7 Funny School Hacks For Surviving Class Plus Best Fortnite School Supplies Art Wins $10,000

7 Funny School Hacks For Surviving Class Plus Best Fortnite School Supplies Art Wins $10,000

– You challenged us to try a whole bunch of crazy school hacks. One of them is a giant edible glue stick. The winner gets $10,000. So right now, let’s go.
– Oh yeah. – You challenged us to do
the ultimate egg drop test, but we’re using ostrich eggs. These things are massive, so right now let’s figure out how we protect these eggs. I’m using a giant squishie as the first layer of protection for my egg right here. – [Devan] I thought I’d use a watermelon as like an extra layer of protection. – Now it’s time to take a look
at the inside, here we go. – [Both] Three, two, one. – It melts so perfectly.
– That’s so satisfying – [Collins] Dude, if you
add too many rubber bands you’ll make the watermelon blow up. – [Devan] Nope, don’t think so. – So here we go, gonna take the egg, gonna see if it fits. Yes! Like a glove. – Like a glove. – All right so here we go. (watermelon popping)
(both screaming) – What just happened? – I told that was what’s gonna happen! (watermelon popping)
(slow motion screaming) – Dude! – It’s like dripping bro! I warned you Devan. Now it’s time to turn this thing over. And I’m gonna be coating this in gallium, which is liquid metal, it’s
gonna add a metal coating to it. Alright, time to put
on the safety glasses. Do not try this at home! Three, – [Both] Two, one. Ohh! – [Collins] You can hear it sizzling! – [Devan] What? – [Collins] This looks nuts! – [Devan] That’s insane. – [Collins] Let’s listen to it, man. – [Devan] It’s like a chromed-out Mario. – I think it’s gonna add a
really nice protective layer to my squishie. – [Devan] So for this next step
I’m gonna be using oobleck. – [Collin] Oh that’s, hey, nah,
nah, nah, not in my gallium! – I am so sorry! – Yo, dude! – Wait, what? – [Collins] This split my pan! – Whoa, put it down, put it
down, put it down, put it down! – [Collins} No, but dude look at that man! That is absolutely insane, bro! – That is not good! – The heat must’ve like, cracked it open. – [Devan] Oh, yeah. I can feel it turning
into oobleck already. – Got my metal squishie, and now it’s time to put an
instant glue shell around it. – [Devan] All right, so I
gotta add my chia seeds next, so I’m gonna add these. – Devan, this about to smell real bad, so we’re gonna pop these masks on. All right, here we go, stay
still Devan here we go. Just gonna pop this on, just like this. I’m sorry I’m trying to figure this out. – You’re kind of yelling in my ear though. – All right, there we go, boom! All right, yours is on. – Yep, that’s really tight and secure. – [Collins] All right, here we go. Three, two, one! – [Both] Ooooh! – [Devan] Look at that! No way! – [Collins] What on earth? – [Devan] This is insane! – [Collins] This is nuts! – [Devan] This is crazy! – [Collins] That’s awesome! (Collins cheers) I’m making some indestructible slime, we’re starting off with the indestructible shaving cream mound. – What are you doing, making
a shaving cream fortress? – [Collins] Yes, exactly Devan. I’m making slime in a brand new way. – [Devan] I’m lining the
inside of my melon with cement. – Next up we’re gonna add some Sta-Flo, and I really hope that the shaving cream’s gonna stop this stuff. – What exactly are you trying to do? – [Collins] I’m trying to
make some slime, Devan. So here we go, just gonna
mix it all in like this. I really hope it starts coming together. Uh oh, Sta-Flo. No, oh, oh. (both yelling) – Sta-Flo, stop! – Stop-Flo. – [Devan] This is really messy. – [Collins] Yo, look at this! Whoa! – [Devan] Dude, I gotta set it down. – [Collins] It got red so fast! Dude, oh my gosh! – [Devan] All right the
concrete watermelons are done, now it’s time to make a nest. (Collins screams) And you’re surprised by this? – [Collins] I’m just trying to do my best! I’ve learned from my mistakes! Oh my gosh and now I’ve
got a bucket of slime. – Hold on, ’cause this next part takes a lot of concentration. I need you to contain yourself. All right, so you take the
ice mold just like this, and you wanna just go across
very quickly like this. – [Collins] Oh my gosh! Next up we’re gonna get
some Orbeez in here, so let’s see, we’re just
gonna pick up a whole bunch of Orbeez like this. And then just, uh,
