The first thing I’m going to do is a beautiful little candelabrum and I’m using Yobi porcelain to do it In a very simple way I will make a precious candlestick to decorate the corner that I’m preparing When the piece is dry, I paint it with turquoise blue spray paint and I give some small details with acrylic paint in silver color to highlight in high relief and this precious little candelabrum is finished that as you can see is super nice and now that the image is opening, you are seeing the next craft what are these little ones flower vases that are made from two milk containers after dividing the two containers in 4 equal parts I’m going to use a cardboard base to put on the bottom of the vases, and I’m going to stick it with white glue I use a decorative paper to decorate and make pretty the outside of the container in the bottom part I’m going to put a piece of felt to give it a little more category to this little vase mold all the paper to the container so that the container can not be seen anywhere and I’m going to make a small decoration Now I’m going to do the third craft some flowers who are going to decorate the vases on my channel you have a video, where I explain step by step how to make this type of flower that remain super nice! ..and they look almost, almost … real I’m going to use crepe paper and a piece of aluminum or wire to go fixing the center of the flower I used a piece of duct tape and I’m using crepe paper. to line the aluminum You can also use florist tape but one thing happens … That tape is very sticky and if we make a bouquet of fresh flowers, which last a week …. It does not matter to use that florist tape but if we use it for a flower that will last a long time , in that sticky tape, the hairs and lint dust are stuck, and it gets dirty that’s why I prefer use paper making a strip and lining the stem of the flower because the work is cleaner I want to remind you that the tutorial that I have to learn how to make paper flowers I explain what role to use what qualities and type of paper are there and the steps so that some flowers come out, truly DIVINE! and I’m going to start with the fourth job … What is a simple cloth flower I use a fabric that has enough rigidity It’s similar to a sackcloth but much finer, it has a very good finish I like this fabric because it has a plot, which is very easy pull the strings and we stay, as with fringes in the contours and also, the rigidity that it has it’s perfect to make this type of flowers I’m going to use a piece of aluminum or wire , I’m going to stick with hot silicone, in the bottom. and I’m going to decorate it with fancy crystals Once the flowers are finished I’m going to make a small decoration for the outside of the vases With “Yobi” porcelain I cut some very simple shapes I make them a little texture to the stars some marks with a blade straight and in all directions and hearts, a few dots with a burin and I paint it with acrylic paint These precious vases are finished and let’s start with the next job … these two bottles Super easy to make! ¡¡ and with a very nice result I use paint eb spray one in mauve and one in turquoise blue Once it is dry I’m going to use water to make a texture on the bottle with a brush, dropping drops over the bottle with the texture of the paint the drops do not come … well .. some if and others not that’s perfect because that’s how we’re going to get a more interesting texture and before it dries we paint with silver paint and we put it on the water we wait for the touch paint to dry ..that when we put the finger, do not stick and with a piece of absorbent paper let’s go cleaning, as you can see in the image always in the same direction where were the drops the silver paint, it will come out and you will intuit the color of the background and we’re going to give it a texture very interesting once this process is finished let’s use a sandpaper of very fine grain and we will make a soft sanding always in the same direction It will look like aging … we will intuit the color below and it will look very nice in this turquoise blue bottle the color silver, I have not put it on the entire surface so that the color is seen in a more exaggerated way than in the other bottle I like it that the two are different to create greater visual richness When passing the sandpaper they have lost a lot of brightness but let’s recover the brightness with a bright varnish And we get an effect as if they were chromed Now let’s decorate them with chain, jewelery pins and crystal beads We are going to use the pins to put on the ends of the chains some crystal beads We will use 3 pieces of string for each bottle the three chains we can put them on the bottle we will stick them to the bottle with a piece of “antelina” the antelina is an imitation of ante I do not like to use, nothing of animals because I am a great lover of animals and I prefer to use an imitation I also like it because it’s flat but we can do it with any type of cord I make a roll and I stick it about the three chains As a final detail I have stuck a crystal in the center of the suede roll And now let’s make this beautiful little lamp With a container of juice or milk because the size that it has it is perfect for this job I’m going to use a plant paper or “onion paper” to draw a picture I’m doing it with a permanent marker a very simple drawing it’s just about making waves and draw small leaves I cut a custom piece of the container and this I am going to use, like the screen of my lamp but before I go to pack the container with cardboard strips to imitate a wood … that “one day” was gray then “it was white” and over time it has been wearing the white paint and now the gray that was underneath is intuited I’m going to paste all the pieces of cardboard with white glue I have painted all the cardboard kiss with a mixture of black and white acrylic paint to make an intense gray and later with white paint and the brush very discharged of paint step the brush always in the same direction to get that effect of worn paint it’s “super nice” and now, with some pieces of cardboard that I have painted in the same way I’m going to make the frame I stick the piece of paper and the pieces of cardboard with white glue I enter a light by the lateal hole and it remains ,,, so beautiful! ¡¡¡¡ a stylish detail and now ,,, we are going to complicate the work a bit more … we can make a lamp more elaborate making a drawing that we like I made a flower in black and blue As before on vegetal paper I make a sketch with a pencil and then review it with a permanent marker then I color it with blue marker I use two, one more clear and another darker I do not paint the whole flower I start with the clear from the base of the flower to the center and then with the highest blue filling from the base of the flower up to half the light blue that I put before and so I get depth in the flower When I finished the drawing I cut it out according to a glass bottle of those used for cooking and I hit the two ends of the paper one over the other “no” on the glass because it would not look good Inside I put some small stones so that the candles do not move AND IT IS SO PRECIOUS !!! TO ME … ALL THE WORKS WHAT I HAVE PRESENTED ME LOVE ME IT HAS BEEN A VERY INTERESTING TUTORIAL I HAVE TAUGHT YOU TO DO VERY EASY THINGS AND VERY, VERY PRETTY IF YOU LIKE WORK I WOULD LOVE YOU TO DO IT … A VERY STRONG BESITO AND UNTIL THE NEXT TUTORIAL


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