8 Easy Epoxy Resin Projects | Magnets | Paperweights | Cufflinks | Pendants + More | DIY Tutorial

8 Easy Epoxy Resin Projects | Magnets | Paperweights | Cufflinks | Pendants + More | DIY Tutorial

For all of these projects I’m using low viscosity clear epoxy art resin This has a 2A:1B mix ratio by weight For the doming projects I allow the resin to cure slightly and thicken before pouring Project 1: PCB Cufflinks Project 2: Jelly Bean Coaster Paper Boat in a Bottle Keychain Project 4: Candy Sprinkles Bottle Cap Fridge Magnets Project 5: Galaxy Swirl Pendant Project 6: Pyramid Paperweight Project 7: Resin & Concrete Paperweight Project 8: Ammonite Pendant

100 thoughts on “8 Easy Epoxy Resin Projects | Magnets | Paperweights | Cufflinks | Pendants + More | DIY Tutorial

  1. These are all so amazing!!! Out of curiosity, what are those flakes you used in the pyramid clip? Super blingy and bright!

  2. Cool! i might do the resin art soon but, im not ready for it yet. i was hoping it's wasn't toxic or anything.

  3. I have attempted the alcohol ink/ resin technique many many times. I am not having any luck achieving the chemical reaction when adding the white mixative ink. All the inks I'm using are from the same company. I've tried 4 different company's resins and several types of molds. I've tried dropping the ink from different heights, I've tried the "marbling" technique once all the inks are in there. I've tried warming the resin before mixing it with the hardener and I've tried using room temp resin/ hardener. The only thing I haven't tried is adding the alcohol blending solution bc I haven't seen that step mentioned in any of the 20+ tutorials I've watched. Is that something you've used at once point and just forgot to mention it maybe? My results have always been that the mixative leaves solid spots on the bottom of my pieces. It's like it forgot to bring the regular ink with it when it traveled. I have never seen the activity you got with the chemical reaction. I've tried lots of ink, just a few drops… always stacking the reg alcohol ink and the mixative ink one on top of the other. I feel like I've tried every variation I can think of but I'm obviously missing something. I would be so grateful for any tips on how to nail this beautiful technique!
    Thank you in advance for any help you have to offer! Please? Anyone? Pretty please?

  4. That key chain needs a lot more work to be finished. The boat isn't secured, so it'll eventually shake loose and rattle around, and the cork isn't secured at all. That glass bottle is going to break.

    You'd be better served doing a second pour of clear resin after inserting the boat, and then gluing the cork into the bottle

  5. Gorgeous pieces! I love the concrete and cube! A few questions (if you don't mind) about the Galaxy swirl pend: What did you use for the Galaxy swirl picture itself? Was that a pencil you used to draw the circle (swirls) on it? And how did you get the resin to not spill over the circle and stick to the surface you were using?

  6. these projects looks doable .. and I Iove that cute miniature table/stand for the cufflink project 😀

  7. So I wanna make sure I’m understanding, for a project like the pyramid one you let the first type of resin set before adding the next one?

  8. It's great ! I love your videos . I want ask you about in Pyramid Paperweight…What is the thing of silver color? Thank you !

  9. Came for the cuff links and stayed for the rest! 😊 I am fascinated by your projects I have been working with resin for about 3 years now and feel like your videos are inspiring me to take it to another level! Thank you for these brilliant ideas they help me more than you know. Be Safe and Blessings!

  10. I was so engrossed in this video that I didn't want it to end! I've been looking at resin videos to glaze my pictures, but now you have inspired me to make actual things with resin lol

  11. Я увидел эту бусинку котороя на правой крышке в моменте 5:36

  12. The the sprinkle things you could somehow take the stuff out of the bottle cap and make it a pin to wear on shirts and stuff

  13. Well at least now I know what to do with the mini pyramid mold I have just lying around cant believe I didnt think of it sooner.

  14. watching this channel for the first time, and dude i just wanna say, your intro is awesome and so are these projects

  15. Loving all these projects. What would really help is if you could say how long they take to set please. Tfs 😀😀

  16. Reminds me so much of the weird little geegaws you could find in mom and pop dollar stores when I was a kid. Back before they were all chains with the same stuff.

  17. Would like to try resin art but how do you know how much resin to mix up for your project? Is it just experience or do you have other items ready to use up any excess?

  18. question
    How strong is #7? Does the resin and concrete form a good bond?
    Its such a cool piece. Im afraid the red cube would fall off.

  19. Sorry I mentioned your ocean beauty on the other comment. I'm old it's 3:am sorry. Never seen a mold made before. The soap genius. Thankyou watching you makes me so happy you are very clever.

  20. So those food sprinkles don't spoil over time when you use them in resin? There's another material I can use in resin.
    BTW, love your video!

  21. I so going to do the bottle caps with the magnet on the inside. I learned that my hot glue don't hold the magnet on the outside long. Had to use E6000!! Grrr. But on the inside. That puppy will never come off! Awesomeness ideas. Thank you so so much. Debs from Texas

  22. 13:03 what is that thing?
    I would like to know that thing's name and I will search and buy it online.

  23. Hello. I just watched a video where a guy was making a pendant with resin and he was polishing the piece for many hours. I want to make pendants, earrings with resin, but if this requires from me to have to polish them for hours, then i don't know if i wish to make them anymore. I saw that you made those buttons at the beginning of the video. you didn't polish them at all and they are so shiny? And the other pieces you don't need to polish them after getting them out of the mold?

  24. Ну, так.. Быстренько, без зачистки.. просто литьё.. Если новичёк, то пойдёт. Советую посмотреть похожие видео и повысить класс😉

  25. Please help. I am finding that my projects are sticky and the square coasters are warping and end up miss shapen. I'm now at my wits end. Any advice please. Thank you.

  26. I was thinking when you poured that first one into the circuit board cufflinks, how many times did you do it before to get just the right amount to give it that oval effect. Many I should imagine. A great video as usual. Many thanks.

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