sprinkle them in like that. – All right so I spun a couple more webs. What? What? – I’m sorry? – [Devan] And I made a pretty nice nest. – [Collins] Yeah, that nest
looks really good actually. – [Devan] Yeah, it really does. – [Collins] Now as you do
that, it’s time for me to lift out my egg here and
coat this thing in slime. (Collins yells) It’s soggy! So here we go we’re gonna
put it in like this. And then we’re just gonna kinda
like cover it from the front so everyone say goodbye to
my very well protected egg. Let is just fall down and
perfectly coat my egg, just like this. What’re you, what is that? – [Devan] I’m using Flex Tape. – It’s time to seal it in a bag. – Why? – You’ll see. Here we go, we’re gonna lift this up, and on the count of three
we’re gonna drop it in. You ready? Three, two, one. Devan! – I got you! – I can feel it cracking! You’re breaking the structure of it! – I got you, I got you. – No you are not! – You’re overflowing! – That’s because you didn’t hold it right! – Why are you overflowing? – You did this to yourself. – What do you mean? – And to me! – [Devan] I need more Flex Tape bro. – I need more help! Help me! So here we go, just gonna
put the pump on here. (Devan grunts) (Collin mumbles) Oh, dude, it’s working! – [Devan] That looks terrible! Yeah, that looks pretty funky, man. I gotta say, I don’t think it’s your, uh, not your most pleasing
work, I’ll give you that. Here we go, screw this on, and, all right. I got a few finishing
touches to add to mine, and then it’s time to find out if this can really protect my egg and win the $10,000. These things turned out crazy, man! Like yours, very interesting. Yeah, there’s a lotta
elements on it, mine though, I think definitely has a
big chance to win this, so here’s the big reveal. – [Both] Three, two, one! Tada! – [Collins] Man! What is that, bro? – [Devan] How the tables have turned. – [Collins] I know. You get to comment down below, whose egg do you think
will survive the drop. We’ll be testing it and
finding out the winner of the $10,000 at the end of the video. You challenged us to do
the ultimate art challenge, but with a whole bunch of
school hacks, so let’s go. For my art piece, I’m making
an insane item from Fortnite. – [Devan] And for mine I’m
making an Angry Birds mosaic. – [Collins] I’m using acetone to melt a whole bunch of styrofoam
in a very sticky paste. – [Devan] And I’m using liquid nitrogen to freeze some rubber duckies,
and then explode them. (both screaming) – What on earth? I’m almost scared right now. – [Devan] This hasn’t happened before. – [Collins] Let’s do this, here we go, we’re gonna dump the
whole bucket into mine. We’ll melt this down from the top as well. Here we go. Boom, like that, check it out. – [Devan] Whoa. All right now it’s time to dump ’em all. – [Collins] Do not try this at home! – [Both] Three, two, one! (both yelling) – That is the worst rubber
ducky bath I have ever seen! (both screaming) – [Collins] Holy cow! They’re popping off! What is going on? – [Devan] They’re like
fireworks on Fourth of July! I’ve never seen this before, man! (both screaming) The goo is starting to come together, so right now I’m gonna use a
styrofoam cup to add even more. I’m gonna use a styrofoam
cup to add even more. and check this out. – Look at that. – What? – You gonna see it like decomposing, and deconstructing right
in front of your eyes, man. it can deconstruct in
front of your eyes, man. Now the moment of truth, time to see if the goo is
actually working, so here we go. – [Both] Yo! – [Collins] Look at that! – Now it’s time to smash these things up. – Dude if they were already
like, popping off and bursting, what’s gonna happen when you smash it? Yo, the goo is all done! This stuff is wild! – All right just gonna scoop a couple out. Just like this. – [Both] Three, two, one. (hammer pounding)
(duck squeaking) – [Both] Oh! Oh! – [Collins] I heard the squeak! (rubber ducks squeaking) – All right, yo, listen to them. – [Collins] All right, yo, listen to them. – [Devan] Why are they squeaking? that’s what duckies do Devan. it’s what they do. – I know but they’re frozen. All right, go for another one. – Here we go. I’m sorry guys! (hammer pounding)
(glass shattering) (screaming) (glass shattering) (glass shattering sound plays) Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I have no idea what
this has to do with art, but I really hope it’s gonna
help you make a great piece. – Oh you’ll see. Next up I have a life hack
with this iron and pastel. – While you do that I’ve
