Jono & Molly.All wonderful vlogs . My absolute faves this year. Was that Bottom Flush or Bottom Flash? Either way sounds so appealing! Love & Kisses.( shaun,s laugh is best ever)

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