8 ASIAN CAMPERS and CAMPERVANS | Campers Made in ASIA (Top Picks)

8 ASIAN CAMPERS and CAMPERVANS | Campers Made in ASIA (Top Picks)

– [Glen] From light,
tent-like pop-up campers to a Monster four by four off-road camper with 285 horsepower, campers, caravans, and motor homes are manufactured all around the world. This is Glen, and today we
are bringing you our list of campers, caravans and
motor homes from Asia, and Asian-Pacific countries. (funky music) – [Announcer] Number eight. – [Glen] Made in China, the Maxus RV80 has been distributed since
2016 in the Asia-Pacific region by Malaysia-based Weststar Group, and is still in production today. The Maxus RV80 comes in different models, including the camper van
and a C Class camper van. These have an integrated control system that gives centralized control
over information on power, water, and solar or heat supply. Some of the features include an awning, LED running lights, a fog
light, a bed above the cab, a kitchen and bathroom,
a waterproof floor, cupboards, and a living room. The RV80 Class C motor home has a length of 19 feet,
eight inches, or six meters, a width of seven feet,
four inches, or 2.3 meters, and a height of nine feet,
nine inches, or three meters. (funky music) – [Announcer] Number seven. – [Glen] Made in Japan, the J-Cabin Mini is a truck bed camper that can be installed on
any small pickup truck. Made of a light body campshell technology and aluminum framework, this
has increased living space with a wide range of equipment choices. The camper shell has a length
of 10 feet, eight inches, or 3.2 meters, a width of four feet, 10
inches, or 1.5 meters, a height of five feet, 11
inches, or 1.83 meters, and comes with sliding side windows and a double door with a net screen. The interior will sleep three people on a sofa bed and a bunk bed, has overhead space for storing luggage, and a cabinet placed in the
ceiling for storing small items. The camper includes a
portable refrigerator, a drainage tank, and a
19 liter feedwater tank with options for a sink, toilet, heater, external AC power outlet, or an awning. The J-Mini camper has a
starting cost of $14,200. (funky music) – [Announcer] Number six. – [Glen] Debuting at the
2009 Osaka Outdoor Festival, the Carukhan is a camper made in Japan that solves the problem of
truck campers being too narrow. Receiving the Good Design Award in 2010, the Carukhan’s interior
has a slide-out mechanism that spreads horizontally
on a mini car base, with a lifting ceiling, making
a triangle-shaped camper. Raising the roof with a
roof-up wench gives the inside a width of six feet, six
inches, or two meters, and a height of nine feet,
five inches, or 2.9 meters, and would fit in the
mini vehicle category. This has a total length
of 11 feet, two inches, or 3.4 meters, a width of four feet, 11
inches, or 1.5 meters, and a height of six feet,
six inches, or two meters when the vehicle is brought
down for traveling on the roads. With room for two people,
this has a cost of $19,400. (funky music) – [Announcer] Number five. – [Glen] Made in Japan,
the Mikami Tentmushi is a compact pop-up roof
that acts like a tent, and can be expanded to give plenty of room for relaxing or sleeping, and is available on either a four-wheel or rear-wheel drive vehicle. There are three different
types of these campers, which are based on the seating
arrangements on the inside. The F Type, which has a second seat that can be turned backwards or forwards, the S Type, that has a second seat which can be turned sideways, and a two-seater type,
which has a large rear door and no interior equipment,
that it can be used for cargo. This has a length of 11 feet,
two inches, or 3.4 meters, a width of four feet, 10
inches, or 1.5 meters, a height of six feet, six
inches, or two meters, and a ride-and-sleep
capacity of four people. The F Type and S Type have a main bed, while the two-seater type has the option for a removable cot, and
plenty of space for storage. (funky music) – [Announcer] Number four. – [Glen] Manufactured
in China, the Ecocampor is a safe and reliable
caravan that is meant to last, with a ranger roof hatch,
front aluminum panel, and an aluminum cladding. This has an exterior length
of 26 feet, three inches, or eight meters, an interior length of
21 feet, or 6.5 meters, and an interior height of
seven feet, seven inches, or 2.3 meters, and a weight of 2,821 pounds, or 1,280 kilograms. Inside is a comfortable living room that converts into a queen-size bed, has an entertainment system, and a lounge with a dining area. The camper also includes
a two-burner stove, stainless steel sink, refrigerator, an RV air conditioner,
and a shower system. The camper sits on a
heavy-duty galvanized chassis, comes with an independent suspension, with a double shock absorber,
and 10 inch hand brakes. (funky music) – [Announcer] Number three. – [Glen] Made in Japan, the
Mini Pop B is a truck top camper that is made to mount on a light truck and will expand to give you
comfort and room on the inside. This comes with bench-style
seating on the sides, with a table that fixes to
the center of the floor, and the seats can be folded
down to make one large bed. There is a bed over the top of
the vehicle for extra space, and there is an upper
tier that can be added to have sleeping space up top, while storing plenty
of supplies down below. This has a length of nine feet,
six inches, or 2.9 meters, a width of four feet, nine
inches, or 1.45 meters, a height of four feet, five
inches, or 1.35 meters, and has a sleeping
capacity of four people. The cost on these are
about $15,600 US dollars, and you can purchase extra
options for the inside. (funky music) The Forest– – [Announcer] Number two. – [Glen] Produced in 2015,
Great Wall Motors of China produced the Wingle, a complete camper van that is ready to be driven on a road trip right from the showroom floor. It is based on Great Wall’s
dual cab LWB pickup truck, with a fully-equipped interior. This has a length of 19 feet,
eight inches, or six meters, a width of six feet, six
inches, or two meters, a height of nine feet,
six inches, or 2.9 meters, and a weight of 5200
pounds, or 2,359 kilograms. Some of the features
included in this motor home are a luxury bathroom,
a 50 liter water tank, a 20 inch LCD TV, an
advanced sound system, a double bed and bunk bed, a folding sofa, detachable table, and a refrigerator. The Wingle comes with a
five-speed automatic transmission, and comes with either a two
liter turbo diesel engine or a Mitsubishi 2.4
liter gas-powered engine, with a top speed of 87 miles per hour or 100 kilometers per hour. You will have to contact the manufacturer for prices on this. (funky music) – [Announcer] Number one. – [Glen] Made in China by Beijing Man Site Special Vehicles Company, the Monster is the first off-road camper, based on a four by four truck chassis that’s produced locally. The chassis has air
suspension, Michelin tires that have a central tire inflation system, and a front brush bar. This also has four fog lights, and comes with protective paint. The 17 foot, seven inch
camper has a two seat cabin that is combined with a living compartment that has a kitchen, a sleeping
area, and a sitting area, while the outside has an awning and an automatic retractable ladder. The Monster comes with a six speed Allison automatic transmission, and a 6.7 liter Dongfeng
Cummins diesel engine that puts out 285 horsepower. (funky music) – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. (peaceful music)

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  3. Having had owned and driven ina China made RV, built on an Isuzu D-Max I can confirm that I would not buy a China made RV again. The truck base was good but the camper manufacturer’s attention to detail is horrible. Having a strong background in off-roading I was able to fix some of the RV’s many issues.

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