got a roller blade here, this is uh, not mine. Uh oh, oh, oh, oh. Okay, bigger chunks coming down. – All right, I’ve got the sketch out outta my mosaic right here. – Yo, that looks awesome. – [Devan] Just gonna
place it down like this. – [Both] Oh! – [Devan] Yes! – [Collins] Dude, that is awesome. – This would’ve taken
so long without this. – [Collins] All right, well
the rollerskate is done, again this is gonna act as
the base of my Fortnite item. – [Devan] Next up I’m making
squishy paint for my pigs. – [Collins] I am making
a crazy unicorn horn. – [Both] Ready, set, go! – [Collins] Just gonna
use some support here, gotta be very careful with it. – [Devan] I have no clue
what’s about to happen. Whoa! – [Collins] It’s working dude! I gotta stay so still right now. – [Devan] It’s like the
instant water, dude. – [Collins] Holy cow! It’s building up, bro! – [Devan] It’s like you’re
making a candle from scratch. – [Collins] It’s turning into
a real unicorn horn, bro! This literally looks like magic right now. There you have it! A literal unicorn horn
made with actual magic. (jazzy music) (jazzy music plays) – [Collins] Well as you do that, I’ve got a whole bunch of Styrofoam here, and it’s time for me to carve
out the main piece of my art, Devan, yeah. – Are you distracted at all? – Yeah, if you could stop doing that in the background that’ll be nice. – [Both] Three, two, one. Whoa! – [Collins] Oh, snap. Boom, art, there we go. – [Devan] Time for bowl number three. Okay I got it, I got it, I got it. Put bowl number one off to the side. – I mean, that pretty much worked. – [Devan] All right, now it’s finally time
to mix up the colors. – I wanna see if I can
remove this piece right here. Here we go, three, two, one. Oh! – Whoa! – Dude, it’s starting
to come together, man! – Whoa! You’re super good with that tool. – Thank you man, yeah, I’ve
found my true art passion. – All right I’ve got my place mat cleared, just gonna, kinda, just gonna
pop that in right over here. – I am out of room! I got some clay here to fill out the head. – [Devan] Now I got a couple
more colors to fill in. – [Collins] To extract
the color from a crayon, we’re gonna do it in a very unique way. We’re gonna use a hair
straightener right here, or curler, I dunno, this
does something to your hair. So here we go, we’re
just gonna melt a crayon on and drip it on to the little sponge. Oh, man, look at that, it just
melts down, so here we go. – [Devan] First step for me
though, is laying down the glue. – [Collins] Dude, it melts so
quickly on this thing, man. You can just line the
whole thing like this. I’ve got the melted crayons, so right now time to do
a little swipe on here. You ready, here we go. – [Both] Three, two, one. Oh! – Wait, wait, where are you doing that? – I’m swiping it right here, man. There we go, a rainbow, Devan. Isn’t it clear, it’s a rainbow? – Yeah. This is my electric lawn applicator. So I’m gonna pour some
of this lawn into here. There’s an electrical current
that runs through this. You can think of this
nail as a lightning pole, What? (thunder booming) What? – I thought like, lightning
was gonna strike us. – No no no. It conducts the electricity
through the glue here. I just have to, kinda shake it around. – [Collins] So you’re just
like adding grass to it. – Now it’s time to create
the electrical reaction. – I don’t know what to
do with my hands, man, I’m kinda scared. Are you sure this isn’t gonna create like, electricity everywhere or anything? – No, I’m not. – [Both] Three, two, one. Oh! – [Devan] Man! – [Collins] Whoa, look at that! – [Devan] It’s like hopping around! – [Collins] Dude, I know,
the little piece are like jumping all up in the air. It’s like an alien
attack, man, it’s like a spaceship just dragging up
a whole bunch of the grass. Right now it’s time for us to put the finishing touches on our art piece. The art pieces are done, and these things look absolutely crazy, so here is the big reveal. absolutely crazy, so
here is the big reveal. – [Both] Three, two, one. Tada! – [Collins] Look at this thing, man! And look at that! – [Devan] These are crazy! – [Collins] Yeah, so you get to comment down below whose
art piece is better, we’ll be choosing the $10,000 winner at the end of the video. You challenged us to make the
ultimate school lunch hack, with macaroni and cheese and pizza. The winner gets $10,000 so let’s go. I’m kicking it off with
