7 ways to use Faber Castell Gelatos:    gesso, mixed media

7 ways to use Faber Castell Gelatos: gesso, mixed media

hi there everyone its Laurel beard
welcome to another video today I’ve got seven ways to use gelatos for you I love
the faber castell gelatos I have an entire playlist full of old videos I’m
linking to right here for you the first technique I want to show you is the
dripping technique before I get started I just wanted to point out that all of
the cardstock panels that I’m using today has been primed with white gesso
there’s a lot of different jess’s on the market some can be bought in retail
stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby also available online I’ll link to a few
in the YouTube description but gelada I mean when you’re using gelatos you
really want to take that extra step and prime your cardstock because it creates
a blendable smooth surface for your gelatos if you’ve use them and you find
that you’re not getting a blending you need to prime your cardstock with just
so it just takes a few extra seconds and it’s definitely worth it I’m using
different colored gelatos here on the first the top part of my first card
panel here and then I’m going to take my fingers and geladas wrapped to moisture
and that includes the oils and your fingers my fingers were especially dry
that day so I just sprayed a little bit of water and I’m dipping my finger into
the water and then just kind of rubbing around a little bit on the top panel of
the geladas just to get them moving this is some regular water
I am spritzing down in a vertical motion to create those drip looks and that’s
gonna be this card you can keep piling on colors of gelada to create very
vibrant drip techniques if you want to but I just wanted to keep everything
soft and pretty so here’s my card I just ran a fun little heart scribbly die cut
through the the panel here and kind of left the card is–is cuz I love the
drippy look I think it’s so cute moving on to the second technique with
the geladas we’re gonna do some stenciling so here again all of my card
stock is prime with gesso already I’m just scribbling on just various colors
of gelato and looks pretty ugly right now now Here I am trying to blend it
it’s not wet so I wanted to show that in the video that if that’s what’s
happening if you’re using gelatos and it’s not blending a your panel is at
prime with gesso and B you need to use something moist to really get it moving
and you can see how beautifully it blended with very little effort once I
made sure that my little rag I was using hat was wet the
a stencil from Heaphy doodle and I’m going to take it kind of hold it in
place and then Here I am just going over some
of the color with a yellow gelada to create a pretty Sun right here
the gelatos when they dry they are completely permanent they do take a long
time to dry completely so I just make it a point that anytime I am using geladas
to go ahead and spray a fixative spray over the top I just use a matte fixative
spray I’ll link to it in the description if you’re interested just to make sure
everything is locked in and here’s that look and you can see that I was able to
layer gelato on top of gelato and got a really pretty dimensional look here so
you know you can pile you can layer or layer it on I say and here I just
finished off with this little superhero girl here you can also do a mana print
from what’s left on your stencil so don’t wash that stencil off I’m going to
take the stencil with all the gelatos still on there spray it with some water
flip it over and stamp basically and that’s pretty much all there is to it so
the gelato will transfer nicely onto your panel and get a great mono print
look and check this out I just did a sentiment stamp right over the top of
that done and done now let’s do a stencil resist which I think this is
cool I just love this and I’m going to tell you right now this is probably my
favorite card out of all of them and it took very little effort and I didn’t
even stamp on it or add any sentiments because I didn’t want to mess it up I
just thought it was so pretty so I’m using two different shades of purple
here one is actually a metallic and you might not be able to tell as it’s going
down but you’ll see in just a minute so first I’m just blending on this purple
and you can almost kind of see the metallic kind of showing up to the
darker spots and I’m just blending it on that rag is so well loved and I tell you
I keep a garbage can off to the side and I just fill it with rags and when it’s
full I just washed them this is pink I decided to go ahead and just smear that
around there anyway it doesn’t look pretty like that but that’s okay cuz
watch what’s gonna happen I’m taking a clean area of that rack and I’m just
prying some firm pressure I did not add any water or anything to it and I’m
basically lifting the gelatos right through that stencil so that’s why I
call it stencil lifting so I’m just lifting that color
right up and you see that now if you really want to get in there and get a
good good good a lift you can add a little bit of water to your to your rag
which is what I did and Here I am really applying the pressure and you can see
it’s almost white there and then I added a little touch of pink right through the
center and I’m just again kind of lifting and go look at that can we just
stop and look at that I wish I kind of did a freeze-frame right here but let’s
just look at this this is so pretty I did nothing else to this card whatsoever
except adhere it to a card base I didn’t even want to put a sentiment on it I
didn’t want to put an image on it I didn’t do anything I just think it’s so
pretty and that’s just from a couple colors of gelatos and a stencil you know
you could also take a stencil and go over very light handed to lift it and
then shift it over a little bit to the left or right and then go over it again
and lift it get a whole totally different look and I should have done
that oh why didn’t I do that you guys but anyway this is really pretty I can’t
go back and add a very simple simple sentiment if I want to but for now I’m
just leaving that baby alone because I think it’s beautiful let’s move on to
the next technique which is acrylic blocks or acrylic block painting to be
exact this is a block from Katherine puller I’m going in with rainbow order I
need to get over my rainbow self but I’m just rolling with it and I’m scribbling
on the gelatos straight onto this block and I’m actually going to get two two
stamps if you will or paints or what up paintings or whatever prints you want to
call it out of this so once I get all the colors on there I’m gonna miss it
with some water you can also mist it with some perfect pearls or something
like that to get some added shine you don’t always have to use water they do
react to any kind of moisture and then I’m just stamping down I’m pressing hard
