5 Tips for Machine Embroidery with Metallic Thread | SEWING REPORT

5 Tips for Machine Embroidery with Metallic Thread | SEWING REPORT

trying to work with metallic threads on
your embroider machine can be challenging to say the least
but it doesn’t have to be in this video I’m sharing what I’ve learned along the
way working with metallic threads and
welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer Moore helping you discover your
love of sewing crafts and DIY projects and yes we are gonna tackle metallic
thread on the embroidery machine I know it can be a little bit tricky but I’ve
got some helpful hints and a big thanks to our friends at Nancy’s Notions for
providing most of the supplies seen in this video check out the website if you
haven’t already they’ve got great supplies for sewing embroidery and
quilting now my first recommendation is to switch out your regular needle for
one specifically meant for metallic thread these needles do exist the kind
I’m using this from a company called Klasse and they come in different sizes
and what these needles offer is a longer scarf in the eye of the needle and that
will help prevent friction of the thread and that’s one of the factors that tends
to lead to thread breakage another thing you’ll want to do if you haven’t done it
already is decrease your stitch speed machines like the Brother PE 800 that
I’m using they have different settings for the
stitching speed it can go fast it can go slow and the slower you go again you
will help prevent friction in that thread and again it will also kind of
help decrease those thread breaks alright I got to show you this nifty
contraption sent by Nancy’s notions this is called the thread director – and
normally your thread will sit in the spool pin like this and the thread will
feed out like this but what happens is it can lead to twisting and twisting can
lead to what else thread breakage so what the thread director helps do is
instead of the thread winding off just straight across like this you can put
this on here the thread will feed out evenly and hopefully cut down on
twisting and I discovered something interesting about the brother PE 800 and
that is that the cover is removable so you can set the thread director to on
top of your bobbin winder and it can feed out in this direction you can also
put more than once on it I actually did use the thread
director quite a bit while I was making my freestanding lace butterflies and if
you haven’t seen that video check it out it was a lot of fun to make and I used a
lot of metallic and opal threads and let’s talk about the actual thread I’m
using which is the Madeira brand thread in both the metallic and this is the
opalescent both great threats I actually did find the opalescent thread a bit
more tricky to work with I really had no trouble at all with the metallic thread
which speaks to the quality for sure the opalescent thread I did get a few more
thread breakages but using these tips I think I certainly cut down on the number
of thread breaks that I had with the opalescent thread I noticed a pattern of
my thread breakage and it was usually in situations where the stitching design
was quite dense and the needle was going over previously stitched areas so keep
that in mind if you’re working with a specialty thread like this
choose your designs carefully and try to pick designs where they’re not really
dense and where the area you’re gonna be stitching is not a previously stitched
area and I’m gonna show you an example so you can see what I mean but when I
was doing designs where like it was like a criss cross that’s when I would get
like the rat’s nest underneath the machine or where the thread would break
so that’s just my tip and that’s something that I just personally
experienced and last but not least and this tip is more of a general tip that I
do for all of my embroidery projects is that I do not leave the Machine
unattended i watch it like a hawk whenever I’m stitching out a design just
because the moment I walk away is normally when problems happen so no
matter what thread you’re working with be sure to keep a close eye on the
machine while you are stitching something out because you never know
what’s gonna happen and I’d rather be safe than sorry then ruin a whole design
sometimes your thread might get snagged sometimes you might run into something
else but I would not recommend you starting to design and then walking away
and that kind of is more of a general tip but with all that being said I’m
having a total blast trying out all of these specialty threads I really think
the metallic and the opalescent threads add a lot to the design and really make
them Sparkle and again thanks to Dan season
oceans for letting me try all this stuff out and also I hope it helps you to see
just what all is out there for your inverter machine I feel like the
possibilities are endless anyways I really hope you enjoyed this video and
found it helpful if you did be sure to hit the like button and consider
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projects and if you’re looking for something to watch next I have got about
a gazillion other videos about the Brother PE 800 embroidery machine so
check out some of those and again thank you so much for watching and also I
would love to hear your own tips for working with metallic or specialty
threads leave them below in the comments for the sewing report I’m Jennifer Moore
and I’ll see you again in the next video

7 thoughts on “5 Tips for Machine Embroidery with Metallic Thread | SEWING REPORT

  1. Thanks to Nancy's Notions for providing many items featured in this video! (Not sponsored, but they did send me a box of supplies to use and try)


    🦋 Making Butterflies on My Embroidery Machine + Crystal Rhinestone Accents 🦋


  2. I loved this video, thank you for posting. I knew all these tips, but there are probably many who didn't know them so it is great that you take the time to share. We are all at different levels of sewing/quilting. I have a Babylock Destiny II and I love it. Needs to be cleaned, though. I have had it two years this month. lol I love that spool holder for the metallic threads. I bought mine from a shop in Idaho. xoxoxo

  3. Is metallic similar to glamour thread? I’m using a glamour thread needles and having so many issues. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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