the cheese for my pizza. So here we’re just gonna
suck it up like this. – [Devan] And I’m making the
cheese for my mac and cheese. I’m turning it into a cheese powder. – [Collins] Whoa, dude,
look at it, it’s like, it’s kinda like undulating on here, man. Yo, this is insane! Dude, you’re not doing it right. This, is how you do it. You just go like this. See, look at that. You wanna powder rise in midair. That’s how you do it, Devan. Yo, wait a minute dude, look at this. My cheese is coming together. From the front it looks
like delicious cheese, but from the back, it looks
like a frosty paradise. For layer number two, we’re gonna be using this thing over here. So let’s just, ah, whoa. So let’s see, we’re just
gonna pour some of this in, three, two, one. Ohh! – [Devan] It looks like
a shower of cheese. – Oh, could you imagine? A world with a shower of cheese. Eh, eh, it’s dripping, it’s
dripping, it’s dripping. No no no, no no no, no no no! Suck it up! Suck it up, and shoot it out! Suck it up, and oh, my gosh. – [Devan] All right, goldfish are done, now I’m gonna add it to this bowl. So I think it’d be super
cool to spray my cheese onto my noodles. I’m gonna use some water to test it out. Three, two, one. – Do it on my dry ice to see if it works. (both cheering) – That, it totally works! – Dev, that’s water, that
is water, that is water. – I feel like this is like
my broom-broom machine. – You’re gonna soak our whole room. – [Devan] It’s like when you’re in space and you need to get
propelled and you’re like. (Devan makes spraying sounds) – A broom-broom machine? I can see the astronauts be like. This is uh, Houston Roger, I can’t find my broom-broom machine. – Oh Houston, it’s right here. – Gonna place this right over here, hopefully it does not melt. And next up, we’ve got my quesadilla. I mean, pizza crust. – Wait, that’s a paper towel, Collins. – I forgot what I’m doing. Wait, you’re actually
filling it up with cheese? – [Devan] Well yeah, it’s
gonna be the best way to add it to my macaroni. – [Collins] All right, here
we go, just gonna use this right here to suck up some
pasta juice like this, and then just kinda like
sprinkle on the inside like that. This is squeet pizza, here we go. – Okay then. – Didn’t think that through. – I got my cheese prepared, and now it’s time to
spray it on my noodles. All right, here we go. – Three second Like Challenge. – Three second like challenge. We wanna see if you can like
this video in three seconds. You ready? Here we go. – [Both] Three, two, one, done. Three, two, one, oh! – Absolutely blasting it, dude. – I’m gonna use this to protect me, man. – [Devan] Dude, it’s
actually working, though. – [Collins] It is? – [Devan] Now I’m making
my next cheese filling, but I’m gonna do it in
a really rapid fashion. I’m using sodium citrate
to speed up the process. – All right, I’m making my own relish with some pickles here. Dude, if you put your hand in
here you get a pickle hand. Pickle hands, Devan,
legitimate pickle hands! Awww! – Ah, it’s falling apart. You really do love pickles, don’t you. – I love pickles. – [Devan] All right, you
know this is done when it turns into a slime consistency. – [Collins] It looks like an
alien carcass right here man, Area 51 watch out, this is what you’re gonna find in it, man. – Dude, the cheese filling is done, now it’s time to make the ravioli. All right, take this dough, put it over the top of the ice cube maker. – [Collins] All right here we go, just gonna add a little
bit of onions right here. And last up we got some cornstarch. Three, two, one, here we go. Okay, yeah! – Yeah. – Yeah! And there we go, okay yep. And, done. Okay, there we go, my relish
is all finished up, and now, it’s time to add it to my pizza. That’s right, I’m gonna have
a relish stuffed pizza crust. – [Devan] I’ve got the covering
to my ravioli right here. Just gonna lay it on top. – [Collins] All right, here we go, gonna take some relish here like this. Aw, man, dude, look at this. You know when the lunch
lady asks what you want, always say you want
relish stuffed pizza crust and she’ll be very confused. Next up we gotta skin these potatoes, so I got the drill right here, but I realized, I’ve
been going on mode one. There’s actually a second
more powerful mode. – Oh no. You were not supposed to find that. – Mode two! Three, two, one. – Why did you dump it in first? Oh, jeez. What is the point of this? – To be honest, I um. I thought a lot more would’ve happened. Doesn’t appear to have um,