and I’m lifting up and then I’m gonna get kind of this look now it’s gonna
create little puddles as you see here so I’m kind of moving that around to get a
little bit of a drip technique but I’m keeping everything in the rectangle now
the second one I’m just gonna add a little bit of water to reactivate I’m
gonna press down and do a little jig II see that little chick and I set this all
aside to dry now you can use a heat tool if you wanted to but I didn’t here’s the
look at the first one where we just add a lot of water and press straight down
and here’s the second one I think I like this one better with a little jig is you
kojiki action let’s move on to tinting pastes any kind of pace
embossing paste texture paste even gels mediums glues whatever you content with
the gelatos so here I’m taking some white embossing paste and I am working
off of my tempered glass mat here if you don’t have this a plastic plate a glass
plate packaging from your stamp set anything slippery that’s easy to clean
up you can use and whatever color do you want to use and you’re just basically
creating your own custom colors so they’re added a couple of colors of pink
and I’m mixing it together using these new media spatulas from tonic I have a
two-minute tip video I’m going to put it up right here in case you want to check
it out a lot of people were like can’t you just use a kitchen spatula well you
can but these are made for paper crafters these are small they have a
great handle they have the design to get into small intricate places on your
stencil I just you know prefer these over my kitchen spatulas but anyway that
was one of the common questions can’t use a kitchen spatula sure if you want
to but I like these better these were designed specifically for crafters and
you’re about to see them in action here but I also have a video I’m linking
above right here in the corner alright so now that I’ve made these custom
colors here by just mixing the pace now you can actually make custom gelato
colors by adding different gelatos and then mixing them together and then
adding the paste if you want to but here you can see I’m going in and because
these are silicone I’m able to really get in that stencil this is an intricate
stencil with lots and lots and lots of space here to get into so I just love
these things I just I dig them and I’m going back and forth I mean out you can
see I’m going all over the place but when you lift this up the dimension
that is left from doing this through this stencil the custom colors that
we’ve created here by mixing the paste with these color gelatos are just
absolutely stunning I mean just look at this I I love these
colors I just love I never thought I was gonna like pink and yellow together but
um I love it and I just added a sentiment strip there now though the you
let me tell you how I did that I wish I wish I kept filming so I die cut that
from black cardstock I applied a heavy application of the nouveau aqua flow
glitter and then after that I added some tonic crystal glaze and I tell you
that’s gorgeous gorgeous and gorgeous so anyway here’s a look at this card and I
do love it the last and final technique I wanted to show you is direct stamping
with the gelatos to do direct stamping with gelatos it’s really good to get a
stamp that has a lot of detail in it you don’t want a stamp that has a lot of
open spaces so I chose this stamp set again everything I’m using is link below
in the description but this is the sketchy flower stamp set from the stamp
market I am using my Misti stamping tool it’s just easier for placement then you
can take the gelatos and directly scribble onto your stamps this is not
going to ruin your stamp in any way you can run it under some water to get all
of the gelato off if you’re got some intricate areas in here and since this
is a very detailed stamp I did end up having to run it under the faucet but it
was no big deal so once I applied the gelato onto the stamp I spritzed it with
water because remember gelatos are water reactive and I’m giving it a good press
there because I want to make sure that all the gelato transfers to the paper
because geladas are very pitted me put a little pigmented sticks but they’re
thicker than water colors so here I’m going in and adding a couple different
flowers to the center a couple different colors to the center of the flowers just
to add a little bit more fun and then I’m gonna go ahead and wipe this off as
best I can and then like I said I did finish cleaning it off in the sink under
some cold water so I went ahead and did the same thing with these stems scribble
direct to the stamp add a little bit of water and then press with them and again
you can really get some fun looks very very watercolor we’re very artsy looks
by mixing and matching your colors and I love how this turned out I have to say
to create a little glow around the edge of my card panel I am just adding the
gelato directly to the edge and then I’m gonna blend a little bit of it out with
my finger now a little bits gonna get you see how there’s this little red blob
down there at the bottom it’s like earth but that’s because it’s not dry so these
are gonna react to moisture so you want to be careful when you’re doing
different applications and working in different areas kind of work areas that
aren’t necessarily side by side to each other so you don’t get little blobs like
I did here but it’s okay I’m gonna fix it
but just keep that in mind when you’re working with gelatos I love these guys I
just think they’re really fun and they’re calorie free this is a white
gelato and here I am going in and adding some white but it almost makes it look
aged if you will by doing this because it’s I don’t know I just it really I
didn’t think it was gonna make that much of a difference because it’s white but
it really took the card to a different little level and just made it more aged
and I don’t know antiquey if you will and I’m gonna go ahead and stamp a
sentiment here now definitely use the stamping tool or stamp positioner when
you’re stamping over the gelato is because the gelatos are you know thick
and texture tea you might not get a perfect impression so also keep that in
mind if you’re doing any stamping over the gelatos I used my Misti for all of
the sentiments and had I not I would have been up the creek you know what I’m
saying so there you have it seven ways to use the faber castell gelatos I hope
you enjoyed today’s video if you did be sure to hit that thumbs up and subscribe
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every time I upload thank you guys so much for watching if there’s any
specific technique you want to see used in the gelatos do let me know in the
comments and I’ll be happy to try it out make a video again thanks for watching
and I’ll see you next time

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