had any impact whatsoever. – Are you just trying to
get everything messy dude? – On my potatoes. Let’s go for a little gentler approach. – [Devan] Dude, maybe turn it on one. It’s on two. – It’s gonna work, Devan. Progress, there we go, you
can see it’s a little peeled. I don’t know if it was totally worth it. – [Devan] Look at this! – [Collins] Dude! – [Devan] Look at this! (elevator music) – All right, done, the potatoes
are actually peeled, dude, look at this, man. – [Devan] For my next life
hack I’m turning pizza sauce into an edible glue stick. – [Collins] Time for me to shred up some of my potatoes here, and this is gonna be a huge part of mine. – [Devan] For the rest of this life hack, I just gotta pour this
stuff into the straws. All right my straws are filled, now it’s time to pop ’em in the fridge. – All right, I just gotta
keep shredding my potatoes. – [Devan] All right the
glue sticks are back, now it’s time to take
’em out of the straws. – [Both] Oh! – That looks insane. – It’s like a little worm! All right, got the glue sticks out, now it’s time to pop ’em in the freezer. All right so while that’s in the freezer, I’m gonna roll out some dough. – [Collins] Next up we’re making a tater tot grilled cheese sandwich. It’s a crazy life hack, but first we gotta slice
up some cheese right here. So here we go, just gonna use
this butter knife right here. – I’ve got something that’s
gonna be even cooler. So I got the glue sticks
out of the freezer. And now, I’m gonna put them onto my pizza. – [Collins] That’s not
a glue stick though, that’s pizza sauce, right? – [Devan] Yes. – [Collins] Yo, this reminds me of like melted cheese and create a grilled cheese without having to cook it at all, man. – [Devan] Yeah, I wasn’t really sure this was gonna work, and it did. – All right I’m gonna make a panini here with my tater tots and cheese. So here we go, just gonna
place some uh, some layers. Oh my gosh. – [Devan] All right,
last thing on my pizza is some pepper slices. – [Collins] All right,
well as you’re doing that, I gotta get my next
layer of tots right here. So here we go, just gonna layer these
things like this on top’t. – [Devan] All right this pizza’s
ready to pop in the oven, and now I’m gonna make a
pasta bowl, out of pasta. All right the first step is
to grab this balloon here. – [Collins] All right well as you do that, it’s time for me to smash this thing down and turn it into an actual
panini made out of tots. Three, two, one. – [Devan] You don’t think that’s too much? – [Collins] No! Here we go, just gonna
smash it down like this. We dislodged a couple pieces of cheese! – Oh! Dude! – Well! – Do not try this at home! – Do not try this at home. All right, let’s give this another shot. Three, two, one, just
gonna squish it down. – [Both] Oh! – [Collins] Man. – [Devan] This is some edible glue here I’m gonna put on the
outside of my balloon, to make these noodles stick. – Let’s see how this
turned out, here we go. Three, two, one. (both yelling) It’s an actual waffle. – Three, two, one. (balloon pops) (Collins screams) Look at that, it’s my
pasta bowl made of pasta. – All right, well we’ve
got all the ingredients and now it’s time to make our
final school hack lunches. The school hack lunches are all done, and my mouth is watering right now. – [Both] These look amazing. – So here is the big reveal. – [Both] Three, two, oh! – Five second subscribe challenge. We wanna see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post
notifications in five seconds. You ready? Here we go. [Both] Five, four, three, two, one, done. – If you can do that, comment down below Keyper Squad right now. – [Both] Three, two, one, tada! – [Collins] These both look amazing. You get to comment down below whose school lunch hack
is going to taste better. We’ll be finding out the $10,000 winner at the end of the video. We’ve got all the school hacks, and now it’s time to test them to find out who’s gonna win the $10,000. It is time for the egg drop
test, and I gotta say man, looking at both of these, I do not know which one’s gonna successfully
be able to do it man. – I know, this did not quite
fulfill my vision for it. – [Collins] But right now it’s
time for us to hop outside and see which one is able to better protect its egg from cracking. We’ve got our eggs, and now it’s time to drop them to see if they’ll actually be able
to withstand the impact. I think, did a pretty good
job on the construction here, what about you? – I don’t know about mine,
mine’s falling apart already. – This is a pretty high drop, man, we’re gonna be trying to hit the bullseye. For the baseline test, we’re gonna drop a real
unprotected ostrich egg to see if that cracks on the ground. And here is the unprotected ostrich egg. Three. – [Both] Two, one. (egg splattering) – [Both] Oh! – [Devan] Did that crack the cement? – [Collins] I don’t know,
man, that was quick. – How bout this, Collins? I’m gonna hop down
there, you chuck it down, and we’ll assess the damage. – The way that that egg broke, I don’t know if this’ll be able to fully withstand the impact. – I don’t know, dude, I think you have a huge chance of success. – The thing about mine is, I’ve got a giant squishie, that was the first thing I cut open, then I covered it in a
whole bunch of gallium, we’ve got slime in here, and
the baking soda and water. That reaction that happened coated it in an unbreakable substance, man. In a scale of one to ten, Devan, where do you think this
one falls, in terms of uh, ten being it has full chance
of making it, one, it’s done. – I think you’ve got like
a solid eight and a half. – An eight and a half. I don’t know. Should I just kinda like, hold it out, and then just drop it? – No, you’ve gotta give it a
nice throw, or maybe a lob up. – Three. – [Both] Two, one. (egg splatters on the ground) – [Both] Oh! – [Collins] Oh, no. – [Devan] Orbeez everywhere! – [Collins] Oh no. – I don’t know if that
was so good for you, man. – [Collins] I think the bottom of the bag, I think burst open. – [Devan] Oh my goodness. – We’re gonna take the bag
apart afterwards to see, if it stayed intact. Devan, you wanna, you wanna trade, so you wanna come up here? – Yeah, I’ll go up there. – [Collins] All right so we
do a little switch right now. – This is gonna be super interesting, because I coated my egg in a watermelon I popped with rubber bands. Cement on the inside. Oh yeah, not to mention oobleck on the outside for safe measure. I can hear the egg moving around in mine. – That’s not good. – That is not a good sign. – [Collins] The nest on the inside. That’s what really blows
my mind, because like, I think that that might
be your saving, what? – I almost just dropped it. Here we go. – [Both] Three, two. – Wait up, wait. If you wanna win a
fifteen minute video call with Devan and I, text the
word school to 81800 right now. So pause the video, text
the word school to 81800, you’ll automatically be entered in to win, and let’s see how this goes. – [Both] Three, two, one! (egg thudding) – [Collins] No way! – [Devan] No way! – [Collins] That was a solid thud, like it did not crack at all. – Dude, I think I just won. – Ah, yeah, let’s grab these
eggs, let’s hop back inside. Now it’s time for the moment
we’ve all been waiting for, time to find out which egg was
able to withstand the drop. So how ’bout this, we’ll start with yours first. – [Devan] Yeah, I think
this Flex Seal Tape is gonna be a lot to get
through, so I brought a saw to get into mine. – Yeah, do not try this at home. Oh! There’s a crack, wait wait wait wait wait. – [Devan] I can see it, all right. – Here we go, the big reveal,
let’s see if it worked, ready? – [Both] Three, two, one. No! – I thought this would work. – It’s not even like
cracked, it’s obliterated. If that’s what happened to
yours, what happened to mine? All right, well, let’s
take the bag open here, we’ve got all the
squishies, we got the toast. Don’t forget about the toast. So the first bag got breached, but did the second bag pop open? Here we go, let’s, oh, yes, it did! Look at that. – Orbeez everywhere! – Look at that! – [Devan] Oh, jeez. – [Collins] Here’s the egg. – [Devan] The slime is
like fully coating it, man. – [Collins] All right here we go, we got the egg here, so
let’s see if we can just pull off some chunks of slime, like this. The real question though,
man, is did it survive? I am so concerned right now. Come on. All right, well, uh, fun fact, it’s very difficult to find out where, how I closed this thing. – Oh dear. – Yo, here we go, let’s see
if we can just tear it open. – [Both] Ohh! – What? What, what, what, what, what? – I just saw something. You ready for the big reveal? – I’m ready. – All right, here we go. – [Both] Three, two, one. – [Collins] Let’s give it a tear. – [Devan] What, what, I can’t see it yet. – Look at it, it’s perfect!
– No! – Not even a scratch. – No way! One hundred percent intact. You get to comment down below, what is one ingredient you would use to save Devan’s egg from not cracking. Got the ultimate school hack lunches, and now it’s time to find
out which one tastes better. My delicious infused crust
pizza, or your whack bowl. – [Devan] Yeah, I think we should try your bland dish over here. – Whoa. Let’s start off with my
grilled cheese tater tots, I gotta say, oh boy, it’s
a little um, crumbly. You want the bigger
one or the smaller one? – I’ll take the smaller one. It smells really good. – Whoa. – I’m actually really excited for this. – Yeah, I’m pretty thrilled for this. – I hope this works. (Collins whoops) – Let’s uh, let’s touch tots. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Whoa! Whoa! – I wouldn’t say it’s
quite a whoa, or a whoa, but you know, I think it’s pretty solid. – What? Yours has a pretty high bar to climb if it really wants to reach it man. Did you put peppers on there? – Yes. Were you watching what I was doing? – Not really. – [Devan] I will offer you the choice, which slice do you want. These are your only two choices. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Mmm. – Whoa. Is there anymore of that? – I wish I did, but no, I already ate it. – [Collins] Wow. I didn’t think it was possible, but that was better
than the tater tots man. – Way better. Like, million times better. – [Collins] It comes down
to the main dish, Devan. I’ll take this slice over here. Oh, there we go. Look at that, you see the relish in there. I’m folding it over like this, and I’m gonna take a bite over here, so I get the sauce, the cheese,
the relish and the crust, all in one, bam. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Whoa.
– Wow. I wasn’t totally sure on this combo. – That is interesting. Yours, I don’t think is
gonna be able to top that. – [Devan] Three, two, one. – [Collins] Why is it a brick? These should be individual pieces. – It formed to the bowl. Here you go. – Wait, so I get a whole, I
get a whole slice of this. – Right, here we go. – [Both] Three, two. – We just launched our
brand new Keyper Club, and if you become a member, you will get exclusive
access to live streams, merch discount codes, custom
emojis, loyalty badges, and exclusive content you
can’t see anywhere else. Click the top link in
the description to join. It’s only $4.99 a month. Now let’s see how these things taste. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Oh. – Whoa, huh, okay. – The textures. – This is not good. – [Collins] You get to comment down below, whose school lunch do
you think tasted better, and we’ll be finding
out the $10,000 winner at the end of the video. We got the edible glue stick, we’ve tested all the school hacks, and now it’s time to find out who is truly worthy of the $10,000. So for the egg drop, I think I was definitely the clear winner. I mean, my egg actually stayed intact. Whereas yours, just shattered everywhere. So there we go, one point to me. Now for the art project, I gotta give that one to you Devan, I think you had some cool stuff. You made electric grass, you
smashed up little duckies. It was pretty wild, so
there we go, point for you. But now what it comes down to
is the school hack lunches, and this one, is a bit of a toss up, man. There’s a lot of crazy
things that we did in this, and I gotta say although
you won the appetizers, I won the main dish, but that being said. – [Devan] Uh huh. My appetizer was pretty good. – [Collins] And I think if
we compare your appetizer to my main dish, Devan wins the video. – [Devan] Yes! – [Collins] So that
means you win the $10,000 and the giant edible glue stick. But now it’s time to find out what this edible glue
stick actually tastes like. – [Devan] I know right? – Can I feel how heavy this thing is? – It is really, really, heavy. – Oh my gosh. – You gotta hold onto it. – You got it, you got it, you got it? – I’m super strong. Holy cow, that’s heavy. – Stand up, stand up, I got you. – You should just take it back. – I will take it, I will take it. I don’t even know how I’m gonna eat this. – I think I gotta hold it for you. – Oh, okay yeah, sure. You got it? – I got it. – You 100% got it? – I 100% got it, Devan. – Three, two, one. Ah. Ow. – I can’t see, is it working? – No. It’s way harder than I expected. – It’s gotten on your teeth. Wait, smile Devan, smile forward. Does it taste good? – It’s definitely edible,
and it tastes delicious. – Well this is getting super heavy, so if you wanna see another video you gotta click right over here. You got give seconds, here we go. – [Both] Five, four,
three, two, one, done. – We love you, no! Bye! – Bye! – Have you not seen this,
it’s literally rolling. – I see it, but you’ve
ruined a rollerskate. – I did not ruin this, Devan, it is made better by what I’ve done. – You’re getting feathers everywhere. – It’s shedding season for
my rainbow smash over here.

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